The Winner of the Free 2 Hour Session is......

I want to thank you all so much for your participation in last week's survey. The drawing is closed and a winner announced, but if you didn't have a chance to fill out the survey and would like to, it will remain active. I would appreciate any feedback you have!

What this means to YOU!

All the responses have said that the vast majority of viewers are wanting more video content, and topics focusing on:

  • File organization
  • Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Microsoft Office applications
  • Evernote
  • Email
  • iPhoto
  • iCloud and other cloud services such as Dropbox
  • General Power User tips and services

At this point I'm going to be focusing more on those topics and similar services in more of a video format. In the meantime I'll be working on creating a video course on productivity tips and tricks, shortcuts, and all around tools to beef up your productivity and give you insight into how to effectively and efficiently manage your computer and do what you need and love better and faster than ever.

Please check out what other people have said and see that you're in good company. I would love to hear your 2 cents about the responses and suggestions in the comments before so please leave a comment before you go!

Here are the responses from the survey:

1. Do you own a Mac? If so, why did you buy one? What were you hoping to get out of it? The first question was dominated by answers like these...

2. What Apple products do you own or are close to purchasing?

3. What were your biggest frustrations when you switched to Apple and how did you overcome them, or did you?

4. How old is your current Mac?

5. What applications do you use most on your Mac and/or mobile devices and what would you like to use but don't know how?

6. What is your skill level? 

7. Of the following types of products, what would you be interested in buying?

8. How would you like to receive this knowledge?

Thanks for checking this out and please leave a comment below with any thoughts, suggestions or general feedback. I love talking about this stuff!

As a side note, all of this was created using Numbers and Pixelmator.