A New Privacy App + A Major Google Drive/Docs Update

A New Privacy App

Uncrate has found a gem of an App.  Meet Jumbo. It claims to be the best thing you can do for your social media privacy, next to deleting your accounts altogether.  Jumbo lets you clean your personal data across all social media apps and internet services from just one App.  Take a look at it here.

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Gmail, Send Later, Remind Me

Gmail has really leveled up lately! Many of the features I use Spark for are now available in Gmail.com and the Gmail app on mobile devices.  My favorite upgrade is Send Later and Remind Me has been really helpful to see who hasn’t responded that I need to follow up with.

1Password Update

If you haven’t noticed, 1Password got a nice little update and I’ve got some hints to share with you today about it. The biggest thing is pointing out 1Password Mini. That is the icon at the top right hand corner of the screen near the time. If you click on it, you can quickly search for the login that you’re looking for, or if you’re currently on a webpage, it’s going to show you any logins that apply for that page. If you have Evernote open, it should automatically bring up that password. At any point you can drag a username or password out of that little window right into the password field in your app or webpage. Another big feature is their ability to generate new passwords. Change the recipe to have however many numbers and symbols and hit the new Save and Copy button so you can fill it into the webpage. The last thing I want to mention is the Pin on Screen button. The last one didn’t make sense and most people didn’t use it. Now, if you need to keep the window up for a minute, you can find that button quickly and easily. I find this most handy when I’m filling in things like my drivers license or bank account info.

Have Too Many Slack Accounts?

Do you have too many different Slack accounts? If you are only a part of someone else’s Slack for limited communication, or work on a specific project, did you know you can share a Channel with another workspace? My biggest client and I share a channel. I previously had an account and was a part of a number of channels, but since I primarily work on tech for them, we decided to just create a shared channel. Now I don’t have to keep up with a ton of communication coming at me from who-knows-how-many areas, and everything flows into one place from that client. If this sounds interesting, check out how to set it up here or shoot me an email and I can help you set this up. I’ve got some REALLY great suggestions for keeping Slack under control with threading and such too.

Major Google Drive/Docs Update!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this update! A big reason why a lot of people never got into using Google Drive is because any time you wanted to edit a Word, Excel or Powerpoint file, Google would convert it to a Google Doc, Sheet or Slide. Not anymore! Open up an Office document and it just opens straight up and lets you edit and save it in the same Office format. You can always convert it to a Google Doc, PDF or whatever format you want in the file menu, but by default nothing changes. This is a big deal for companies where some people just really prefer using Word and others like Google Docs. If you have the Chrome Extension, Office editor for Docs, Sheet, and Slides, go to the Window menu and click Extensions. Delete the Office editor for Docs, Sheet, and Slides extension.

New OS for iPad, iPhone, Watch, and Mac coming this Fall

With the new iPad OS we get a new home screen, slide over and split view, Sidecar to make your iPad a secondary display for your computer, and so many more great features that will possibly make you wonder why you need a computer.

With iOS 13 we are going to get Dark Mode, Photo and camera enhancements, video editing tools like rotate, crop, and auto enhance (I’m super excited about this), new privacy and security features, updated Maps, even a new Siri voice and a whole bunch more!

WatchOS 6 is a major update that brings additional focus to third-party apps.  With a “Dose" app for tracking medication, and new health feature for monitoring the ambient noise around you.  There's also a new Calculator app, a new Voice Memos app, plus several new watch faces.

In MacOS Catalina, iTunes has been replaced by three apps: Music, Podcasts, and TV (coming later in the year).  It also has a useful new Sidecar feature, designed to turn the iPad into a secondary display for the Mac. Screen Time is being added for Mac.  Photos has an updated interface that better highlights your best pictures, Safari includes a new start page with Siri Suggestions, Mail has a new feature for blocking emails and another new option for muting threads, and the Reminders app has been overhauled and is now more useful.