New Apple Products (rumored) + In-Ceiling, In-Wall, and Outdoor speakers by Sonos

Looking for new Apple Products?

Well you might want to sit tight until they have another announcement. The rumor mill is churning with excitement, but remember they’re just rumors till they’re released. Here’s the scoop. Apple’s 2019 hardware roadmap calls for at least 11 new products, some of which we have all probably been waiting for...can we say wireless charging pad? Hardware changes including iPhone and iPad, Macbook Pro and Mac Pro, a 6K Display, and accessories such as AirPods and the long-awaited AirPower.  Take a look at what appleinsider is saying regarding the potential upcoming 2019 lineup!

Sonos Architectural Speakers

My favorite speaker company just announced architectural speakers! If you’ve been thinking of installing built in speakers in your walls or ceiling or finding speakers to put outside, look no further! Sonos has an incredible reputation for sound that will WOW you and easy wireless streaming to multiple rooms. You can play different songs in every room, or pool them all together for Party Mode. Make sure to add these to your wish list for your next home entertainment upgrade! Click the links above for prices.

Group Facetime still partly broken?

Unfortunately, Group FaceTime even under iOS 12.1.4 hasn't quite been restored to its former functionality. A MacRumors forum thread started the day after 12.1.4's release revealed users who found themselves unable to add more users to a FaceTime call. As it turns out, it appears that users are no longer able to add a person to a one-on-one FaceTime call. The "Add Person" button remains greyed out and inactive in this situation. The only way to add another person to a Group FaceTime call at this time is to start the call with at least two other people. This slight distinction appears to be the source of confusion for many users.

Apple is actively working on iOS 12.2 Beta which has not yet seen the addition of the patch for Group FaceTime, but we'd expect them to address the ongoing bugs in a later 12.2 beta release.

Try on glasses with your iPhone

With the all the new tech Apple is putting into their phones, namely Face ID, this makes so much more possible. The kids know this when it comes to using funny filters for Animoji’s, Snapchat, and Instagram. But a glasses company, Warby Parker, has incorporated this technology into their app so you can try on their glasses without having to go into a store or order some to try on. I actually have a few pair of Warby Parkers and they’re great, not to mention cheap compared to somewhere like LensCrafters. Check out their new app here.

Wondering where you can manage app subscriptions on your iPhone?

Apple finally made an update that allows you to easily find what you’ve subscribed to! This is a long time coming. While they could always be found, they were buried many layers deep in Settings. Here’s a picture of what to click on to manage subscriptions.

Got a new iPad and looking for a good notes app?

Check out GoodNotes 5. It is by far the most intuitive, most advanced and easiest to use notes app on the market.  If you’ve got an iPad and want to be able to create notes, pull in PDFs etc, GoodNotes 5 is the best. They’ve been getting a lot of notoriety and I’ve got some clients who are serious nerds about this stuff and they agree, this is the best. Check it out here!