Why Your Productivity Apps are Making You Less Productive


The tools we use today, will not be the tools we use in the future. I LOVE technology. I love cool apps and gadgets, but there is a frenzy happening in the market for the next app that is going to change your life and all you have to do is buy this or subscribe to that.

Often these tools can really help us. We know this by our friends and family telling us all about it, so then we HAVE to have it. Every one of my clients who come to me for help, are wanting to be more productive and know how to use the tools their people tell them about. Often though, I have to put on the brakes a little with the apps and gadgets, at least at first.

Everyone can be more productive with their technology by keeping things simple and really understanding how your current tools work.

What I mean is before getting some app to clean up duplicates and clear out your downloads folder, you need to understand what is going into the downloads folder and what to do with them, RIGHT THEN! Right when you download them. When you know this, you never need an app to do the job for you, and you always know where your files are because you put them there.

Being a "power user" isn't about knowing all the apps and shortcuts, but about knowing how to utilize what you have in a fast and efficient way, and knowing how to exploit those things to your advantage.

Let's take the downloads for example. Here is a video that shows you ways you can download files more efficiently, and how to clean up your Downloads folder if it's a mess. This also applies to any other folder you have that is a mess and needs attention.

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