Moving Back to Nashville!

Our Airstream Days are Coming to an End

Great news for you local Nashville clients! Next week, we're moving back to Nashville! After long deliberation, Madeline and I have decided to put the Airstream up for sale. We built a page for her at if you’re interested.

Traveling around the US has been one incredible adventure! We’ll treasure these memories for the rest of our lives and hope to do it again at another point in our lives. For now though, it’s time for some stability, spending time with family, and continuing to build The Digital Organizer.

To all my clients who’ve continued to work with me remotely on the road, I can’t thank you enough! We’ll certainly keep traveling and working remotely in different ways, just much more grounded for now. Mention this newsletter for 15% off your next June appointment with me as my thank you.


New Apple Stuff Coming June 4

Apple has a conference every year called the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC). They usually do announcements of upcoming software and features as well as a few token products. You can watch the Keynote on Apple's homepage at 10am PDT on June 4. Put it in your calendar now!

Wondering What GDPR is All About?

If you've been getting TONS of emails this past week about "Updated to Our Privacy Policy" you may be curious what they're about and what the heck GDPR is. I found a great video that helps explain what it is very simply. Watch it here.

Spark 2 Offers Awesome New Features for Teams

If you saw my Battle of the Apps episode featuring email apps for the Mac on Facebook Live a while back, you’ll know my winner was Spark. It’s an incredible email app with a ton of USEFUL features that make email a joy to work in again. Spark just took it to the next level with Spark 2. The big thing they added I want to highlight is their Team functionality. By inviting members of your team to join your Spark Team, you can collaborate on emails, chat about them with colleagues *without creating new emails*, and even send a link to an email or email thread to someone. That last one I didn’t understand at first, but imagine you’re working in Slack and needing to handle a specific issue that comes up. You want to hear from the rest of the team what they think and give input. Instead of trying to copy all the text in the email thread, you can copy a link to that conversation and paste it in Slack, or on a website, or email it to someone. That conversation pops up in a web browser and they can see the whole thing. Pretty neat huh? If you don’t already have Spark you can download it from the App Store on you Mac and on iOS devices.


Perfect Phone Precursor for Kids

Relay is a sweet little device for communicating with kids, the elderly, or if you just don’t want to bring your phone with you when on an adventure. It’s basically a push button walkie talkie that works over WiFi and cellular. You push the button and it leaves a message to whoever you’ve connected the device with. This would be for parents wanting to keep track of their kids and give them a way to communicate with you without giving them a screen. Or the elderly that don’t want to mess with a phone. Or if you’re kayaking or hiking and the thought of bringing your phone ruins the experience, you can bring this for emergencies! For $99 it’s certainly cheaper than having to deal with a soaked or lost iPhone.

1Password 7

My other favorite app, 1Password just released version 7. It’s got a handful of new features and a new look. This isn’t a normal update that would push out automatically from the Mac App Store. To make it easy for you, just click this link and it’ll take you straight there. Luckily your iOS app has probably already updated. Not sure why it’s a separate app in the Mac App Store...

If you haven't set up 1Password on your Mac yet, this is the absolute most important app recommendation I could give. It's imperative to have something like this in order to store your passwords securely (and BONUS, it means you don't have to remember them anymore!). Set up a free 15 minute consultation with me to learn more.

Integrating 1Password into iOS

Most people who are using 1Password have the app on their iOS devices. This is a no brainer. What most of my clients don’t realize is that you can integrate 1Password into Safari. Check out the screenshot. Now, yours probably doesn’t look like that screenshot, yet… Go to Safari on your iPhone or iPad. Click the share button on the bottom (the square with an arrow pointing up.) On the second row, scroll to the right and click the More button. Drag the 1Password item to the top and toggle the switch on. You’re all set!