From software to gadgets, there’s a ton of new stuff out now and coming soon.

New Speaker from Apple

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 11.57.36 AM.png

    Have you heard about the Apple HomePod yet? Apple promises it’s “the ultimate music authority”. It’s kind of like Alexa in that it has Siri built in. But the part that gets my attention is the ability to automatically tune the speakers for the perfect listening experience in whatever room you place it in thanks to the built in microphones that can hear the sound bouncing off the walls. Apple used to make a speaker called the HiFi 12 years ago and it was so slick at the time. I can’t wait hear this new speaker!


    MacBook Pro Backup Battery

    This new battery from Mophie claims to be able to fully charge a MacBook battery. If you’ve got a Pro, it might not top the thing off, but this is one serious battery to take with you. I travel around a lot with my laptop and find myself running out of battery more than I like. When I upgrade to a MacBook Pro with USB-C, I’m going to need one of these! BTW, you can still charge your phone and iPad over and over again with this too.

    Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 12.07.10 PM.png

    NOMAD Wireless Charging Hub

    The new wireless charger from NOMAD looks sweet. You can wirelessly charge your phone, then it’s got 4 ports underneath for highspeed charging of your other devices like AirPods, iPad etc. It’s a whole system that looks nice and cleans up your countertop from a bunch of extra power adapters plugged into the wall.

    Cable Mess Driving You Crazy?

    Cable management.jpg

    Living in an Airstream means we have limited space. Quite limited space when it comes to countertops. Recently we started doing this thing called Neurofeedback, which is a form of brain-training. It required me to buy a PC, an EEG machine etc. It’s cables galore over here. The key to my sanity is velcro. The EEG machine has been velcro’d to the bottom of the table. There’s velcro on the wall holding the cables in place on the wall to pull up as needed. Now all I have to do is bust out the PC from the cabinet and pull the cables out. Here’s a quick list of some items you can pick up to make your space more organized!

    Velcro - To mount stuff to the wall or under your cabinet.

    Cable Box - This is where you can hide cables and power adapters.

    Magnetic Cable Holders

    Velcro Cable Ties - This is to bind cables together into one strand without having to use zip ties.

    Cable Sleeve - If you want to wrap up all your cables in a nice little sleeve.


    Keep Tabs on Rentals W/O Invading Privacy

    This new product called Aura uses WiFi to detect movement in the house. Apparently when you’re moving in your house, it causes wifi patterns to change. This detects it and let’s you know if there’s unusual movement when people are not supposed to be there. There are no microphones or cameras so you and your guests will still have privacy. There’s only 1 review on there now since it’s so new, so keep an eye on it if you’re interested!


    SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

    If you’ve been thinking about getting a portable external drive, you might want to check out this new one from SanDisk. It’s an SSD so it’s going to be 10-15x faster than a normal external, and it’s shock and water resistant.

    Apple Repatriating $245 Billion + 20,000 Jobs

    Apple cash.jpg

    As you probably know, huge companies have “offices” in other countries such as Ireland to avoid paying ~35% corporate tax on overseas profits. Apple had approximately $245 in cash offshore just sitting there. With the recent tax cut, they've decided to repatriate that $245 billion at 15.5%. That’s a 20% tax cut on all that cash. With it, Apple plans to contribute $350 billion and 20,000 jobs in the next five years. Oh, and they told their employees they’re going to get $2,500 in stocks as a bonus. Whether you think the tax cuts are a good thing or not, it seems Apple is going to make the best of it and dump more money into our economy through jobs.

    Next iOS Update: 11.3


    The next big iOS update to 11.3 (we’re currently on 11.2.5) is going to be a big one. The main thing that catches my attention is the ability to sync your iMessages to iCloud. If you haven’t noticed, the syncing of your text messages between Mac and all your iOS devices doesn't work like email. If you delete on one device, you have to delete everywhere else. Sometimes messages show up on one device but not the others. This is supposed to change all that and give us a much better experience with texts. In addition there are new features for battery management etc so you can see the health of it and turn off the option of slowing your phone down. Way to go, Apple! Glad to see they are getting on this ASAP.

    If you have an iPhone X you get new Animojis, which is always fun!

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