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Mark Keller


Keller Meats

Mark owns Keller Crafted Meats, a successful business specializing in connecting you with your farmer. They have a direct to consumer subscription service while also supplying restaurants and specialty grocers. With 18 employees and a lot of moving parts, it was a critical time for the business.

Shawn Lemon, Scotty Wilson
How we helped
Email Organization, Migration, File Management
Keller Meats
The Product

Email Management

The Problem

Mark was missing important emails from his team which created a bottle neck. Delayed communication was slowing everything down when they needed to move fast and execute on plans.

The Solution

Our do-it-with-you system of coaching/training was a perfect fit. We got Mark’s inbox under control by:

  • Creating a plan for a whole new approach to email
  • Defining how to maintain a healthy inbox and reducing the amount of emails received
  • Utilizing a meaningful folder structure with automatic sorting
  • Training on our time-saving approach to processing emails
  • Reviewing and reinforcing key concepts for consistent follow through and maintenance of his inbox
The result

Not only did he improve communication with his team, but he also got a ton of time back. As Mark’s fourth session was getting started he told his organizer that, “after our last session I was able to get a week's worth of work done in an afternoon!”

The Product


The Problem

Once we were in Mark’s email and got to know more about how Keller Crafted operated, we found that their business email was being routed through personal Gmail accounts. In this scenario, no emails sent to or from the company were under the company’s control. Neither were the files created in Google Drive.

The Solution

To resolve this, we set up an official Google Workspace account and successfully migrated all email accounts and calendars with no down-time and no data loss.

Since they had files spread across Google Drive, Dropbox, and individual employees’ devices, we helped them migrate everything into one place (Google Drive). This eliminated the expense for Dropbox.

The result

Now Keller Crafted has one source of truth for all files that is accessible to the team members who need them. Creating new accounts, resetting passwords, and retaining important files is a breeze.

The Product

File Management

The Problem

Having files all over the place wasn’t the only problem. They also needed an organized file structure. Via our do-it-with-you system of coaching/training, we worked together to:

The Solution
  • Create a plan for a consistent and organized filing system
  • Set up and provision Shared drives
  • Remove old files and duplicates while archiving important reference material
  • Organize the files into a cohesive structure
  • Create a consistent, company-wide naming convention for files
The result

Now, Mark has an organized filing system built around the way his company works.

He has ownership of all accounts and the files that his team and hired contractors create.

The team knows where to go to find what they’re looking for and can collaborate efficiently.

Check out the review below

“What I would want everybody to know is that the consultants we worked with, Shawn and Scotty, are really good, professional, upbeat, hard working people who are talented to help us untangle the mess we made for ourselves over the years. They offer simple rules that are time tested and easy to follow if you are willing to do the work.”

Mark Keller