What Is 5G and When Can You Expect to See It Go Live? + Aperture Going Away for Good

What is 5G and when can you expect to see it go live?

As cellular data evolves, we are getting closer to having 5th generation or 5G service soon.

With the first-phase release of 5G's specifications scheduled to be completed sometime in 2019, and a second-phase release to complete at some point in 2020, we can expect to see this increase start to change (yet again) our hardware for wireless.  While the carriers are building up the hype for 5G, it will be quite some time before it becomes a meaningful thing to consumers. Sprint has expressed it will start launching its 5G service in a small number of cities in May, Verizon has named more cities it will be bringing 5G to by the end of 2019, and AT&T insists it will be able to nationally roll out 5G by early 2020.

The question we should be asking though is do we want 5G? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? I’m not talking about the cost of our wallets, but our health. Finland has been at the forefront of the development and testing of 5G technology. Citizens have been protesting in Finland because of the increased radiation disrupting cells in the human body. Start looking up 5G affects in cities and plant life. Where 5G towers are built around trees, they wither and die. We’re talking about microwave radiation that’s not compatible with biology for faster wifi to keep us glued to our devices and more connected when we really need to disconnect and get perspective. If you haven’t read Digital Minimalism yet, here’s another plea to read it!

End of soapbox rant :)

Where can you use Apple Pay?

When Apple Pay first launched, there were very few stores who were equipped to take that as a method of payment.  Now it is almost everywhere. With this list ever-growing it is becoming easier and easier to not have to pull out a card when making purchases.  Take a look at the most recent list of locations that take Apple Pay.

And if you haven’t set up Apple Pay, you should! It’s totally saved my bacon a few times when I’ve forgotten my wallet. Plus, it’s less to do in the checkout process.

Looking for new lenses for your iPhone?

With iPhone cameras getting better and better, several companies have created lenses that will turn your pictures from great to amazing.  Take a look at these from Sandmarc if you want to get fancy with your photos on your iPhone. While these look really great, compare to Moment Lenses. Each have their pros and cons. What piqued my interest with Sandmarc is the ability to screw on filters.

iPad Pro USB-C Hub

If you are looking for a Hub for your iPad Pro, take a look at the Sanho HyperDrive.  It comes in both Silver and Space Gray and will give you an HDMI port that supports up to a 4K display, an SD card reader, a 3.5mm audio jack, as well as USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A and Type-C ports.

Aperture going away for good

With the next major macOS update potentially coming out this fall, you can expect to see Aperture to go away for good.  You can move everything into macOS Photos app or Adobe Lightroom Classic.  Apple is also warning people now to convert older iMovie, Final Cut, and Motion files if they want that media to remain useable as well.  Some big changes coming this fall for sure! Be sure to reach out if you have a big library and need some help!

Upcoming Apple TV+ shows we can expect to see

Apple talked about a lot of upcoming exclusive content coming to Apple TV+ during their last keynote.  I came across this recent article that goes more in depth about what we can expect to see this fall.