Apple Rumors + My New LIVE Show

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Browsing Made Easier

Did you know you can create folders in the Favorites bar in your web browser? With Bear (or Evernote), I no longer need to bookmark everything. If there’s something I need to reference, it gets pulled into Bear. However, there are a number of sites that I reference a lot that are specific addresses.

This is where I use Pinned Tabs and Bookmarks Folders. Those little tabs with letters and icons are the Pinned Tabs. Each time I open Safari those pages get loaded so referencing them is super fast and easy.

For less frequently visited sites, I have a folder for the topic. To pin a tab, go to a site you reference often, right click on the tab and click Pin Tab. For a Bookmarks Folder, go to the Bookmarks menu in your browser. The Bookmarks sidebar opens up on the left and at the bottom of the list is an “untitled folder”. Right click on the folder to Rename. Then drag it up onto the favorites at the top of the list. You’re done it! Now you can move items from the Favorites bar or the Bookmarks Menu into that folder.

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New, Lower Priced iPads Coming

It’s getting close to March and rumors are heating up. Looks like the iPad is going to get some upgrades and possibly a price drop. I’ve read nothing about the iPad Pro getting upgrades, but anything is possible.


PopCord: Keyring Cable

I thought this was really cool. It’s a Lightning cable that will fit on your keyring. I know I could use an extra cable handy. This just might be the trick!

Digital Sanity Cover.png

Introducing The Digital Sanity Show

I’m thrilled to announce I’m starting a show on Facebook on Wednesdays at 6PM Central. It’s called The Digital Sanity Show. I’ve been wanting to something like a podcast for the past few years but haven’t quite figured out how to do it. With Facebook Live, I’m able to interact with you all in real time, so not only will I be sharing about specific topics each week, you'll get to play along, ask questions, and interact with me LIVE. Of course, if you have something specific you want help with, I’m still doing one on one consulting! But this is a little something extra for you all for free. Be sure to like me on Facebook get reminded when I go live!

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An Unlikely Calculator

Spotlight is a wonderful tool and full of surprises. If you don’t know what it is, look at the top right hand corner of your Mac’s display. It’s the magnifying glass. Click on it and search for something. It’s usually way more effective that searching in Finder. In addition, it can do math! The keyboard shortcut to open Spotlight is Command + Space Bar. Instead of using the calculator, just type in what you want it to calculate. Eg. Type in 377x.08 or you can put spaces in there if that’s more natural, 377 x .08. You don’t even have to press Return (Enter) when you’re done unless you want it to open the Calculator app for you. Try it out now!


SurfacePad for iPhoneX

Got an iPhone X and thinking of a new case? This one from 12 South looks really nice. The back is sticky and can be removed and reattached over and over without losing its adhesive qualities. It’s thin and has space for your credit cards.


New AirPods Coming Soon?

Another hot rumor is that we’ll be getting an updated version of my favorite Apple product, Airpods. Word is the are going to make them water resistant. This would be huge as I’ve already ruined my right Airpod mic by dropping it in the bath. Whoops! I would expect to see at least an optional wireless charging case, but we’ll see. Can we all cross our fingers this will be announced with the new iPads?!


Drone Gun

OK, this one is just for fun, since it’s only available for government agencies. But it’s pretty crazy and wanted to share. For those of you who hate drones and/or fear them I present, the Drone Gun! It interferes with the radio signal so you can tell it to land on the spot, or go back to its takeoff position. It won’t damage the drone so no explosions or falling objects. Imagine if Amazon got their drone delivery going and somebody started downing drones to snag boxes. I can just see the next Gone in 60 Seconds remake in 5 years. Oh boy….

Cellular Statistics.jpg

Where Did All Your Data Go?

I just got a notification that I’ve used up 75% of my data for the month. Do you ever get these and wonder “What’s taking up all the data?” Just open up the Settings app, tap Cellular and scroll through. You can quickly scan through and see what apps are the data hogs. At the bottom there’s a button for Reset Statistics. I have a repeat reminder the day my billing cycle ends to remind me to reset the statistics so I have current data. This month it was my Personal Hotspot. I was without internet for a couple days and used my phone in the meantime.