Feeling Stressed? Try This App

The Easiest, Most Effective Meditation App

Madeline and I have just started using this app called 1 Giant Mind for meditation. So far, this has been the most natural style meditation I’ve tried. With this style, you’re not trying to feel a certain way, empty your mind, or stop thinking about something. You’re just letting whatever happen, happen, keeping it easy and light. This is supposed to help bleed over into the rest of our lives so we don’t get hung up on unexpected events and things we can’t control. I don’t know about you, but I could use some of this!

You start out with a 12 Step Meditation Course (Just 15 minutes a day) and then move on to a 30 day challenge from there. They also how lots of video resources for all your burning meditation roadblocks, like "My mind kept constantly wandering off during my meditation" and "My head keeps falling forward like I'm falling asleep".  Check it out now.

New MacBook Pros Slow?.jpg

New MacBook Pros Slow?

Articles have been spreading around the internet of Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pro being slower than the last model. Just to clear this up, it’s the most expensive 15” model with the upgraded i9 processor that’s being throttled from generating too much heat. None of the other models are experiencing this and I’d still give a big thumbs up to buy. There are significant upgrades to speed and features. One thing to note, the model without the Touch Bar hasn’t been upgraded. If you like doing photo and video editing, the newest model is about twice as fast as the non Touch Bar model.

Photoshop on iPad.jpg

Photoshop for iPad

Much to the glee of Photographers who love the iPad, the FULL version of Photoshop will soon be available for their devices (No announced date yet). Photoshop for iOS has been around since the early models of the iPhone, but hasn’t had the full feature set until now. With the iPad getting exponentially faster with every new model, we’re seeing software only available on computers making their way to our favorite tablets.


Dabbling in Smart Home Devices

One of the things people find out relatively quickly when starting to dabble with smart home devices is that not all of them are compatible with each other. You have Amazon that controls some stuff, Google doing others and Apple with their own system, not to mention all the other guys out there. You know I like simplicity, so I’d recommend sticking with Apple’s HomeKit certified stuff. This makes sure that everything you buy can be controlled with one app. If you’re wanting to see some of the cool stuff out there, check out this site at Apple.com where you can see a list of featured products.  I imagine we’ll see a lot more added to that list shortly as Apple is updating their system to include a lot more devices that previously were not included. If you have any smart devices now, keep an eye out for updates! They may be able to appear in HomeKit shortly!

MacBook Pro Keyboards.jpeg

MacBook Pro Keyboard Issues

If you’re having issues with your laptop keyboard, Apple has a repair program to take care of that for you. I recommend skipping the Apple Store for the repair and going through Apple’s support site to send the computer directly to them. They’re just going to ship it off to the same place anyway, so save yourself some time by not going to the store. They’ve also addressed the keyboard issue that has come up for a number of people with the release of the 2018 model.

Save up to $1,400 on a New Mac

With all the new Macs coming out and soon to be released, we’re seeing some truly incredible deals online! For some fully loaded models you can get up to $1,400 off and not have to pay tax in most states. There’s all kinds of stuff on sale so check out this link to AppleInsider.com and see if something you’re looking for is on sale!

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Wireless Speakers for Roku TVs

If you have a Roku or Roku TV, you may be interested in a new product on pre-order right now. You can get two of their new wireless speakers (they look like Sonos One) to pair with the Roku and a voice remote for $149. This is actually a pretty sweet deal. One Sonos One costs $199. Instead of having to buy a big system for extra speakers or surround sound, you can just plug these bad boys into the wall, push the pair button and you’re good to go. I love what Roku is doing for the budget TV market. I recently picked up the TCL 4K TV and have been shocked by the price and quality. If I didn’t already have some nice speakers already hooked up, this would definitely be on my radar. It’s not going to be high end like Sonos products, but not everyone is looking for the highest end stuff. Sometimes you’re just looking for great stuff for a great price. Roku seems to be delivering just that.