Don't Let The Best Be the Enemy of the Good


Just Start Now

Organization doesn’t mean inventorying everything on your hard drive—It’s simply deciding where you should put something and sticking with it from that point on. If you come up with a more efficient way to do it in the future, you can always change how you’re working. Deciding today that you’re going to start putting great articles you find in Evernote would be a great example. Book recommendations, names you want to remember and things like that can go into Notes. Pics you take that you want to refer back to later should go in a Go-To album. You don’t have to go back and organize every single thing in Notes, Evernote or Photos to make this happen. You just have to start somewhere. If it works for you, go back and clean up the rest of your notes when you feel like it. Don’t let the best be the enemy of the good. Get started today!

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The Best Calendar App

I don’t like the Calendar app that comes with your Mac and iPhone. The Mac Calendar just doesn’t sync well if you have a lot of calendar sharing going on, especially with Google Calendars. The iPhone just doesn’t give you good enough at-a-glance information. I use Fantastical for both my Mac and iPhone and LOVE it. The Mac version allows me to create Calendar Sets so I can see just my calendar, or the ones shared with family etc. The iPhone version shows me a list of all my events in addition to a week or month view. Check it out for Mac, iPhone or for iPad.


$20 Security Camera

I didn’t want to post another camera, but this one is too good not to tell you about. I think I could confidently say we all wouldn’t mind having a Nest Cam or similar device. But who really wants to spend $200+ per camera then pay a big monthly fee for monitoring? I certainly don’t. WyzeCam is a new company that is making these cameras for $20! And the quality is great! Version 2 is open for pre-orders and I think you’re going to want one. Head over to to snag one!

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New Favorite Tool

I’ve been struggling to keep track of certain types on information, such as where my clients are at in our organization plan. I’ve got notes that I keep for everyone, but I needed something more visual. Zenkit is giving me that with their Kanban view. You’ve got to take a look at their video on how it works to really grasp why it’s different. Once I saw that, I immediately knew how I could use it and put it in action. Now I know at-a-glance where my people are at in their Photo Rehab and I can follow up with everyone all in one shot. I don’t have to look up every single client to see where they’re at! I can’t wait to put this in place for all the other lists I haven’t been able to keep up with easily.


Get More $ For Your Old AT&T iPhone

AT&T subscriber? If you go to resell your iphone and you bought it for AT&T, it’s locked for AT&T use only. You can go to to request an unlock so it can be used with any carrier. This increases the resale value and if you’re planning on traveling internationally, I highly recommend you reach out to them to unlock the phone. Any Verizon phones are unlocked by default. Unfortunately that’s changing very soon, though. Thieves have been targeting large shipments of Verizon cell phones since they’re all unlocked by default. Verizon is over it and decided to just lock them all. Sad day :(


Apple is Taking an Interest in Your Kids

In light of the media bringing attention to our smartphone addiction problem, Apple has created a new web page for families. They are highlighting parental controls, Find My Friends and other features to protect your kids. It's pretty comprehensive! I think their parental controls are lacking, but it’s a good place to start. Check out Disney Circle and Qustodio to take things to the next level.


Education Event Mean New iPads?

Keep an eye out March 27th for something new from Apple. They are having an Education Event, whatever that means. Speculators think we’ll see some new iPads or something along those lines. Apple has been targeting the education industry with their products. We’ve seen cheaper models of the iMac and iPad previously. Rumors about the MacBook Air being replaced with a new model have been floating around too, but the release date would is expected in the second half of 2018.