Save 20% on a Session with Me in May + Apple Pencil vs Logitech Crayon for iPad Pro

Read Digital Minimalism and Save 20% on a Session with Me in May

I’ve always been a digital minimalist, but Digital Minimalism author, Cal Newport, takes things to the next level and I’m totally inspired right now! It aligns perfectly with the mission of The Digital Organizer.

Last year I rebranded to The Digital Organizer from Lemon Consulting because I wanted to laser focus into the most important work I do. I was “The Apple Guy” for a long time. Many people found me at a point where things were so broken they just couldn’t take it anymore. I patched them up and sent them on their way and they referred me to their friends. People saw the value of having their stuff working and in sync, but were fine with that and didn’t want to take it a step further. Frankly, I didn’t know how to frame the organization part properly. Now I know better and I’m going to be talking about it a lot more.

The most valuable thing we do at The Digital Organizer is removing demands for your attention from your life. The thousands of unread emails, being bombarded with text messages, notifications, clutter, frustration that things aren’t syncing, not being able to remember a password, spending 20 min tracking down your damn logo…. This stuff is really, really draining. You’re living with it now and you’re still here, so it’s not the end of the world. But if you get intentional about how you use technology, it WILL change your life.

When we take it to the next level and start to organize your files through a system I’ve designed, work gets less tedious and a whole lot more fun. Ideas start flowing again, you start thinking about doing things differently than you used to because the overwhelm is receding. It’s pretty exciting!

So back to Digital Minimalism. I want to start taking my digital organization to the next level and incorporate some of the specific things suggested in this book. If you’re willing to start the journey and get serious leverage for change in your life, I want to give you 20% off a session with me in May to help give you a massive head start. Reserve your spot here and put in the notes Digital Minimalism. My schedule books up pretty fast, so don’t wait to book a session. Do it now and go buy Digital Minimalism

How to recycle, resell and buy used electronics

With the passing of Earth Day last week, there have been several questions around how to recycle electronics properly.  I came across this really cool article from NBC laying out the best way to recycle, resell and buy used electronics. They even have links to some of the many retailers who sell refurbished items.  I typically recycle Apple products through the Apple Store website and tend to get the best price there. Apple also recycles non-Apple tech for free. Check it out!

Apple has a voluntary recall of the three-prong AC wall plug adapters

If you have purchased an Apple World Travel Adapter Kit and plan on traveling, you will want to check out this recent voluntary recall of the three-prong AC adapter.  The one affected is primarily used in The United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong.  Apple is replacing the adapter free of charge.  You can start the process here.

Save up to $300 on Apple's latest 13-inch MacBook Pro and 15-inch MacBook Pro on top of recent price drops

Several of you have asked me where to get a good deal on a new Mac.  You should take a look at Adorama and right now. AppleInsider has a code to save even more!  Take a look at the deals and discount code here.

Apple's new 2019 AirPods drop to a record low $139, plus $10 off the Wireless Charging Case

Have you been waiting for a discount on Apple AirPods?  Amazon is stepping up their game with a nice discount off the previous generation Apple AirPods. There is even a $10 discount on the new Wireless Charging Case.

Apple Pencil vs Logitech Crayon for iPad Pro

With Apple’s recently released iOS 12.2, Logitech's Crayon works with more of Apple's iPad Pro lineup.  Take a look at this pretty cool comparison of the Crayon vs Apple Pencil. I think it is sweet that Apple is supporting a cheaper option for a writing tool on the iPad Pro.

Spark for Android!

The beginning of this month, Spark announced they are now available for Android devices too!  So if you are not on the iPhone platform but want to use one of the best email clients on the planet, then check out Spark for Android now!

A Battery to Charge Your MacBook Pro + Emergency Bypass so You’ll Never Miss a Call or Text

Want a Battery to Charge Your MacBook Pro?

Or for that matter, any of your devices? Check out the Jackery Supercharge Portable Charger. It’s got a ton of juice to power all your stuff, including your laptop (USB C models only).

Tell Siri to Ping Your Phone from your Mac

Did you know if you have macOS Mojave, you can click the Siri button at the top right corner of your screen and tell it to “ping your iPhone”? No need to find an iPad or have your significant other pull out Find My iPhone. Just tell Siri on your Mac and she’ll do it for you :)

Locked out of your iOS device due to too many wrong password attempts?

