New Gmail Look + News of the Week

Gmail Gets a New Look & Features

Google is rolling out a whole new look for and most would say it’s LONG overdue. While the facelift may be nice, I’m especially interested in the Confidentiality Mode. It will allow you to password protect the email as well as disable the ability to forward, print, copy or download a copy. I’m eager to learn more about this, especially for those of you in real estate and the financial sector.

iPhone 8 RED.png

Product RED iPhone 8

For those of you who like RED products, Apple finally released a Product RED version of the iPhone 8. Get yours here!



Summer is coming up and many of you will be driving somewhere for vacation. The Roadtrippers app is something I suggest you have in your app quiver. It shows you all kinds of stuff to do right where you are, or you can plan a trip and have it show you cool things along the way! I’ve had so many people tell me about this app and how much they love it. Check it out and see for yourself :)

film scanner.jpg

Scan Your 8MM Film with this Film Scanner

Every once in a while I’m asked about scanning film. My usual answer is to send it off to a company to have it scanned professionally. Some people are unwilling to do this. It’s scary to think of that stuff getting lost in the mail or by the company handling it. If you’re looking to scan at home, I just found this sweet little film scanner for your 8MM movies! Check it out! Also, reviews of the product can be found here. It’s not the highest quality in the world, but it can get the job done pretty well!

Battery Extending Case.png

Battery Extending iPhone Case for $35

Most of the battery extending cases out there have batteries in them and add bulk to the device. This case works by keeping your phone cool. A hot battery drains more power. By keeping your phone cooler it’s able to increase your battery life 20% without adding bulk. It’s just like most other cases out there. Check it out here!

Keyboard replacement.jpg

First Gen iPad Keyboard Replacement Program

If you have an iPad Keyboard for the First Generation iPad Pro, you may be able to get a replacement for free. They have extended a repair program for those experiencing issues with sensor and magnetic connector problems, keys sticking, repeating, or being unresponsive, and trouble with data connections. Click this link to start the replacement process if that’s you!

Apple Business Messaging

Last week I talked a bit about Apple Business Messaging. I didn’t realize they already had it in place! Check out this video showing you how it works. Just pull up a business listing using your iPhone (asking Siri is the easiest way) and click on the Message button. That’s it! The messages sync to your computer and everything! I’m excited to see if this catches on! I’d much rather experience customer support this way. What about you?


Check to See if Your Info Was Used by Cambridge Analytica

Facebook released a support page to check to see if your data as used by Cambridge Analytica. You can find that page here. Facebook is slowly starting to let people know by putting it at the top of your newsfeed. If you want to check now though instead of waiting, click the link above!