iPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR + Sonos Move

iPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR

If you watched Apple’s recent keynote, then you may be wondering what the main differences are between the iPhone 11 and the previous iPhone XR.

Apple says the iPhone 11 will have up to one more hour of battery life.  The main differences though are the cameras. The rear camera now has two lenses, adding an ultra-wide-angle lens that will capture four times more scene.  It also comes with a new sensor that has a Night Mode that improves low-light photos significantly. The front-facing camera will now do slo-mo video as well. If you are not looking for an improved camera or slo-mo selfie videos then the iPhone XR may still be the phone for you, especially at its reduced price of $599.

Check out this article that MacRumors published if you would like a more in-depth comparison. They give a very detailed side-by-side comparison of both phones.

More 3% cash-back locations for Apple Card

Last week Walgreens announced that customers will receive 3% Daily Cash when they use the Apple Card with Apple Pay for all eligible purchases at Walgreens or Duane Reade pharmacy locations, including medicines and prescriptions. This is in addition to Uber and Uber Eats also extending 3% Daily Cash when using the Apple Card with Apple Pay recently. I wonder which merchant will be next in on this growing list.

What’s in Your Box?

The new iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max models will come with an 18W USB-C Fast Charger and USB-C Cable. Using this charger will charge the iPhone 11 Pro to 50% in only 30 minutes. Sadly, the iPhone 11 has the capability to charge using this new charger but it will still come with the 5-watt adapter and USB to lightning cable in its box.

Sonos Move

Sonos just released its first portable Bluetooth speaker. According to MacRumors, “The battery-powered Sonos Move features both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for listening at home or on the go, AirPlay 2 support, built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and up to ten hours of continuous music playback per charge. The speaker features an oval-shaped design with IP56-rated water and dust resistance.” You can pre-order now and it will be available starting September 24 for $399.

Hue Filament Smart Bulbs

Do you love your Home Kit light bulbs but don’t like the way they look in clear glass? Hue just released their Filament Smart Bulbs. Now you can create warm ambiance in a room without using a light switch. You can check out the three new options available here. You can also check out their short videos that showcase some different ways you can decorate with them.

Cases for the new iPhones

AppleInsider published this article showing off some of the new Apple Branded cases we can expect to see for the new iPhones. Of course there will be many third-party cases that should be available as well, but Apple is getting much better at their selection of cases at launch time. I like the clear option if you want to show off your new iPhone color but still want some added protection.

Artifact Uprising

Do you ever wonder why you are holding on to so many photos? Do you want an easy way to cherish those photos in a beautiful presentation? Looking for a great way to make custom cards or calendars? Artifact Uprising allows you to make custom photo books and more with your pictures. Check out their website here. The ideas are endless. They also have an iOS App that allows you to upload photos right from your phone or Instagram.