If you have ever been locked out of your iOS device due to too many wrong password attempts, all you need to do is put the device in recovery mode and start over.  Just make sure you are backing up your device regularly so you can restore your data if this happens. Check out this article with step by step instructions on how to put your device in recovery mode.  Hopefully this won’t happen to you!

Use Emergency Bypass and You’ll Never Miss a Call or Text from Important People

The main reason people don’t use Do Not Disturb is they’re worried about emergency phone calls or texts. With this new tip, you no longer have an excuse! Emergency Bypass is a feature you can enable for specific contacts so that no matter what if your phone is powered on, the call or text is coming through. Here’s a clip of how to enable it. If you use this, remember to turn on Airplane Mode or power your phone off when you’re in meetings or church and you don’t want those alerts coming through.

Nomad AirPod Rugged Case - $30

With AirPods being so popular it is hard to distinguish whose are whose sometimes.  I recently came across the Nomad AirPod Rugged Case. They come in three colors of leather that should age great over time.

Seven Useful Tips Every Apple Watch Owner Should Know

If you have an Apple Watch, you will want to check out these seven tips that you may or may not know about.  Did you know you can use your Apple Watch as a TV Remote?  Check out how here!

The Coolest Smart Lamp Ever + AirPods Alternative

IKEA and Sonos introduce Wi-Fi speakers, including one that is a lamp

I’m so stoked on these! Ikea and Sonos teamed up to create a speaker lamp and bookshelf. I have a real thing for items that serve more than one purpose, and I think these things look so cool.  Both products will come in black and white color options. The bookshelf speaker will be $99 and the table lamp will go for $179.  There is still no launch date for these but it is hinted at this August. What do you think?


Looking for a new secure email provider?  I recently came across ProtonMail. It is an encrypted email service based in Switzerland.  Their goal is to build an internet that respects privacy and is secure against cyberattacks.  With End-to-end encryption, no one but the intended recipient can read the message.

Apple’s Airpower Cancelled

It was a sad day when Apple announced that they were canceling the Air Power mat due to not being able to meet their quality standards. I’m curious if Apple will revisit the Air Power mat in the future, but for now you can check out this option from Belkin.

Powerbeats Pro - $249.95

For those of you who don’t really like the AirPods because they fall out of your ears, Apple has announced the new Powerbeats Pro available this May.  They have adjustable, secure-fit ear hooks and are sweat resistant with 9 hours of listening time. Check out the promo video and specs on Apple’s website here. Did I mention they will come in 4 different colors?

Apps Not Optimized for your Mac

Some of you may start to see a dialog pop-up that says, “App Not Optimized for your Mac”.  Here is a lengthy article that goes into more detail. The short version is that some Apps have not been updated yet to Apple’s current platform and it is warning you that it is not using that platform.  There is nothing wrong with it, but if not upgraded, it could potentially be an app you will not be able to use after the next OS upgrade this fall.

Safari’s Link Preview

Check this out! Next time you’re in Safari on your iPhone, find a link you’re interested in. Press hard on the link, then let up on the pressure and just leave your thumb resting on the glass. What happens is a preview of the article (or whatever you pressed on) appears. You can drag your thumb out of the way, but leave it on the glass if you still want to see what’s on that page. Release your thumb and the page goes away. Press hard again and it takes you to that page instead of just previewing it.

Tons of Announcements from Apple + A Text Message Autoresponder

Facebook Live with Apple’s Special Event

Were you able to tune into my Facebook Live last week or did you watch the Apple Keynote?  They announced a bunch of changes happening this year primarily to services. Apple News+ out now, Apple Card coming this summer, and Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade coming this fall.  Apple is making sure that the common theme through all of these services is privacy. I would love to hear what you are most excited about with these announcements. Keep reading for more details on each service.

Apple TV+ coming this fall

Apple TV + is a new streaming service exclusively on the Apple TV app.  Featuring original shows and movies that will most likely rival Netflix, Amazon Prime, and the new YouTube TV.  Apple TV + was announced to release this fall and you can have Apple notify you when it premieres.

