Monthly Support Agreement

Thank you for choosing Lemon Consulting!

We offer service agreements to monitor, manage and support your Apple systems. Clients that sign an agreement receive lower hourly rates to control recurring technology costs. Lemon Consulting offers a wide range of monitoring agreements tailored to all needs!

No obligation service calls are $130/hour, due upon receipt. One hour minimum for onsite service; remote service is billed in 15 minute increments.

Monitored Computers, $10 per computer

We install lightweight software that has powerful error detection for failing hardware, backups and software problems. Clients with this service receive an hourly rate of $125 per hour.

Managed Computers, $25 per computer

Deeper monitoring for pending hardware and software failures, automatic updates, adware and malware monitoring and more! Clients with this service receive an hourly rate of $120 per hour.

Personal Support Agreement, $35 per user

For $35 per month you get both services listed above and users are covered for up 15 minutes per issue, per month. Hourly service rate is $120 per hour.

Premier Support Agreement, $80 per user (3 User Minimum)

$80 per month includes all phone, email and remote support to keep you up and running. This also includes Managed Computers for each user. On-site service is priced at $110/hour.

Retainer Hours, $100 per hour (2 Hour Minimum)

Move from surviving to thriving. Use retainer hours for analyzing your workflow for better efficiency, organizing your files, implementing new systems, on boarding new employees etc. Can be used on-site or remote.

To create your support agreement:

Adjust the quantities for each category of support See the notes by each category to tailor the support agreement for your needs. We recommend adding Personal Support for each person who enjoys having our services available. Pre-payment for hours on a monthly basis is requested by some clients, however this is not a requirement for our services. We understand choosing the right agreement for you can be complex. We are happy to speak with you to create your agreement. Call (530)-355-9430.

Sincerely, Shawn Lemon