Apple Special Event + Hands on Guide for Apple Card

Apple Special Event

Tuesday, September 10 at 12:00PM CST

Get ready for the most anticipated Apple Event this year!  With rumored iPhones, Watches, 16” Macbook Pros and more. I’m pretty sure it will be jam-packed with products and services to get ready for this coming holiday season.

Google Calendar scam

According to Wired, there is a new scam that targets Google Calendar.  In the scam, an event will pop up in a user's Google Calendar; the description will invite them to take a survey or claim a cash reward. That includes a link, prompting users to enter personal and financial information. 

We saw this in action last week. Google ended up pulling the events off the calendar, but it freaked some people out for sure. Know that this doesn’t mean your computer or account is hacked, it’s just someone figured out how to get something on Google calendar without your permission.

Here’s how to stop it. Open Google Calendar in your web browser and click the Settings icon (it looks like a gear). Go to Event Settings > Uncheck Automatically Add Invitations, and then select the option "No, only show invitations to which I've responded." Also, under View Options, make sure that "Show declined events" is unchecked.

Spam Mail from Survey Companies

Recently there has also been a spike in spam emails going out from survey companies and even Mailchimp and constant contact.  These will disguise themselves as something that you may be familiar with but never signed up for. You want to make sure you do not click the links or give these companies personal information or access to your devices. Always look to see what the email address is and don’t rely on the name. Just because the name says John Doe, if it’s suspicious the email address is likely someoneelse@anotherwebsiteyouhaven’

Gmail Extension for Easy Access to Folders (labels)

I just came across this cool extension for Gmail. It can make a tab at the top for quick access to labels, or searches like emails that have attachments. If you’re a hardcore user, you should check it out here!

Use AirPods to Improve Your Hearing

Another way to use your AirPods is to use them to enhance the sounds around you. iOS’s Live Listen feature uses your iPhone’s mic to pick up sounds and then sends that audio directly to your AirPods, helping you focus on what you want to hear. Check out this article from JimmyMac for more in-depth steps on how to set this up.

Apple Offering Tools for iPhone Repair to Small Shops

We’ve all been there. You drop your phone and it breaks. Now what? You have to pay a stupid amount of money and pay even more in the hassle to get Apple to repair it or send it in to your cell carrier. Soon though, the game is going to change. There’s been a movement for a while now for tech companies like Apple and Microsoft to allow consumers the right to repair their own devices. Apple has decided to start sending small repair shops the tools and guides they use to repair phones in the Apple Stores. More details will come soon, but it’s nice to know that it should get a lot easier to get quality repairs done on our devices. Want the full story? Click here to see more from Wired.

Hands on Guide for Apple Card

Apple Card is here!  MacRumors has this great guide on everything from applying, setting up, how to use, etc.  You can even test what your name will look like on the card.  I just got my physical card on Friday and it’s pretty slick! It reminds me of the American Express black card, but stripped down and super simple. I’m pretty impressed with Apple Card so far. 

I’m not one for credit cards, but I like the benefits. This card gives me money back every day on the purchases which add up pretty quickly. Who doesn’t love pocket money :) The other benefit I’ve found is the MasterCard Identity Protection. I haven’t completed everything it offers, but it will monitor your credit, the dark web and all kinds of stuff for free as an Apple Card member. So far, so good!