Apple Sign In + Catalina OS Beta

Apple Sign In

Have you noticed that sometimes websites will offer to let you sign into their site with Facebook or Google? It’s a pretty convenient option because you don’t have to create a new username and password just for their site. We all have too many logins to keep track of already so it makes sense to use. The downside is if you’re using those sign in options, you’re sharing all your Facebook information with that website. Same thing with Google. I wonder what that website is sharing back to Facebook and Google…

Here’s the interesting thing. Apple announced Apple Sign In during their most recent keynote presentation. Unlike Facebook and Google who are capitalizing on the convenience, Apple is taking the opposite approach. They will let you log in with your Apple ID, but their goal is to keep your info private and secure. If you want to find out more, here’s Apple’s official page geared towards developers. I don’t think they have fully rolled this out yet, but I wanted you to know to look for this and that it’s a safe option to use going forward. I do not recommend using your Google or Facebook login for other sites since their goal is to sell your information.

Yoshi Gas

You have probably heard about car washing services while you are parked at your office. Well Yoshi delivers gas, washes and oil changes directly to your car! You can fill up for a big discount when you use SHAWNLAC9A. Check out the App here.

Looking for the Fastest Network?

PCMag recently shared their annual carrier showdown and AT&T was named 2019’s fastest U.S. Mobile Network. Over the past decade this title has flipped between AT&T and Verizon but with AT&T improving their 4G network to make room for 5G they have won this round.

Ikea Homekit Smart Shades

According to Apple Insider, “One of the most hotly anticipated HomeKit products in recent memory, Ikea's Smart Shades, will finally launch in August after a months-long delay, the company says.” Very few HomeKit-compatible shades are on the market so it will be interesting to see how good these really are. Definitely a cool concept, especially if they offer black-out options.

Promotion for Amazon's Upcoming Prime Day

According to MacRumors, Amazon is planning on putting a promotion price on the Mophie Juice Pack Air Battery Cases for iPhone XS and XS Max for their upcoming Prime Day. You must be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of this promotion but the deals are usually pretty good. Wondering what else might be going on sale on Prime Day? Here’s a link to the things they’re currently promoting. Happy shopping!

Catalina OS Beta 

I know it is exciting to get the latest and greatest tech, and it’s even cooler when you can get it before it has officially launched.  I want to caution you on a couple things to be aware of before you download the most recent OS Beta released last week. If you decide to download a Beta software on any of your devices, iOS included, make sure it is not on your primary device.  Beta software is for testing purposes so usually full of bugs that can cause your apps or device to not fully function until the official release of software.

If you’re cool with the risk, make sure you backup first! For iPhones and iPads, plug your device to iTunes and archive the backup.  It is a potential recovery option if you need to go backwards in your software version. For your Mac, I’d recommend using Carbon Copy Cloner for a full backup or using Time Machine. Remember, iCloud does not back up your entire computer.