Cutting the Cord to Cable + Coolest Alarm Clock Ever

Image Credit:  Christian Erxleben

Image Credit: Christian Erxleben

The Glow Light by Casper - $89

Do you hate hearing the alarm clock go off as badly as I do? If so, you’ve got to check out this alarm clock by Casper (yes, that’s the bed company.) I actually just bought a light alarm clock recently and I love it. This is likely going to be the upgrade I make and I’ll put the other in my spare room :)

The premise is this. Our bodies are were designed to wake up with the sunrise, not a beeping box. If you’re like me, you have blackout curtains so you have no idea what time it is when you wake up. Since switching to a light alarm clock, I typically wake up with the light and feel so much more awake and ready for the day.

Most of the competitors out there don’t have quite the features The Glow Light has. You can have it slowly turn down as you’re going to bed, lulling you to sleep. You can also program the different light temperature which is great if you don’t want to be exposed to too much blue light while winding down.

This is definitely something you guys should check out!

YouTube TV

For those of you thinking about cutting the cord to cable TV, you should check out YouTube TV. Most of my clients who have waited to do this really like watching sports and or the news. With YouTube TV, you’ve got access to just about any channel you want.

YouTube TV is a commercial service that streams more than 60 live TV networks via the Internet. That’s networks… not channels.

YouTube TV began streaming in April, 2017.  Channels include CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News, BBC World News, The Smithsonian Channel (a venture by CBS-owned Showtime Networks and the Smithsonian Institution); Sundance TV (owned by AMC Networks); numerous sports channels; The Disney Channel (owned by The Walt Disney Company); and BBC America (jointly owned by AMC Networks and BBC Studios). YouTube TV members also have access to YouTube Premium original movies and shows (although a YouTube Premium subscription is not included with YouTube TV).

Right now they have a 14 day free trial, so if you’re thinking about cutting the cord, sign up for a trial here. You’ll want to download the YouTube TV app on your Apple TV and see how you like it! It’s $40/mo after your trial.

Also check out the Brydge iPad Pro Keyboard

One of the questions I get all the time is what is the best keyboard for an iPad. It’s not a straightforward answer and we all have different preferences for how it feels. That said, if the Smart Keyboard by Apple isn’t for you, check out the Brydge iPad Pro Keyboard. This is a brand new model and they tout is as the bridge between your laptop and iPad. It’s designed to look and feel like your laptop keyboard so it’s a seamless transition between the two.

The iPad Pro version is brand new and available for preorder here. If you want to check out reviews for older models to see what people are saying about them, look here!

All this and it’s even cheaper than Apple’s Smart Keyboard folio!

The Facetime bug is Fixed!

A serious bug was found in the Facetime system for group calls. This is a new feature that was released in iOS 12.1. I doubt most of you have used it. Either way, someone found a way to insert themselves into a call someone else was having so Apple shut down group calling.

On Thursday Apple released version 12.1.4 which fixes the issue. Be sure to update your phone if you haven’t already!

Apple Cracking Down on Developers Trying to Collect Personal Data

Over the past few weeks Apple has been cracking down on all kinds of companies. First it started with Facebook creating an app that could bypass the App Store and collect sensitive information Apple blocks from developers. Next they found Google was doing the same thing. Apple shut down all of their internal apps causing chaos in both the companies and completely halting development of iOS apps. GO APPLE!

Next up, they found some developers have been trying to collect recordings of how people are using their apps. Again, this is not something Apple allows and has let developers know their apps will be removed from the App Store if found doing this.

With privacy violations just now coming to the mainstream eye, I’m happy to hear Apple is leading the way in shutting these people down and protecting our data.

Meet My New Executive Assistant

I’m so excited to introduce to you my newest team member, Jeanette Voss! Jeanette is my new Executive Assistant and we used to work at Apple together. I’m so thrilled to have her on board helping to keep me in line. She’s primarily helping me stay on top of email, manage my calendar, and help me on the administrative side of things. My hope is that by bringing her on it will really help YOU! She’ll be there to make sure I don’t miss anything, help you with questions, and make sure things are handled as quickly as possible so you can get your issues solved! So, if you’re a client of mine, don’t be surprised if she writes to you on my me, she’s here to help and make everything more smooth and efficient! In her free time, Jeanette loves spending time with her husband Matt and almost 5 year old son Ethan. She loves all things cars and is a bit of a sneaker-head at heart.