Apple News+ available now with a free 1-month trial then $9.99/mo after that

Apple News + is a digital newsstand available now.  With animated covers that draw you into some of the best magazines and newspapers.  Check it out for free here

Apple Arcade coming this fall

Tired of ads and in-app purchases?  Apple’s upcoming Arcade will be an all you can play subscription.  You will be able to jump from one device to another while playing and have access for up to six family members.  If you love games you will want to check out what Arcade has to offer. Check out some highlights here

Apple Card coming this summer

Apple Card definitely has me intrigued.  With features like Daily Cash back and map pinpoints from where you made a purchase, to spend summaries and no fees at all.  This card will give credit card companies a run for their promotions. Another super cool feature is that you can estimate your interest based on different amounts you pay up front.  In real time! Check out Apple Card here and if you want to be one of the first to know when it arrives this summer be sure to click the ‘Notify Me’ button in the top right corner of the window.

Apple releases macOS 10.14.4, iOS 12.2, tvOS 12.2, HomePod 12.2, Watch 5.2

Apple just released a number of software updates.  For those who have an Apple TV and have wanted to be able to use Siri to turn on your favorite may just be in luck with the new tvOS that was released.  You can use your updated iOS device or updated HomePod which will turn on your television and switch to the correct input if your TV supports using only one remote.  Take a look at this article that will detail out the latest updates. New Animojis anyone?

Google Stadia

Cloud based gaming seems to be the next step for gamers.  Google is taking their turn with a new gaming platform called Stadia.  Unlike previous gaming consoles, Stadia does not live in a box. The Stadia controller will have specific smart functionality but they said other USB-powered controllers will work as well.  Google says that games will be accessible through the Chrome browser on devices such as desktops, laptops, select phones, and tablets. To start, it will only work over Wi-Fi and you should expect to use over 25Mbps internet connection.  You will need a $35 Chromecast if you want to access on a TV. It is said to launch later this year. Do you think it will it rival Apple’s Arcade? Check out what CNN Business has to say.

Brick Mode

Wish there was a text message auto-responder? I’ve found an unconventional way to get you one with your iPhone using Do Not Disturb While Driving. People call it brick mode. I got the inspiration here. I created a video on my YouTube Channel talking about the many features as well as a walk through on how to set everything up. Take a look here and don’t forget to subscribe!

Simple Hack to Take out Stress from Using Technology + Coolest Time Tracker Ever

Simple Hack to Take Out Stress from Using Technology

Our technology enhances our lives in so many ways, but it has its drawbacks too. The emotional charge it holds to make you feel the need to constantly engage with others around us, and to consume information has a lot of drawbacks too.  

I recently came across some people who were changing their iPhone screens to black-and-white and decided to try it as well. What I found was the emotional charge when I checked my email and scroll through apps, and in just general use of my phone, while in black-and-white, was pretty much eliminated.

I had no idea how much anxiety I felt every time I picked up my phone. It’s a little embarrassing to admit how unaware I was of this. I had almost all my notifications turned off. The badge icon that shows unread messages was already off on almost all my apps. I even have a new private number and my work line is primarily checked by my assistant, Jeanette.

Yet somehow my brain associates this device with stress. The night I changed my screen to black and white, that charge disappeared. I made a very short video showing you the steps to set up your phone so that if you triple click the home button, the screen will convert to black-and-white. Repeat the process and the color comes right back. Check it out here in the new YouTube channel I just started thanks to your feedback.

Would you consider commenting and liking if you find it helpful? Any feedback would be great since this is new for me. Come back after watching the video! As always, we’ve got more great content below in this newsletter!

The Coolest Way to Track How You Spend Your Time

A lot of you have asked what the best time tracker app is. I use Toggl to keep track of the time I spend working on client projects, but for the everyday tasks we’re doing, there’s no way I’m going to open up an app to tell it what I’m doing. This is where the Time Flip Magnet comes in. You just pick it up and flip it to the face that matches your new activity. I’m so stoked to try this out. Hopefully I’ll have it next week. Check it out here!

The Browser You May Not Have Tried yet but Should

Brave is a new(ish) internet browser. It's really fast and all your Chrome extensions work. Basically it's a total ripoff of Chrome, but they designed it to protect your privacy and it’s faster than Chrome. You have to set up your extensions again, but your bookmarks and everything come over. You can download it here if you want to try it out! I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and love it!

