When Avoiding Paying for Something Costs You

When Avoiding Paying for Something Costs You

In last week’s episode of The Digital Sanity Show I talked about saving time and money with subscriptions. We started out with how you can potentially save hundreds of dollars a month by cancelling or modifying your subscriptions and how to do it.

After that, I dove into a trend I’ve been seeing with my clients— people not wanting to pay for an app. So many people are outright rejecting the idea of paying for a valuable service that would save them time and money, just because it’s one more thing they have to pay for every month. I want to challenge you to take a look at your subscriptions and see what you can pull back from and save you a bit of money, but then think of what you may have been avoiding paying for that would actually benefit you. Maybe it’s a smart thermostat that will save you money each month on your power bill. Or maybe you’re paying $10/month for your HTML signature to be hosted online when you can spend $5-$20 one time to have someone make it for you and you don’t have to pay for hosting at all.

Classic iPhone X Case.jpg

Old School iPhone Case

If you’ve been using Apple products for a long time, you remember the original iMac. It was the first big product Steve Jobs pushed out after being rehired and put Apple back on the map after their near collapse. Celebrating the 20 year iMac anniversary, Spigen Design created this iPhone case harkening back to the original iMac and the first iPhone. Check it out here.

WiFi Passcode.jpeg

Find WiFi Passwords in Keychain

We’ve all been asked what the passcode is for a WiFi network and drawn a complete blank. Well here’s how you can find it quickly! Just click on Spotlight on your Mac (it’s the little magnifying glass at the top right of your display.) Type the word Keychain and hit the Return key (Enter.) Type the name of the network in the search bar at the top right. Double click on the item and click the checkbox to Show Password. It will ask you for your login password. Enter that and it will show you the WiFi passcode!

Get your Groceries Delivered in Just 1 Hour with Instacart

Instacart is a grocery delivery service. They’re hooked up with most of the grocery stores in major areas and will snag all of the food on your list and deliver it to you in about an hour. Until May 23rd, the delivery fee on orders over $35 that are paid with Apple Pay will be waived. We’ve been ordering our groceries from Ralphs and we just have to go pick them up. Unfortunately we can’t get everything from one place so we end up running to at least one other store. I’m going to have to try this out and see how it goes. I’ve heard great things and the reviews on the App Store are promising. Be aware, there may be a markup on some of the items. If you’re short on time though, a little markup is worth it, don’t you think?

iPhone Sanitizer.jpg

Sanitize Your iPhone

Wanna know something gross? Your phone is 18x dirtier and contains more harmful bacteria than a public toilet. Yeah, you read that right. We wash our hands but we never wash our phones and we forget whatever our hands touch we pass on to our phones which are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. We store our phones in warm places and help the bacteria grow and then transfer that bacteria to anything we touch like food, our skin or anyone we come in contact with. Check out this iPhone charging case and sanitizer. It looks like a tanning bed for your phone. I imagine if you put it in your kitchen it would be a great conversation starter ;) If you want something a little more low tech, maybe consider just wiping your phone down regularly with some alcohol wipes. Keep in mind 70% Isopropyl  alcohol will leave streaks. Use 99% IPA or snag these Zeiss lens cleaning wipes. ;) 

Share Password iOS 11.jpg

How to Share WiFi Password in iOS 11

While finding passwords in Keychain is easy, often we can share passwords right in iOS! If your iPhone is connected to the wireless network your friend is trying to join, and you’re both on at least iOS 11, you may get a popup on your phone to share the passcode with someone else. Pretty slick huh? Nobody has to enter in the password, once you hit share you’re good to go.

Broken Games in Google Chrome

A recent update to Chrome broke a bunch of online game’s audio. It’s not just you. They’re trying to fix it, but the fix has been delayed. You may want to try a different browser in the meantime.