Podcasts with Mike Gonzalez + Recall on Select MacBook Pros

Podcasts with Mike Gonzalez

I had the opportunity recently to sit down with Mike Gonzalez from The Founders Craft to discuss Digital Minimalism where we talk about the process of choosing the right technology for your business. You can check out the episode on his YouTube Channel here.

Mike Gonzalez is the owner for PerfectHQ, a digital product design company. We have very similar ideals in how software should be designed, digital minimalism and a number of other things. His podcast has a ton of great stuff in there and if you need someone who’s incredible at intentional design of digital stuff, this is your guy! Check out PerfectHQ.com.

We also discussed how to simplify your Inbox.  If you’ve got a messy inbox, you need to check this one out!  We get into different tools like Sanebox, Unroll.me, Spark, G Suite etc.

Audio Versions are available on iTunes and Spotify viaPodcasts

Green Screen in iMovie for iOS

If you use iMovie for iOS to make quick edits of videos you create, this new feature may be for you.  They have added green screen which allows you to remove anything in the background that’s green or blue.  So you can play around with videos on top of each other. Check out and example and the full list of new features from The Verge here.

Your Typo May Be Costing You

Last year I wrote about an app called Grammarly.It checks your typing for mistakes and helps you correct them before you press send on that email or submit that important document. A follower of mine recently sent me this report based on that recommendation. It gives a numbers perspective on how spelling errors may be affecting your bottom line. I was shocked to see how a small typo in an ad can render it almost completely ineffective. Check it out!

Apple Announced a Recall on Select MacBook Pros

Last week Apple announced a voluntary recall and replacement program for select 15-inch MacBook Pro models. According to MacRumors, Apple says affected units in need of replacement can be identified by entering a Mac's serial number in the recall program page here. You can read the full article from MacRumors here but if you have one of these models make sure you get it checked out sooner than later!

Your Daily Drive Playlist from Spotify

If you are a Spotify user, check out this new playlist tailored for your long commute. With a blend of news podcasts and your favorite music mix, you are set up to not have news overload. It updates throughout the day so you won’t feel like you keep hitting the repeat button as well.

Lutron Aurora

If you use Philips Hue Bulbs, you may want to look into Aurora by Lutron.  We all get so excited to have our smart light bulbs that we can program to turn on and off, talk to in order to change the color, and even add accessories like motion detectors.  Apple Insider has recently put this article out about one of the major challenges that come along with this smart tech when it comes to light switches.  They are talking about the “less than ideal situation when someone uses the light switch on the wall, killing power to the bulbs and rendering your lights useless”.  They say that the Aurora fixes this issue allowing you to cover the switch on the wall with a smart dimmer that keeps Philips Hue smart bulbs in ‘ready mode’ and provides easy dimming without losing power or connection to your Hue Hub.

This launches July 15 but you can preorder them now.

Catalyst Waterproof iPad Case

If you are looking for a fully waterproof iPad case then check out this case by Catalyst. They are available for preorder now and shipping in July for the1st Generation (2018) 11” iPad Pro and the 3rd generation (2018) 12.9" iPad Pro.