Sanebox’s Do Not Disturb Feature

Do you use Sanebox?  If not, you should start a trial right now! If so, did you know it has a Do Not Disturb Feature? Here’s the deal. I always use an autoresponder when I go on vacation. I have a problem though. My fingers want to tap that icon and check email. It opens without me even thinking about it. I’ve tried deleting the app, but what about when I want to write somebody, or still receive messages from a particular person? Sanebox thought this through and provided the solution! All the email sent to you is held back from delivery to your device until your end date, then it gets put in there. You can have exceptions if needed. Unfortunately, they don’t read and respond to everything while you’re away :(

Check out this guide that will walk you through the setup process and even let you set a date range for this feature to be turned on, as well as the option for an Auto Reply message.

How to Choose Between Archive and Delete in iOS Mail

Have you ever wondered why sometimes your email archives and sometimes deletes?  This is a feature you can choose between. Archiving will move your email into a folder you can access later where as deleting will move to your trash.  If you have it set up for your trash to delete permanently these emails will no longer be accessible. The cool thing about archiving is it gets these emails out of your inbox but gives you the ease of holding onto emails you may need to reference later.  Check out the gif I created on the left to see how to set up your archive or delete preferences.

Looking for an iPhone with No Frills but It’s Still Fast?

Check out the iPhone SE. I read an article from Mac Rumors talking about using it this year and how it’s still super responsive but isn’t overloaded with a ton of features you might not use.

If you are looking for an iPhone for basic use (Phone, Mail, Messages, Calendar, and FaceTime) the SE model might just be exactly what you’re looking for.  Apple started selling them in January on their refurbished and clearance site but know that they come and go pretty quick as this is still a pretty popular model.

Apple’s Upcoming Special Event + 5 Must Try YouTube Tricks

Apple Special Event

Apple has announced their next Special Event!  Live from the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino March 25 at 10:00AM PST.   If you would like to watch the event live click here. I am pretty excited to see what they have to announce with all the rumors going around. Jeanette and I are going to watch live and stream us talking about all the new stuff as it’s announced. We’ll send out a link when it’s closer to the date.

Spark Email Delegation

Want to take Spark to a new level?  Their newest feature, Email Delegation is definitely going to be a game changer.  With the ability to delegate emails and set up deadlines right from the email delegation, this new feature is no doubt going to add more time to your life with better productivity in your workflow.  Check out Spark’s short video introduction here.

Spotlight Presentation Remote - $129.95

Tired of using a laser pointer during presentations?  Have you ever wished that you could zoom in or highlight a portion of your presentation?  This Spotlight Presentation Remote by Logitech may just be your new best friend. You can even set up timed vibration alerts to help you stay on track without disrupting your flow. If you would like to see a short highlight video check it out here.

5 Must-Try YouTube Tricks: Tap for easy ways to be an internet-video master

Rewind with ease

Have you ever tried rewinding a YouTube video by swiping along the play bar and suddenly found yourself back several minutes instead of a few seconds? There is an easier way! While watching the video, simply double-tap the left half of the play window to rewind only 10 seconds. If you want to forward 10 seconds, just double-tap the right side.

Tweak your video quality

YouTube videos stream at a resolution of 360p but you can change that. Tap your video as it is playing, then tap the three-dot icon that appears and select Quality. This will give you several options to boost your video quality.

Choose your playback speed

Have you ever wished you could watch a replay in slow motion? You can change your playback speed! Tap the three-dot menu button in the top right corner of the video, then tap “Playback speed.” From there you can choose from several options of speeds to watch your video. You can even speed up your video!

Choose Dark theme

Do you love Dark Mode on your Mac? Well you can change the theme within YouTube to a Dark theme in order to cut down on glare. You can turn it on in the app settings. Tap the account icon, then Settings, then select Dark theme.

Remind yourself to take a break

Have you ever wondered how watching one video on YouTube suddenly turned into a couple hours? You can use this setting to remind you to take breaks. It will even pause your video automatically. To turn this feature on, tap the account icon, then tap Settings and select “Remind me to take a break,” then choose your frequency.

How to Set up Find My iPhone + The 10 Best HomeKit Lights, Locks, Thermostats, and More

Read this before upgrading your iPhone

Do you like having the most up to date iPhone without spending upwards of $1000 each year? Do you want security that if you ever lose your iPhone or it gets stolen that you can get a replacement without having to buy a new phone? If you haven’t heard, Apple has an iPhone upgrade program where you can trade in your iPhone after a year and upgrade to the newest phone without ever paying full price for the previous phone. This program automatically has AppleCare+ Protection built into the price you pay each month and you can now choose AppleCare + Theft and Loss. If you choose the AppleCare + Theft and Loss option just make sure that you always have Find my iPhone turned on. This is a requirement from Apple if you need to go to the store for a new iPhone in the case of theft or loss. Check out this article from Gadget Hacks that will walk you through how to set up Find my iPhone to ensure it is always turned on.

