How to Organize Company Files

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Organizing Company Files

I’ve had a number of people reach out to me recently about organizing company files. As teams grow, no matter how organized each individual is, if there is no established protocol for how files should be stored, chaos will soon take over. The longer you wait, the harder it is to regain control. Each company is unique in what they’re offering and how they do business, so I’m not going to create a template for you to follow. This is best done with a one on one appointment with me. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when organizing.

  1. The most important of them is to create consistency. If you create courses, stick to the same folder structure for each product. You can add more things or not create a folder if there’s nothing to go in there. Just don’t switch up the fundamentals on a whim.

  2. Change it all at once. This is going to be a sprint. You’re trying to gather all your files into a new system as fast as possible. This isn’t going to be perfect. You’re painting with big broad strokes. Just get it all in one place, shared with the right people, and you can refine later. Trying to make it perfect from the start will bog you down in the weeds and you’ll never finish. Nobody has time for that.

  3. You’re not likely to get it right the first time. We get a big win by getting the infrastructure in place and the files in it. Then we go through each folder and remove duplicates, rename folders, and generally clean things up. Around this time and a little after you’ve been using it, you may realize that a folder you use often is too buried away. No problem—we move it to a new place. But you have to keep rule 1 in mind. Consistency. If you use one folder a lot, Eg. Testimonials for products, take all the testimonials out of the Courses folders, and put them in the new place.

This project is big, so set aside a couple hours for brainstorming the new system with your key people. From there, delegate tasks of who’s going to organize what and schedule a follow up meeting to take things to the next stage of refining. Pivot where you thought something was a good idea, then you ran into a problem. Before you know it, your company files are streamlined in a way you never thought possible.

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Easily Compare Edited Photos With Originals

If you’re using the Photos app on your Mac to edit photos, sometimes it’s nice to see your edits vs the original. First off, open Photos and find a Photo. Edit it and make some dramatic changes in the light. Then press the M key on your keyboard to see the original. There’s a button on the top left if you don’t like keyboard shortcuts. Enjoy!


Nimble Chargers

I’m thrilled to see this company launch their products. Some of the top people at Mophie left to start a new company that wanted to create electronics products in a more eco friendly and sustainable way. You may not have thought about the amount of electronics products that get tossed, but it’s significant. A massive contributor to trash are these cheap plastic electronic products. Not so with Nimble. They are not much more expensive than the alternatives, they’re using mainly recyclable materials, and they ship with a bag to send old electronics, cables and chargers for free to Homeboy Recycling in LA to help people who face sevier barriers to employment.

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New 34" Curved Thunderbolt 3 Monitor

Expected early this month is the Samsung C34J791 34” Ultrawide curved monitor. This is the first curved monitor to the hit market with Thunderbolt 3. I’ve ordered a few 27” Thunderbolt 3 models, but now the big boy is out. If you like a dual monitor setup, the 34” is the perfect thing, without having two monitors! It will charge the new 15” MacBook Pro’s at full power. This is something most people don’t realize about some of the other Thunderbolt 3 monitors out there. If you’re using a 65 Watt charger for the 15” model, your graphics card is not running at full capacity. Same thing for when you’re on battery power only. If you have a 13”, you’re in the clear. This looks like a very promising model and I’d LOVE to have one. Check it out here.


Gmail's Redesign

If you hate’s lack of appealing visuals, you might want to check it out again. Slowly they’ve been releasing the redesigned interface across all accounts. At first I wasn’t so sure about it. I got used to the buttons looking a certain way, etc. I like it a lot better than the old version, now.

If you choose the default view, you’ll see which emails have attachments, the calendar, notes and reminders icons are conveniently to the right of the screen. There’s even an undo button right after you send a message. I LOVE that. I’m notorious for sending an email without proofreading and making sure the attachments actually made it into the email. Whoops! They also have an option for “nudges” which will move an email to the top of the list if you haven’t responded to in in three days or so. And lastly, you can send an email in confidential mode. This email can only be opened if the recipient is using 2-factor authentication. After they open the email, it will self destruct after a set amount of time.

The only thing missing for me is a send later button! In the meantime I’ll keep using Spark to compose messages at night I want sent first thing in the morning. Or follow ups 2 weeks after an appointment.


My Favorite Speedtest App

There are a lot of speed test apps out there. When trying to test internet speed, each website tends to give different results. Lately I’ve had to deal with internet issues with a number of ISPs and was referred to the Speedtest app by Ookla. It’s been great so far and provides some consistency by not having to load ads or anything else in the browser which can affect your speed. It’s free and you can get it from the app store with this link.