Things You Never Knew you Needed

Stop Wasting Time On Projects You’re Not Good At

I had a client this week ask me about HTML signatures.  He’d spent way too much time trying to figure out how to make a custom email signature. I don’t do HTML or web related things. It drives me crazy. So I sent him to the person I used on Fivrr who made my email signature in a day for like $20. I bought the premium package just in case.

It made me think, though. How many things am I doing I have no business trying to take care of? I offload a lot, but there’s still so much more that takes me a ton of time that someone else can do as easily as breathing.

Is there something you can think of that you haven’t been able to accomplish but have already spent a ton of time on? If so, what resources do you have to offload that task and is it worth the $$. For $20 I can avoid hours of research. I came across a service that can do random tasks for you and bill you by the minute to do it. It’s called FIN. I haven’t tried it yet, but wanted to show you some options out there. So take a minute, think of what you haven’t made progress on and call someone who can help today!


Power Cable Reel

If you don’t like wrapping up your power cable, check out this thing called Fuse Reel. You can even use it to wrap up the Apple Extension Cable along with the cable that connects to your computer. That explains the little extra bulk compared with the Cablewings I showed you last time. BTW, Apple charges $20 for that extension cable, but you can snag 2 of them from Amazon for $15 here.


Support the Secure Data Act

3 Congress members from each side of the aisle have come together to create the Secure Data act of 2018. This would prohibit any government agency from forcing companies to create backdoors or security vulnerabilities into their software and electronics. Would you please fill out this form that will automatically send a letter to your representative to ask them to support this bill and keep our devices secure?

The Feature No One is Using But Everybody Needs

Apple built a tool into the operating system called Markup and almost no one is using it. It started with Preview. Preview is the app that opens up PDFs and images on your computer (excluding the Photos app.) If you double click on a JPEG or PDF that’s on your Desktop, Preview opens it. In the toolbar just left of the search box there’s a marker tip (depending on the operating system this may be a toolbox.) Click on it and you’ll get all kinds of tools. You can add text to the photo, a signature, you can draw with your mouse or add a shapes like what I added on this photo. What most people don’t know though is that Markup can be used in all kinds of apps! You can use it in Photos. People ask me all the time if they can write on their photos in the Photos app. You can! When you attach a photo or PDF to an email, hover your mouse over the item. You’ll see an arrow appear on the top right corner, click on it and click Markup. Pretty sweet, huh?


Annoyed You Can’t Save to a Specific Folder?

This one eluded me for years! I would get so frustrated I couldn’t always save a document to a specific folder. Sometimes it would let me and sometimes not. When I finally figured it out it was so simple! I just never put two and two together. So here’s the trick: Look for that little arrow to the right of where you’re typing in the name of the file. Here’s a video to show you the difference. 



Groovebook is a website a client told me about earlier last week. It’s an app you can load onto your iPhone and for $4/month, they’ll mail you a physical photo book with a collection of your photos from the last month. You get to pick which pictures are in them so you don’t have to worry about a screenshot of something you saw on Facebook doesn’t show up in your book ;) This is a great thing for Mom’s and Grandmother’s, am I right?!

The Best Scanning App

I used to think Genius Scan was the best iPhone scanner out there. If you missed my last Facebook live, check it out here. I dived into my paperless strategy, gear guide for printers and scanners and demo Evernote Scannable. Evernote Scannable blows away every other scanning app for iPhone I’ve ever tried. I highly encourage you to download this free app to start scanning your documents. I’ll bet you’ll even ditch your physical scanner for most jobs from here on out. There was a ton of great stuff in that Facebook live so go check it out!