Apple’s Upcoming Special Event + 5 Must Try YouTube Tricks

Apple Special Event

Apple has announced their next Special Event!  Live from the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino March 25 at 10:00AM PST.   If you would like to watch the event live click here. I am pretty excited to see what they have to announce with all the rumors going around. Jeanette and I are going to watch live and stream us talking about all the new stuff as it’s announced. We’ll send out a link when it’s closer to the date.

Spark Email Delegation

Want to take Spark to a new level?  Their newest feature, Email Delegation is definitely going to be a game changer.  With the ability to delegate emails and set up deadlines right from the email delegation, this new feature is no doubt going to add more time to your life with better productivity in your workflow.  Check out Spark’s short video introduction here.

Spotlight Presentation Remote - $129.95

Tired of using a laser pointer during presentations?  Have you ever wished that you could zoom in or highlight a portion of your presentation?  This Spotlight Presentation Remote by Logitech may just be your new best friend. You can even set up timed vibration alerts to help you stay on track without disrupting your flow. If you would like to see a short highlight video check it out here.

5 Must-Try YouTube Tricks: Tap for easy ways to be an internet-video master

Rewind with ease

Have you ever tried rewinding a YouTube video by swiping along the play bar and suddenly found yourself back several minutes instead of a few seconds? There is an easier way! While watching the video, simply double-tap the left half of the play window to rewind only 10 seconds. If you want to forward 10 seconds, just double-tap the right side.

Tweak your video quality

YouTube videos stream at a resolution of 360p but you can change that. Tap your video as it is playing, then tap the three-dot icon that appears and select Quality. This will give you several options to boost your video quality.

Choose your playback speed

Have you ever wished you could watch a replay in slow motion? You can change your playback speed! Tap the three-dot menu button in the top right corner of the video, then tap “Playback speed.” From there you can choose from several options of speeds to watch your video. You can even speed up your video!

Choose Dark theme

Do you love Dark Mode on your Mac? Well you can change the theme within YouTube to a Dark theme in order to cut down on glare. You can turn it on in the app settings. Tap the account icon, then Settings, then select Dark theme.

Remind yourself to take a break

Have you ever wondered how watching one video on YouTube suddenly turned into a couple hours? You can use this setting to remind you to take breaks. It will even pause your video automatically. To turn this feature on, tap the account icon, then tap Settings and select “Remind me to take a break,” then choose your frequency.