101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet

Have you ever tried returning to a website that you saved and it no longer existed?  Or wished you could track your flight status at airports worldwide?  Or how about a way to play ambient noises to help you focus better and boost productivity?  Well here is a site with 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet. Although I have not been able to open all of the links, there are some pretty good options in there to check out!

How to Customize the Today Screen on macOS

Did you know there’s a special way ‘Today’ is viewed on your Mac? It’s a handy little sidebar that can show up on the right side of the screen so you can see what’s going on in your schedule, the weather and all kinds of little things. Check out The Sweet Setup for step by step instructions on how to make what you have going on today in a view that works best for you!

The 10 best HomeKit lights, locks, thermostats, and more

Ever wish your door would unlock as you’re walking up to the house? Wish the heat would turn down at night and up automatically in the morning? Wouldn’t it be neat to have your lights be bright white in the daytime but warm and mellow at night? Home automation is your new best friend.

All of your iOS devices have an app called Home. If you deleted it, just search the App Store for Home and it will pop back up.  This is the app that you open to control any smart devices that are HomeKit compatible.

If you happen to buy something that doesn’t work in HomeKit, then you’ll have to control it from another app. That’s why people some people only want to buy apps that are compatible with HomeKit, Google, Alexa or whoever. It’s about having everything in one place.

If you buy a smart lock that’s compatible with HomeKit, the Home app is where you control it! If you’re new to the home automation scene we found a list of the 10 best HomeKit lights, locks, thermostats, and more. Enjoy!

How to Shoot on iPhone

We all probably have used our iPhones for taking snapshots quickly and hope that most of them don’t come out blurry. If you would like to explore a little bit more with taking amazing photos with your iPhone, Apple has released several video tutorials on how we can shoot better photos and videos! Check them out here.

Water in your iPhone’s speaker? This Shortcut can help get it out

Have you ever used the water eject option on your Apple Watch?  Well now there is a shortcut you can use to do something similar for your iPhone in that oops situation where your phone gets submerged in water.  Check out the article here on how you can download the Water Eject Shortcut.

No More Facebook Lives + 19 New Features Coming to iPhone You Don't Want to Miss!

Facebook Live Videos are Out - Short Polished Videos are In

I’m stopping Facebook Live and have decided to start creating short polished videos to upload to my new Youtube channel. Subscribe here to get updated when I upload this awesome new content!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who responded to my email asking for feedback on my Facebook Live videos and letting me know what would be more helpful for you! In case you missed it, I sent out a letter asking if you think I should change up the videos I’ve been making. The Facebook Live videos I’ve been doing have been an amazing learning experience, but they’re just way too long. I’ll keep the videos up for you to reference since there’s a ton of really valuable stuff in there.

Based on your request I’m going to work on creating polished, to-the-point videos that are shorter and more accessible. Whether that’s for a refresher on how something works, or a recommendation of a specific app. I’ll upload them to Youtube and embed them into a page on my site. Be sure to subscribe on Youtube if you want to see those videos when they’re posted! I created a new channel for all this upcoming content. Click here to subscribe! (Keep in mind there may not be anything uploaded at the very beginning.)

The Opkix One Wearable Cameras

Have you ever wished you didn’t have to pull your phone out of your pocket to take a video?  Or didn’t want a full-size GoPro rig for a bike ride or outdoor activity? Well Uncrate has found a solution.  The Opkix One Wearable Cameras.

I thought the design of these was really cool because they are pocket-friendly and the case looks like an AirPods case!  The pair of 1080p video cameras are just under an inch and a half long and weigh only 12 grams each which is basically nothing.  They even have a range of accessories that let you mount them on your eyewear or wear them as a necklace or ring.

The charging case is even more than just a case too.  It wirelessly transmits your footage over to your smartphone and provides up to 72 minutes of recording time.  Sounds like a great idea for even a gift for your family or friend who loves the outdoors!

