Save 20% on a Session with Me in May + Apple Pencil vs Logitech Crayon for iPad Pro

Read Digital Minimalism and Save 20% on a Session with Me in May

I’ve always been a digital minimalist, but Digital Minimalism author, Cal Newport, takes things to the next level and I’m totally inspired right now! It aligns perfectly with the mission of The Digital Organizer.

Last year I rebranded to The Digital Organizer from Lemon Consulting because I wanted to laser focus into the most important work I do. I was “The Apple Guy” for a long time. Many people found me at a point where things were so broken they just couldn’t take it anymore. I patched them up and sent them on their way and they referred me to their friends. People saw the value of having their stuff working and in sync, but were fine with that and didn’t want to take it a step further. Frankly, I didn’t know how to frame the organization part properly. Now I know better and I’m going to be talking about it a lot more.

The most valuable thing we do at The Digital Organizer is removing demands for your attention from your life. The thousands of unread emails, being bombarded with text messages, notifications, clutter, frustration that things aren’t syncing, not being able to remember a password, spending 20 min tracking down your damn logo…. This stuff is really, really draining. You’re living with it now and you’re still here, so it’s not the end of the world. But if you get intentional about how you use technology, it WILL change your life.

When we take it to the next level and start to organize your files through a system I’ve designed, work gets less tedious and a whole lot more fun. Ideas start flowing again, you start thinking about doing things differently than you used to because the overwhelm is receding. It’s pretty exciting!

So back to Digital Minimalism. I want to start taking my digital organization to the next level and incorporate some of the specific things suggested in this book. If you’re willing to start the journey and get serious leverage for change in your life, I want to give you 20% off a session with me in May to help give you a massive head start. Reserve your spot here and put in the notes Digital Minimalism. My schedule books up pretty fast, so don’t wait to book a session. Do it now and go buy Digital Minimalism

How to recycle, resell and buy used electronics

With the passing of Earth Day last week, there have been several questions around how to recycle electronics properly.  I came across this really cool article from NBC laying out the best way to recycle, resell and buy used electronics. They even have links to some of the many retailers who sell refurbished items.  I typically recycle Apple products through the Apple Store website and tend to get the best price there. Apple also recycles non-Apple tech for free. Check it out!

Apple has a voluntary recall of the three-prong AC wall plug adapters

If you have purchased an Apple World Travel Adapter Kit and plan on traveling, you will want to check out this recent voluntary recall of the three-prong AC adapter.  The one affected is primarily used in The United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong.  Apple is replacing the adapter free of charge.  You can start the process here.

Save up to $300 on Apple's latest 13-inch MacBook Pro and 15-inch MacBook Pro on top of recent price drops

Several of you have asked me where to get a good deal on a new Mac.  You should take a look at Adorama and right now. AppleInsider has a code to save even more!  Take a look at the deals and discount code here.

Apple's new 2019 AirPods drop to a record low $139, plus $10 off the Wireless Charging Case

Have you been waiting for a discount on Apple AirPods?  Amazon is stepping up their game with a nice discount off the previous generation Apple AirPods. There is even a $10 discount on the new Wireless Charging Case.

Apple Pencil vs Logitech Crayon for iPad Pro

With Apple’s recently released iOS 12.2, Logitech's Crayon works with more of Apple's iPad Pro lineup.  Take a look at this pretty cool comparison of the Crayon vs Apple Pencil. I think it is sweet that Apple is supporting a cheaper option for a writing tool on the iPad Pro.

Spark for Android!

The beginning of this month, Spark announced they are now available for Android devices too!  So if you are not on the iPhone platform but want to use one of the best email clients on the planet, then check out Spark for Android now!