New Mac Pro Desktop, Apple 6K Display + 5 Tips to Tailor Your Slack Settings


WWDC is this week and some huge announcements were made during the Keynote to kick it off.  You can watch the full keynote here.  In the midst of the awaited software announcements, they pulled out a new Mac Pro and 6K Display that is bound to be a powerhouse duo.  It will cost you though. Starting at $5,999 for the Mac Pro and another $4,999 for the display, and if you want the stand for the display you will be looking at another $999.  That’s a base price of almost $12,000 if you want the whole shebang! They are pretty incredible though. The Mac Pro is insanely fast and beautifully designed. I don’t know of anything like it in the market. Same with the display, it’s 32” and 6K with advancements in range and contrast that are pretty ridiculous. Anyone else drooling?

Disney +

With so many streaming services on the market it was probably only a matter of time before Disney got in on the action. They own so much, including everything from Marvel to Star Wars. Everything that’s in the Disney Vault is coming out and will be included. No rated R material will make it on here even though they now own Hulu. They’re going to keep more adult content there. For all you Disney, Marvel and Star Wars fans, you’re about to have everything in one place and lots more content to come. Check out more about it here.  Launching November 12!

New iPod Touch

Apple updated the iPod Touch to have a minimum of 256 GB of storage. Crazy huh? Lots of videos to be stored on there if you like. My question is, who’s using this though? When I saw this I briefly considered if I could get rid of my iPhone and switch to this. I did an experiment in the month of May of a serious digital detox where I pushed the boundaries of my digital life seeing how little I could use it and to what effect. More on this another time, but I’ll just tell you this, I had the most relaxing vacation ever! All that to say, I’m not giving up my phone for this little guy. But for those of you who want to allow your kids to almost have a phone, it’s cheaper, faster and has more storage than ever.

Tame Your Slack Notifications

I have a lot of people that still haven’t tailored their notifications, especially those that are new to Slack. So here’s some tips for toning down the notifications so you can get mission critical alerts without being bombarded by every comment posted.

Prioritize Important Channels, Silence the Others

Slack groups usually have multiple channels for different conversations.  Although leaving a channel is one way to silence its alerts, there are less drastic measures to take.

Open the channel (or group message) in Slack and tap on its title, then select Notifications.  Here you can choose to either “Mute Entire Channel,” ignore certain kinds of @channel pings, or only get notified about specific mentions or keywords on your iPhone or iPad (without affecting your desktop alerts).

Suspend Notifications When You’re Out

Spending the day in deep work?  Mute Slack notifications for a channel by tapping the triple-dot menu in the upp[er right corner and selecting Snooze Notifications.  You can quiet Slack for as little as 20 minutes or up to 24 hours.

Schedule Daily Do-Not-Disturb Times

You can also stop Slack from messaging you at the same time each day.  Tap the triple-dot menu in the upper right corner and select Settings, then go into the Do Not Disturb setting.  Here, schedule a specific time every day to silence your Slack channel.

Wrangle Your Desktop and Mobile Alerts

In Slack’s notification preferences, you can limit both how and where you’re notified. For example, you can choose to get alerts on your iPhone and Slack’s desktop client simultaneously, or only after your desktop has been idle.  This is a great way to eliminate duplicate alerts.

Make Good Use of Keywords

Keyword notifications can be set for any word or even an emoji. Tap the triple-dot menu in the upper right corner, select Settings, then Notifications  Toward the bottom, select the My Keywords option and enter all the keywords or emoji you always want to be notified about.