Get Help with Family Sharing + New Apple Products are Here

Need help with Family Sharing?

Are your family address books, photos, text messages and such going to the wrong person’s device? Kids buying apps using your account when they have their own? You might need a Family Sharing Session with me!  In this session, we bring all of your family Apple devices together to straighten out all accounts. Each individual will have their own iCloud/Apple ID account for their own pictures, backups, contacts, etc., and all the accounts will be linked together with Family Sharing.  You will save money by sharing online storage billing, iTunes and App Store purchases. All devices will be logged into the correct Apple ID/iCloud account with Family Sharing and automated backups set up by the end of the session. Family Sharing also has several other optional features including, parental controls and device limitations, sharing calendars, a shared family photo album, and location sharing.

I recommend setting up 4 hours for this. Click here and book your Half Day Session today! If you would like help setting something up you can email my assistant at and she will help you get on the books with me. I look forward to working with you and your family soon!

iOS 13 Released

Apple released their newest iOS software last Friday and it is great! With new features like Dark Mode, Sign in with Apple, and Memoji, as well as several App updates to Photos, Camera, HomeKit, Privacy and Security and more. Check out the entire list of Key Features and Enhancements from Apple here and update today if you haven’t yet! *Remember to make sure your backups are current in case something goes wrong in the update.*

How to Delete Apps Has Changed

With new iOS updates, there are sometimes changes we are not aware of until we get frustrated trying to figure them out. Apple Insider came out with this article talking about the new way to delete or rearrange apps once you update to iOS 13. Check it out!

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade launched last Friday as well. If you are looking for an opportunity to cut the kids off from in-app purchases in games then this may be a subscription for you. Only $4.99 per month allowing you to unlimited gameplay and access to over 100 new games. Check out more details here and you can sign up from there too. Don’t forget, Apple Arcade comes with a 1-Month Free Trial. TheVerge also published this article titled “The 10 Apple Arcade launch games you have to play” if you want some recommendations.

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and Apple Watch Series 5

It was a busy weekend for Apple, launching new software as well as three new iPhones and new watches. If you missed my post about these new products with some highlights then check out my blog and scroll down to my September 10 post. If you are near an Apple Store I encourage you to go in to check out these cool new products! Don’t forget the new watch studios where you will be able to try on any watch combination that you would like.

HomePod Gaining New 'Ambient Sounds' Siri Feature This Fall

According to MacRumors, Apple quietly updated the HomePod's product page including a few release dates for upcoming features. One new feature that has been added is called "Ambient Sounds". “Apple says that you'll be able to relax to sounds like ocean waves, forest birds, rainstorms, and more with this feature, also coming in the fall.”

Profoto C1 Smartphone Studio Light

If you thought the new cameras in the new iPhones were cool, then check out this new smartphone studio light. Proper lighting is always the key to a great photo, even with all the technology built into the phones. The Profoto C1 and C1 Plus are here to mimic professional studio lighting in a pocketable package. Check out the highlight video here and the accessories available as well.