Everything You Need to Know This Week

Space Saving Cables

Cablewings are minimalistic cable holders which form a seamless unit with the chargers of Apple MacBooks, iPads and iPhones. They are also suitable for numerous other models. This space-saving solution eliminates cable clutter created during transport or storage of the charger and prevents damage to the cable.

The special thing about the discreet cablewings is that the cables can be rolled up in two simple and intuitive ways.

The cable attached elegantly along the length of the charger consumes minimal space in the bag. On the other hand, if the cable is conveniently rolled up over the broadside of the charger, the notebook, tablet or smartphone can be charged, even if the cable was only partially unrolled.

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Downloading Social Media Content

Think for a second about how much you’ve posted on Facebook and/or Instagram over the years. To lose all of that content would be heartbreaking, so I wanted to share exactly how to download your content for safekeeping. You may also find this information helpful if you ever decide to delete either account. Click here for instructions for Facebook and here for Instagram.


Apple Discontinues Airport Routers

The last time Apple updated their routers was 2013. At the time they were incredible. Now, they pretty much suck compared to the newest stuff out there. If you’re looking for an alternative, I would highly recommend Amplifi HD. Everyone I’ve installed this for has been really happy with the results and the setup is really easy. Comparable systems would be the Eero or Netgear Orbi.

Passwords for Teams

Calling all business leaders! On this week's episode of The Digital Sanity Show I'll be sharing how I set up passwords for teams. After years of trial and error, I have come up with a pretty close to perfect system that my clients are loving for their teams. I don’t know anyone else who has done it this way.

If you’re growing a team of 2 or more people (I’ve used this system for teams up to 40 people), you must watch this. It’ll make your life so much easier and your business much more secure. Click here for a reminder on Facebook when I go live.


Cleaning Up Your Workspace

If you have an iMac or an Apple Display, you should check out the BackPack. This is a little shelf that can be used to store things like external hard drives behind your iMac without cluttering up your desk space. It can also be used for a keyboard shelf right below the display.

New MacBook Air Delayed

If you’ve been holding out for a new MacBook Air model, you’re going to have a wait a bit longer. Apparently Apple informed their supply chain they would be deferring production from the second quarter of this year, to the second half. That’s pretty vague, but all we know right now.

Resizing Made Easy

Did you know that you can resize an image by holding down the Option key? When you’re resizing the height or width, the Option key will make both sides bigger or smaller. If you drag a corner it resizes all the sides in at once. If you hold Shift + Option it will resize at the same proportion. Watch the video above to see how.

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List on Ebay in Seconds

Been thinking of listing something on Ebay? It’s kind of a pain right? Not anymore if you’ve got the barcode of what you’re trying to sell. You can just scan the barcode and in about 10 seconds the listing will be populated with all the details of the product. You can add some extra info about the product if you want and list! Just download the Ebay app from the App Store and sign in.