Go Analog With This Planner to Help Increase Your Focus

Full Focus Planner®


While this is not a “gadget” it’s definitely something I think could be extremely impactful on your productivity and achieving your goals. And full disclosure, my father-in-law Michael Hyatt is the creator of this planner, but I wanted to share it because I’ve now been using it for over 6-months and have seen a drastic improvement in my productivity. While it’s analog and not a digital app (like most of us are used to), I think it’s pretty brilliant in how it helps you get things done. And the power of writing things down has been proven to increase your achievement of those tasks and goals.

The way that this planner works is that each day you chunk down what you need to do into the three most important tasks called your Daily Big 3. Basically, you ask yourself, “At the end of today if I didn’t get anything else done, what three tasks would make me feel accomplished?” Ideally, these three tasks are helping you get closer to achieving your goals.

If you feel like you’re struggling with productivity, focus, or achieving your goals, I highly recommend you look into the Full Focus Planner. It will save you time and will beat procrastination. Each planner is designed to use every quarter (four per year) and you can either get a single planner or a subscription for the year. You can check them out here. I do not get any kickback from these planners, I just really believe they are an incredible tool to use daily and wanted to share that with you in hopes that it will help!

Best Holiday Apple Deals

jbareham_180202_2266_0003.0 (1).jpg

If you’re still looking for some super sweet holiday deals on Apple Products, there are some pretty amazing ones out there. You can currently get Apple’s HomePod $100 off of its normal price at just $249 here. B&H Photo is only offering this on a limited supply, so if you’re thinking of getting this deal, make sure to get it while they’ve got them.

B&H Photo is also offering plenty of amazing deals on tons of other Apple products like MacBooks, iPads, and Apple Watches, here. It’s a great time to purchase Apple gifts or if you’re looking for an upgrade.


Dark Mode is Now in Microsoft Office & Coming to Google Chrome in 2019

If you’re loving Dark Mode as much as me and you enjoy using Microsoft Office, you’re in luck. Now the 2019 version of Microsoft Office supports dark mode and what’s even more exciting? Google Chrome with get Dark Mode in early 2019. I’ve been waiting for this update to come since Chrome is the primary browser a lot of us use. I also enjoy using NightOwl to easily toggle between light and dark mode and also program my modes to the setting and rising of the sun.


New Super Cheap Smart Plug from Ikea

This is pretty awesome. I love automating as many things as I can and Ikea just made doing that a lot cheaper. They recently came out with a $10 smart plug that connects to Apple’s HomeKit. You can easily turn on or off your lamps at home or even your coffee maker. And the best thing is that you can program your lamps or other home devices to turn on or off at certain times. With just a $10 price tag, it makes it pretty hard to say no to home automation. Purchase here.

This App Creates a Master App


This is a pretty cool app that I’m trying out. I just recently discovered it and thought the concept was awesome. It basically is an app that will rule all your other apps. Rather than having all your apps open in different windows, it creates a “master app” with just one window and multiple tabs for your apps. A lot easier to quickly switch apps than have to go search for that one app you’re looking for. You can download and try Station out here.

Calendly Makes Scheduling Appointments Easier and It’s Getting Even Better

I use Calendly for all of my scheduling and it makes it extremely easy and seamless. Not only can you easily share when you’re available with clients and colleagues but it also helps if you’re scheduling appointments across multiple time zones. And it's getting even better.

Your availability will now be shown in a month view where people can select the day that works for them and then see your available time slots. I am excited and hopeful that this update will make scheduling even better!  Calendly has yet to release an official release date for this update, but it will automatically update for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing! If you want to try it out, check out how to here.

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A Tour of The Full Focus Planner and How I Use it to Stay on Track With My Most Important Priorities

This Wednesday, join me on Facebook Live where I will be sharing how I use the Full Focus Planner.

I have been using this planner for months now and can’t imagine not having it in my “tool box”. I’ll be giving you an in-depth look into the planner, how I use it to stay on track with my goals, and sharing how I have used it to create my ideal week.

Join me this Wednesday at 8:00 pm Central on Facebook!

Update on My Cousin Connor

Last week I shared with you about my cousin Connor and his battle with cancer. I wanted to take a minute to give you all an update. It is with a lot of sadness that I share that Connor lost his battle to cancer last Tuesday, December 11th. He went peacefully surrounded by his family. I am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to spend much of his last week together. We were even able to spend Christmas together before I left town. I ask that you continue to keep Connor and my family in your prayers and send lots of love our way. If you would like to help relieve some of the financial burden of his cancer treatment, please do so by clicking the button below. Connor’s family will be extremely grateful!