Apples Steps it Up for Pro Users + Great New Apps

Redesigned Mac Pros Next Year

For those of you who like your super fast computers, Apple told us we’ll see changes/upgrades next year. They don’t normally give updates for things like that, but they haven’t exactly given much confidence to the Pro market out there lately. With Apple’s focus so heavily on consumers, the Pro market has kind of been left high and dry. Some of the executives wanted to let users out there they haven’t forgotten them. They’ve even formed a Pro Workflow Team to work with artists and other pros to make sure they’re in touch with the actual workflows we’re using and not just their ideal all-Apple software setup. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Apple Watch Trade Up.png

Trade-Up Your Apple Watch

Thinking of trading in your Apple Watch for a newer one? Did you know you can trade it in towards the purchase of a new one? Check out the details here!

logitech crayon.jpg

Logitech Crayon

This is a cool new stylus for the iPad. It’s meant to be a cheaper alternative to the Apple Pencil. The big differences between the two are battery life and ability to detect an angle. The battery life of the Pencil is 12 hours, the crayon is 8. The Apple Pencil can detect if you’re holding it at an angle. Very fancy. If you’re an artist you’ll want that. For the rest of us, the Crayon will do just fine. Oh yeah, and it’s half the price :)


Apple Business Chat

It seems Apple is wanting to help take customer service to the next level with their new business chat—and it looks very cool. It's all done through the Messages app and they really emphasizing privacy. If you're a business owner, this could be a really great way to step-up your customer service.

You might be wondering why this is better than other chat services out there. It's true—a lot of websites have a chat window built into their site. The downside with this is sometimes the responses take way too long. Half the time I forget I’m chatting with someone and close the window. Then I’ve got to start all over again. Businesses have also started to use bots on Facebook messenger. But there are so many of us who don’t use Facebook very much and don’t have Messenger on our phones. I for one would love to be able to chat with Delta at my leisure on my phone rather than stay tied to my computer for an hour trying to get answers. Or be waiting for a call back just to have the call drop and go through the whole process again. I’ll be keeping an eye on this for us. It looks promising. If you want all of the details, this article does a great job explaining how it works.


Adult Coloring Book for iOS

Adult coloring books are dominating right now—consistently taking up the majority of the top 10 books overall on Amazon. If you’re into them, try out the free app called Pigment. It's really cool—even better if you have an Apple Pencil or the Logitech Crayon! I kind of wish I had an iPad and Pencil just to play with this :) Alas, too much technology in the Airstream already!


Get 10% Off a New Mac or iPad

Did you know college students and their parents, as well as faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels can get a ~10% education discount on Macs and iPads? You can find out more here or go to an Apple Store with your school ID.


How to Uninstall Apps Properly

Many of my clients have been confused about how to uninstall apps. Let me clear this up for you. Unless the app you want to uninstall has an uninstaller included, you should only have to drag the app you no longer want into the trash. Pretty easy! But some people know that the apps you use tend to save additional files somewhere else on your computer. These people want to clean those up too, but they are hidden. AppCleaner is a free app for your Mac to find all the files related to that app you want to trash and deletes them for you. It’s not a bad little utility to have. I prefer to use something like this. If I didn’t have CleanMyMac 3, I would use AppCleaner to uninstall apps. Enjoy!