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Hooray! The Wifi Vulnerability Scare is Over


    Apple just released updates for all mobile devices and High Sierra with the wifi vulnerability fixed. Make sure to update everything ASAP! Included are a number of bug fixes.

    If you’ve been waiting to update your devices to the newest operating system, this is the big revision most people wait for to update. You’ve got my 👍🏼 to go ahead. BUT only after you back up!


    Google Calendar Gets a Facelift

    Best Wireless Chargers

    Looking to charge your new iPhone wirelessly? Here’s a great article on some different chargers you might want to pick up. They have the cheap ones, all the way up to luxury.

    Apple’s wireless charging pad hasn’t been released and there’s no price listed. Rumors say it’s going to be $199. That’s nearly triple the most expensive one. Yikes. #appletax? Let’s hope not.

    My New Favorite Video Camera

    New TapMeasure App

    This is such a cool idea! Measure everything with your phone without ever pulling out a tape measure! If you’re like me and constantly misplacing your tape measure, you’ll love this. It’s not going to work with all iPhones as it requires the newest processors, but if you’ve got an iPhone 7 or later, you’re in luck. 

    How to Get Rid of Website Clutter


    Do you ever read an article online and there are more ads, “relevant content” and other junk on the page than the words you came to the page to read?

    Enter, Reader View. It strips out all the other junk not relating to the article, so it’s just text and the included photos. No ads or anything  :) Try it out in Safari now by finding an article, then to the left of the URL, clicking the reader icon.

    Chrome doesn’t have this feature by default, but you can just click this link to get an extension that will add the function with a click of a button.


    Stream Music Directly to Your Watch

    Have the new Apple Watch with LTE? With the new update, you can now stream music to it without your phone for up to 7 hours. There’s a caveat though, it only works with Apple Music. Spotify users, you’re out of luck. At least for now.


    In Nashville for a Couple More Weeks

    I will be in Nashville doing local appointments for only a few more weeks before heading out west. I always do remote appointments, but just in case you’d like to work with me in person, don’t miss your chance. You can shoot me an email here to set up a consultation or book directly here.

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