Get your household files in one place!

You heard us talk about it on the podcast. Here's the guide to getting your household files and more organized and in one place.

Customer testimonials

It was literally life-changing to work with Shawn. The chronic overwhelm and anxiety I felt about my digital world was weighing heavily on me for years, and impeding my ability to feel on top of my business. He came in and totally understood and drove what needed to happen (software upgrades, transitioning my servers, merging emails, streamlining apps, organizing files, etc.,) helping me to resolve my issues in a matter of weeks.

Gwen Williams


Atmospheric Design

I highly recommend Shawn Lemon and The Digital Organizer. I’ve worked with him for more than 15 years. Shawn has been very successful at implementing new digital technology solutions for me. For example, he helped me migrate to Google Workspace and organize my data. Most importantly, he has a very calm demeanor and the ability to teach me to implement these applications. I am not technically savvy and yet Shawn is able to communicate in a way that I can understand.

Amy Flinn

"I can't say enough good things about Shawn and The Digital Organizer! I thrive with organization and I flounder without it. I had no idea how to get my digital life in order both for home and for our small business. In 5 sessions, I feel SO much better and can actually find what I need without all the clutter!! Huge win! Go ahead and buy the package of 5 sessions and get them on your calendar!"

Debbie Ragland


Rocky Top CrossFit