19 New Features Coming to iPhone

Right now there are at least 19 new features being tested for the next iPhone update. I know most of you can get frustrated with iPhone updates, but they’re typically helpful and packed with new features you wouldn’t otherwise know about unless you have someone like us telling you! So here’s the big list if you want to check it out. Otherwise, this is what we’re most looking forward to seeing:

New Animojis to play with

Who doesn’t love playing with Animojis? Turning your face into a T-Rex, Panda Bear, or even a Unicorn when sending a silly message to your friends is so much fun! Well hopefully coming soon you will be able to be a Giraffe, Shark, Owl, or a Boar if you would like! Which Animoji is your favorite?

Air quality in Apple Maps

Do you ever wonder how the air quality is in your local city? I am so stoked to see the air quality in Apple Maps! This feature will allow you to view the Air Quality Index ranging from 0-500 to see how polluted the air is around you.

Customize your downtime each day of the week

I’m pretty sure I never used the Downtime feature because it was only allowed to be set for the same time every day. With iOS 12.2 it is expected that this will change. You will be able to customize what days have it on or off and you can set specific downtimes for each day of the week! I might actually use this feature if that happens.

Searching is even easier in Safari with arrows

When performing a web search in Safari, there will be arrows next to the suggested search options. Clicking on an arrow will autofill that suggestion into the search bar for you. You can still tap on the words next to the arrow to open that search up right away, but the arrow helps narrow your search down and get other recommendations. Anything to save time when searching is awesome!

New Apple Products (rumored) + In-Ceiling, In-Wall, and Outdoor speakers by Sonos

Looking for new Apple Products?

Well you might want to sit tight until they have another announcement. The rumor mill is churning with excitement, but remember they’re just rumors till they’re released. Here’s the scoop. Apple’s 2019 hardware roadmap calls for at least 11 new products, some of which we have all probably been waiting for...can we say wireless charging pad? Hardware changes including iPhone and iPad, Macbook Pro and Mac Pro, a 6K Display, and accessories such as AirPods and the long-awaited AirPower.  Take a look at what appleinsider is saying regarding the potential upcoming 2019 lineup!

Sonos Architectural Speakers

My favorite speaker company just announced architectural speakers! If you’ve been thinking of installing built in speakers in your walls or ceiling or finding speakers to put outside, look no further! Sonos has an incredible reputation for sound that will WOW you and easy wireless streaming to multiple rooms. You can play different songs in every room, or pool them all together for Party Mode. Make sure to add these to your wish list for your next home entertainment upgrade! Click the links above for prices.

Group Facetime still partly broken?

Unfortunately, Group FaceTime even under iOS 12.1.4 hasn't quite been restored to its former functionality. A MacRumors forum thread started the day after 12.1.4's release revealed users who found themselves unable to add more users to a FaceTime call. As it turns out, it appears that users are no longer able to add a person to a one-on-one FaceTime call. The "Add Person" button remains greyed out and inactive in this situation. The only way to add another person to a Group FaceTime call at this time is to start the call with at least two other people. This slight distinction appears to be the source of confusion for many users.

Apple is actively working on iOS 12.2 Beta which has not yet seen the addition of the patch for Group FaceTime, but we'd expect them to address the ongoing bugs in a later 12.2 beta release.

Try on glasses with your iPhone

With the all the new tech Apple is putting into their phones, namely Face ID, this makes so much more possible. The kids know this when it comes to using funny filters for Animoji’s, Snapchat, and Instagram. But a glasses company, Warby Parker, has incorporated this technology into their app so you can try on their glasses without having to go into a store or order some to try on. I actually have a few pair of Warby Parkers and they’re great, not to mention cheap compared to somewhere like LensCrafters. Check out their new app here.

Wondering where you can manage app subscriptions on your iPhone?

Apple finally made an update that allows you to easily find what you’ve subscribed to! This is a long time coming. While they could always be found, they were buried many layers deep in Settings. Here’s a picture of what to click on to manage subscriptions.

Got a new iPad and looking for a good notes app?

Check out GoodNotes 5. It is by far the most intuitive, most advanced and easiest to use notes app on the market.  If you’ve got an iPad and want to be able to create notes, pull in PDFs etc, GoodNotes 5 is the best. They’ve been getting a lot of notoriety and I’ve got some clients who are serious nerds about this stuff and they agree, this is the best. Check it out here!

