Simple Hack to Take out Stress from Using Technology + Coolest Time Tracker Ever

Simple Hack to Take Out Stress from Using Technology

Our technology enhances our lives in so many ways, but it has its drawbacks too. The emotional charge it holds to make you feel the need to constantly engage with others around us, and to consume information has a lot of drawbacks too.  

I recently came across some people who were changing their iPhone screens to black-and-white and decided to try it as well. What I found was the emotional charge when I checked my email and scroll through apps, and in just general use of my phone, while in black-and-white, was pretty much eliminated.

I had no idea how much anxiety I felt every time I picked up my phone. It’s a little embarrassing to admit how unaware I was of this. I had almost all my notifications turned off. The badge icon that shows unread messages was already off on almost all my apps. I even have a new private number and my work line is primarily checked by my assistant, Jeanette.

Yet somehow my brain associates this device with stress. The night I changed my screen to black and white, that charge disappeared. I made a very short video showing you the steps to set up your phone so that if you triple click the home button, the screen will convert to black-and-white. Repeat the process and the color comes right back. Check it out here in the new YouTube channel I just started thanks to your feedback.

Would you consider commenting and liking if you find it helpful? Any feedback would be great since this is new for me. Come back after watching the video! As always, we’ve got more great content below in this newsletter!

The Coolest Way to Track How You Spend Your Time

A lot of you have asked what the best time tracker app is. I use Toggl to keep track of the time I spend working on client projects, but for the everyday tasks we’re doing, there’s no way I’m going to open up an app to tell it what I’m doing. This is where the Time Flip Magnet comes in. You just pick it up and flip it to the face that matches your new activity. I’m so stoked to try this out. Hopefully I’ll have it next week. Check it out here!

The Browser You May Not Have Tried yet but Should

Brave is a new(ish) internet browser. It's really fast and all your Chrome extensions work. Basically it's a total ripoff of Chrome, but they designed it to protect your privacy and it’s faster than Chrome. You have to set up your extensions again, but your bookmarks and everything come over. You can download it here if you want to try it out! I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and love it!

Sanebox’s Do Not Disturb Feature

Do you use Sanebox?  If not, you should start a trial right now! If so, did you know it has a Do Not Disturb Feature? Here’s the deal. I always use an autoresponder when I go on vacation. I have a problem though. My fingers want to tap that icon and check email. It opens without me even thinking about it. I’ve tried deleting the app, but what about when I want to write somebody, or still receive messages from a particular person? Sanebox thought this through and provided the solution! All the email sent to you is held back from delivery to your device until your end date, then it gets put in there. You can have exceptions if needed. Unfortunately, they don’t read and respond to everything while you’re away :(

Check out this guide that will walk you through the setup process and even let you set a date range for this feature to be turned on, as well as the option for an Auto Reply message.

How to Choose Between Archive and Delete in iOS Mail

Have you ever wondered why sometimes your email archives and sometimes deletes?  This is a feature you can choose between. Archiving will move your email into a folder you can access later where as deleting will move to your trash.  If you have it set up for your trash to delete permanently these emails will no longer be accessible. The cool thing about archiving is it gets these emails out of your inbox but gives you the ease of holding onto emails you may need to reference later.  Check out the gif I created on the left to see how to set up your archive or delete preferences.

Looking for an iPhone with No Frills but It’s Still Fast?

Check out the iPhone SE. I read an article from Mac Rumors talking about using it this year and how it’s still super responsive but isn’t overloaded with a ton of features you might not use.

If you are looking for an iPhone for basic use (Phone, Mail, Messages, Calendar, and FaceTime) the SE model might just be exactly what you’re looking for.  Apple started selling them in January on their refurbished and clearance site but know that they come and go pretty quick as this is still a pretty popular model.