Progress, Not Perfection

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What Have You Been Avoiding?

There is no perfect app. There’s no perfect time to work on something. You’re not going to have a blissful, motivated, uninterrupted time to organize your 50k photos, or whatever you’ve been avoiding taking action on.

My challenge to you this week is to decide to take action on something you’ve been avoiding taking care of on your computer. But in making that commitment, I want you to decide you’re going to make progress, not make it perfect. Put it on your calendar right now. Break the project up into bite sized portions. Motivation follows productivity. Make progress and the motivation to finish will come naturally.

If you need some help with strategy on how to do it best, book a 30 or 60 min meeting with me. I’ll help you make sure you’re not repeating the same work and get it right the first time.

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This is pretty slick. From the makers of the BookBook, TwelveSouth, comes CaddySack. Similar to the Cocoon Grid-It system, this case is perfect for keeping your travel charger and accessories all in a tidy container. What I like about this is it closes on itself so when you’re putting other items in your back, one of your cables doesn’t get snagged and ripped out of its place, like the Grid-it. Buy it now from Amazon for $49.99


Suspicious Pop-Ups

If you get a pop up on your device that says you have a virus, especially it if has a bunch of symbols like this *******$$$$$$********  or something, it fake. While it may give you a scare, it doesn’t mean your computer has a virus. Simply close the window. DO NOT CALL THAT NUMBER! If the window won’t close, go the the Apple menu at the top left corner of your screen and click Force Quit. Find Safari or Chrome (whatever you’re using at the time) and click the Force Quit button on the bottom right. Open your browser back up and move along.

How to Use Pinned Tabs

This was a WOW moment from a client last week. If you have a bunch of sites you use throughout the day you can preload them in pinned tabs. This works best in Safari as it will keep the pinned tabs after you’ve quit the app. Chrome doesn’t work the same way :( Check out this video to see how it works!

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Uptick in Phishing Emails

Recently we’ve been seeing more fake emails going out saying they are from Apple or iTunes. They’ve written a guide to Identify Legitimate emails from the App Store or iTunes Store. It’s good content and you can skip a lot of this sort of thing just by looking at who the email was actually sent by.

In Apple Mail you want to click on the little arrow to the right of the name of the sender. In Gmail click on the arrow below the name and next to who it’s sent to.

For example, if you get a questionable email from Joe Smith, click the arrow and check the email address. If it’s from it’s a scam. Just because the name looks like someone you know, doesn’t mean it’s being sent from their email address.

Same thing goes for Apple, Fedex, Google or whoever else sends you email. Be careful!

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Best Planner Ever

If you're looking to finally get organized and productive this year and stop feeling overwhelmed, look not further than the Full Focus Planner.  You can't do any digital organization if the rest of your life is chaotic and overly-busy. If you want to make some real progress in digital organization, as well as in your personal life, business, health, goals, etc., check it out. It's the first planner I've ever used and stuck with. It really is that good.


How's Your Computer Running?

Is your Mac not performing at its best? Try EtreCheck. It will scan your computer for potential problems and can give solutions or at least a place to check. Their website may be hideous, but the software is legit and can be really insightful. You have 5 free reports until you have to pay, but it’s not something you’d need to run all the time. Let me know what it finds and if you need any help!