Case Studies

Learn more from previous implementations of The Digital Organizer with case studies from a variety of industries.

Keller Meats

Email Organization, Migration, File Management
Mark owns Keller Crafted Meats, a successful business specializing in connecting you with your farmer. They have a direct to consumer subscription service while also supplying restaurants and specialty grocers. With 18 employees and a lot of moving parts, it was a critical time for the business.

Fitbody Bootcamp

File Management
Bryce is the CEO of Fitbody Boot Camp and owner of multiple Fitbody franchises. Fitbody has over 800 locations that help people meet their fitness and health goals.


Password Management
Kade owns Flatland, a digital marketing company with 10-12 employees.
Trusted by industry leaders and innovators
"What I learned was truly insightful! The team really understood what I was looking for and personalized the experience to meet my needs."
"I can't come up with enough great things to say about this organization! They are professional, kind, quick to respond, and more knowledgeable than anyone we've ever worked with. They worked with us to migrate our organization to Google Workspace. Both Shawn and Ryan have graciously accepted the fact that we, a small non-profit, needs lots of help in this area."
"We’ve been working with The Digital Organizer for years and I can't say enough good things about their services. Their team has helped us optimize our Google Workspace, implement efficient file organization structures, set up a password management system, and provide email optimization and training for our executive staff. The time and energy that these services have saved my staff and me is immeasurable. A top-notch consulting service and I highly recommend!"
"I can't say enough good things about Shawn and The Digital Organizer! I thrive with organization and I flounder without it. I had no idea how to get my digital life in order both for home and for our small business. In 5 sessions, I feel SO much better and can actually find what I need without all the clutter!! Huge win! Go ahead and buy the package of 5 sessions and get them on your calendar!"
"Shawn and his team at The Digital Organizer moved my personal domain -- primarily email server -- from a small ISP to Google. They handled the migration very well. They explained the process in detail up front, got the information they needed from me, kept me apprised of progress and delivered exactly on schedule."
"After wasting several days trying to work out a problem with my business email accounts I contacted Shawn at The Digital Organizer. He immediately knew how to make it right and I was soon up and running again. I wish I'd have contacted him earlier, because in an attempt to save money, I actually lost several days work, which is far, far more money than asking someone who knows."
"I was able to get a week’s worth of work done in one afternoon. I have worked with The Digital Organizer to implement their practical system to Email Management and File Management for my company. I did the email processing for my own use and then the Digital Organizer helped us migrate from Dropbox to a Google Workspace."
"Shawn is a whiz at his craft. He has tremendous patience for messy files and helps you, not only put them in order, but clearly explains things so you can keep them in order! I would highly recommend his services."
"The non-profit I work for hired The Digital Organizer to help us revamp out Google Drive. Not only was it a great investment in our capacity-building and efficiency, they actually made the process fun! Instead of dreading opening our organizational files when I start my work day, I look forward to it -- I know how easy it will be to find what I need. It was such a fantastic process that I have applied it to my personal life as well. I can't recommend them enough!"
“The Digital Organizer makes the process painless and will give you the confidence you need to know your accounts are safe, secure, and easily shared among your team. I highly recommend The Digital Organizer to any team leader.”
"I have worked with Shawn and team for several years now. They are incredibly knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with. Dependable, great communicators, excellent at their work. We recently worked with them to implement a company wide password management system. Had we tried this project on our own - there is no way we could have set it up correctly, much less implemented it."
"The Digital Organizer team, led by Shawn Lemon, eliminated my overwhelm and made it a breeze. I started out very anxious at even thinking about this and now wonder why I ever hesitated. Thank you!!!"
"I had no idea how much better and more effectively my business could be organized and managed. I can now manage twice the number of clients in half the time thanks to the project and task management systems Jace helped me set up."
Ariane Freynet-Gagné

Research Coordinator

Université de Sherbrooke

Molli Craddock

Director of Operations

Branches Counseling Center

Michael Hyatt


Full Focus

Debbie Ragland


Rocky Top CrossFit

Mike Olson

Chris Dangerfield


UK Bump Keys Ltd & Lock Pick World

Mark Keller


Keller Crafted

Tina Greenbaum


Mastery Under Pressure

Samantha Wechsler

Executive Director

Culture Reframed

Marissa Hyatt

Director of Marketing

Full Focus

Kade Wilcox



Lisa Marker-Robbins

Flourish Coaching Co

Kyoko Yamada Jackson

Yumi Interiors