The Necessary Foundation for Digital Minimalism + Several Shortcut Apps for your Mac

The Necessary Foundation for Digital Minimalism

When it comes to minimalism, having a core set of tools for the things you use most is absolutely critical. Knowing how to use them well is the other key component. Without this in place, when you scale up your projects and/or add people to your team, this becomes a massive problem. 

As a digital minimalist, G-Suite for Business is the core software platform I recommend for your business. With it, you get the best email on the market, contacts, calendars, docs, file storage for your entire company and much more. All of this using your own domain name so internally and customer facing is all branded with your names and logos. Just about every app and service out there works with Google so you’re compatible with virtually everything.

Since it touches just about every element of your organization, it’s best to intentionally design how you use it in a way that serves your needs now, but also allows you to scale effortlessly without having to restructure your accounts, calendars, and file organization later. This not only saves you time in your day to day work now, but will save you a bunch of money later on down the road by not having to redo everything. 

The intentional design and training on what’s possible with these tools are where digital minimalism comes in. You have almost everything you need with one set of tools. When you cut away all the extra junk, you can go deep in your understanding of these tools instead of having to learn a little bit about a whole bunch of things. If you’ve found yourself struggling with technology and things never seem to work for you, or it’s hard to remember how everything works, we should talk. I’d love to help simplify everything through an intentional conversation and some training on how to use your technology, not just G Suite.

If you are not using G Suite, let’s talk! It would be well worth your time to discuss an overall strategy for the most cohesive system possible that can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Avoid unnecessary subscriptions and the trap of shiny new apps that promise the world and don’t give you what you really need. Sign up for a session with me if you’re ready to take things to the next level. We’ll talk about how you’re using your technology now, where you want to go, and map out a plan of how to get there. Not really sure where you want to go? We can talk about that too. Sign up here!

FaceTime Attention Correction

When enabled, FaceTime Attention Correction adjusts the set of your eyes so that it looks like you're making eye contact with the person you're FaceTiming even when you're looking at the iPhone's screen rather than the camera itself. This will be available with the iOS 13 update this fall. To enable this feature, go to Settings > FaceTime, and turn on “FaceTime Attention Correction”.

Flotato - (Free)

Flotato is designed to create web apps from your favorite website, so you can get quick access to the web services that you use most often. Flotato web apps can be dragged right into the dock, so you can set up quick access for things like Google Docs, Facebook Messenger, Netflix on the web, favorite news sites, and more.

Pock - (Free)

Pock is a simple little Mac app that's designed to make your Touch Bar more useful by adding your dock to your Touch Bar so you can quickly access your apps and even files within folders. The Pock options are customizable, so you can choose what you need most, adding options like a now playing widget for controlling music, a status widget for getting info your WiFi connection or battery level, and more.

One Switch - ($4.99)

One Switch is a nifty Mac menu bar app that adds various switches to the Mac's menu bar. You can add toggles that will do things like hide desktop options, activate dark mode, keep the Mac awake, connect to headphones, toggle on Do Not Disturb, activate Night Shift, bring up the Screen Saver, and more. Options are customizable so you can make your One Switch menu do just want you need.

Moab Apple Watch Case + Band

Looking for an Apple Watch Case for your summer hikes? Here is a new one that I came across on Uncrate. It comes with a waterproof nylon band, is odor resistant, and even has reflective stitched details so it is easy to find in the dark. It is available for the Series 4 Apple Watch in both the 40mm and 44mm sizes. Check it out!