No More Facebook Lives + 19 New Features Coming to iPhone You Don't Want to Miss!

Facebook Live Videos are Out - Short Polished Videos are In

I’m stopping Facebook Live and have decided to start creating short polished videos to upload to my new Youtube channel. Subscribe here to get updated when I upload this awesome new content!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who responded to my email asking for feedback on my Facebook Live videos and letting me know what would be more helpful for you! In case you missed it, I sent out a letter asking if you think I should change up the videos I’ve been making. The Facebook Live videos I’ve been doing have been an amazing learning experience, but they’re just way too long. I’ll keep the videos up for you to reference since there’s a ton of really valuable stuff in there.

Based on your request I’m going to work on creating polished, to-the-point videos that are shorter and more accessible. Whether that’s for a refresher on how something works, or a recommendation of a specific app. I’ll upload them to Youtube and embed them into a page on my site. Be sure to subscribe on Youtube if you want to see those videos when they’re posted! I created a new channel for all this upcoming content. Click here to subscribe! (Keep in mind there may not be anything uploaded at the very beginning.)

The Opkix One Wearable Cameras

Have you ever wished you didn’t have to pull your phone out of your pocket to take a video?  Or didn’t want a full-size GoPro rig for a bike ride or outdoor activity? Well Uncrate has found a solution.  The Opkix One Wearable Cameras.

I thought the design of these was really cool because they are pocket-friendly and the case looks like an AirPods case!  The pair of 1080p video cameras are just under an inch and a half long and weigh only 12 grams each which is basically nothing.  They even have a range of accessories that let you mount them on your eyewear or wear them as a necklace or ring.

The charging case is even more than just a case too.  It wirelessly transmits your footage over to your smartphone and provides up to 72 minutes of recording time.  Sounds like a great idea for even a gift for your family or friend who loves the outdoors!

19 New Features Coming to iPhone

Right now there are at least 19 new features being tested for the next iPhone update. I know most of you can get frustrated with iPhone updates, but they’re typically helpful and packed with new features you wouldn’t otherwise know about unless you have someone like us telling you! So here’s the big list if you want to check it out. Otherwise, this is what we’re most looking forward to seeing:

New Animojis to play with

Who doesn’t love playing with Animojis? Turning your face into a T-Rex, Panda Bear, or even a Unicorn when sending a silly message to your friends is so much fun! Well hopefully coming soon you will be able to be a Giraffe, Shark, Owl, or a Boar if you would like! Which Animoji is your favorite?

Air quality in Apple Maps

Do you ever wonder how the air quality is in your local city? I am so stoked to see the air quality in Apple Maps! This feature will allow you to view the Air Quality Index ranging from 0-500 to see how polluted the air is around you.

Customize your downtime each day of the week

I’m pretty sure I never used the Downtime feature because it was only allowed to be set for the same time every day. With iOS 12.2 it is expected that this will change. You will be able to customize what days have it on or off and you can set specific downtimes for each day of the week! I might actually use this feature if that happens.

Searching is even easier in Safari with arrows

When performing a web search in Safari, there will be arrows next to the suggested search options. Clicking on an arrow will autofill that suggestion into the search bar for you. You can still tap on the words next to the arrow to open that search up right away, but the arrow helps narrow your search down and get other recommendations. Anything to save time when searching is awesome!