The Coolest Smart Lamp Ever + AirPods Alternative

IKEA and Sonos introduce Wi-Fi speakers, including one that is a lamp

I’m so stoked on these! Ikea and Sonos teamed up to create a speaker lamp and bookshelf. I have a real thing for items that serve more than one purpose, and I think these things look so cool.  Both products will come in black and white color options. The bookshelf speaker will be $99 and the table lamp will go for $179.  There is still no launch date for these but it is hinted at this August. What do you think?


Looking for a new secure email provider?  I recently came across ProtonMail. It is an encrypted email service based in Switzerland.  Their goal is to build an internet that respects privacy and is secure against cyberattacks.  With End-to-end encryption, no one but the intended recipient can read the message.

Apple’s Airpower Cancelled

It was a sad day when Apple announced that they were canceling the Air Power mat due to not being able to meet their quality standards. I’m curious if Apple will revisit the Air Power mat in the future, but for now you can check out this option from Belkin.

Powerbeats Pro - $249.95

For those of you who don’t really like the AirPods because they fall out of your ears, Apple has announced the new Powerbeats Pro available this May.  They have adjustable, secure-fit ear hooks and are sweat resistant with 9 hours of listening time. Check out the promo video and specs on Apple’s website here. Did I mention they will come in 4 different colors?

Apps Not Optimized for your Mac

Some of you may start to see a dialog pop-up that says, “App Not Optimized for your Mac”.  Here is a lengthy article that goes into more detail. The short version is that some Apps have not been updated yet to Apple’s current platform and it is warning you that it is not using that platform.  There is nothing wrong with it, but if not upgraded, it could potentially be an app you will not be able to use after the next OS upgrade this fall.

Safari’s Link Preview

Check this out! Next time you’re in Safari on your iPhone, find a link you’re interested in. Press hard on the link, then let up on the pressure and just leave your thumb resting on the glass. What happens is a preview of the article (or whatever you pressed on) appears. You can drag your thumb out of the way, but leave it on the glass if you still want to see what’s on that page. Release your thumb and the page goes away. Press hard again and it takes you to that page instead of just previewing it.