Cutting the Cord to Cable + Coolest Alarm Clock Ever

Image Credit:  Christian Erxleben

Image Credit: Christian Erxleben

The Glow Light by Casper - $89

Do you hate hearing the alarm clock go off as badly as I do? If so, you’ve got to check out this alarm clock by Casper (yes, that’s the bed company.) I actually just bought a light alarm clock recently and I love it. This is likely going to be the upgrade I make and I’ll put the other in my spare room :)

The premise is this. Our bodies are were designed to wake up with the sunrise, not a beeping box. If you’re like me, you have blackout curtains so you have no idea what time it is when you wake up. Since switching to a light alarm clock, I typically wake up with the light and feel so much more awake and ready for the day.

Most of the competitors out there don’t have quite the features The Glow Light has. You can have it slowly turn down as you’re going to bed, lulling you to sleep. You can also program the different light temperature which is great if you don’t want to be exposed to too much blue light while winding down.

This is definitely something you guys should check out!

YouTube TV

For those of you thinking about cutting the cord to cable TV, you should check out YouTube TV. Most of my clients who have waited to do this really like watching sports and or the news. With YouTube TV, you’ve got access to just about any channel you want.

YouTube TV is a commercial service that streams more than 60 live TV networks via the Internet. That’s networks… not channels.

YouTube TV began streaming in April, 2017.  Channels include CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News, BBC World News, The Smithsonian Channel (a venture by CBS-owned Showtime Networks and the Smithsonian Institution); Sundance TV (owned by AMC Networks); numerous sports channels; The Disney Channel (owned by The Walt Disney Company); and BBC America (jointly owned by AMC Networks and BBC Studios). YouTube TV members also have access to YouTube Premium original movies and shows (although a YouTube Premium subscription is not included with YouTube TV).

Right now they have a 14 day free trial, so if you’re thinking about cutting the cord, sign up for a trial here. You’ll want to download the YouTube TV app on your Apple TV and see how you like it! It’s $40/mo after your trial.

Also check out the Brydge iPad Pro Keyboard

One of the questions I get all the time is what is the best keyboard for an iPad. It’s not a straightforward answer and we all have different preferences for how it feels. That said, if the Smart Keyboard by Apple isn’t for you, check out the Brydge iPad Pro Keyboard. This is a brand new model and they tout is as the bridge between your laptop and iPad. It’s designed to look and feel like your laptop keyboard so it’s a seamless transition between the two.

The iPad Pro version is brand new and available for preorder here. If you want to check out reviews for older models to see what people are saying about them, look here!

All this and it’s even cheaper than Apple’s Smart Keyboard folio!

The Facetime bug is Fixed!

A serious bug was found in the Facetime system for group calls. This is a new feature that was released in iOS 12.1. I doubt most of you have used it. Either way, someone found a way to insert themselves into a call someone else was having so Apple shut down group calling.

On Thursday Apple released version 12.1.4 which fixes the issue. Be sure to update your phone if you haven’t already!

Apple Cracking Down on Developers Trying to Collect Personal Data

Over the past few weeks Apple has been cracking down on all kinds of companies. First it started with Facebook creating an app that could bypass the App Store and collect sensitive information Apple blocks from developers. Next they found Google was doing the same thing. Apple shut down all of their internal apps causing chaos in both the companies and completely halting development of iOS apps. GO APPLE!

Next up, they found some developers have been trying to collect recordings of how people are using their apps. Again, this is not something Apple allows and has let developers know their apps will be removed from the App Store if found doing this.

With privacy violations just now coming to the mainstream eye, I’m happy to hear Apple is leading the way in shutting these people down and protecting our data.

Meet My New Executive Assistant

I’m so excited to introduce to you my newest team member, Jeanette Voss! Jeanette is my new Executive Assistant and we used to work at Apple together. I’m so thrilled to have her on board helping to keep me in line. She’s primarily helping me stay on top of email, manage my calendar, and help me on the administrative side of things. My hope is that by bringing her on it will really help YOU! She’ll be there to make sure I don’t miss anything, help you with questions, and make sure things are handled as quickly as possible so you can get your issues solved! So, if you’re a client of mine, don’t be surprised if she writes to you on my me, she’s here to help and make everything more smooth and efficient! In her free time, Jeanette loves spending time with her husband Matt and almost 5 year old son Ethan. She loves all things cars and is a bit of a sneaker-head at heart.