Finally! New MacBook Pro Updates

MacBook Pro Updates

Finally! The MacBook Pro is a Pro product again. Last week Apple quietly updated their MacBook Pro line to have the most up-to-date processors in them and adding some other good stuff to make it current with the other technology out there. For the past few years Apple has been putting older processors in their newest computers and calling it an upgrade. Sure, they upgraded the processors, but not with the newest tech out there. This is no longer the case and I’m thrilled about it. No redesign or anything, just a quieter keyboard and speed bumps.

The biggest news is for the 13” MacBook Pro. They used to max out at 2 cores for the processors. Now it has 4 by default and has custom upgrades available. What this means to you is a faster computer. Since those processors take more energy, they upgraded the battery so your charge won’t deplete any faster than previous models. Go get you one here!

Sidenote: Looks like we'll also be getting updates for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac mini this year. If you have old gear you’ve been meaning to sell, I recommend getting on that train soon. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell stuff. I much prefer the transparency and ease of transactions over Ebay or Craigslist. **Selling stuff you don't need now means you’ll get a better price than when all the newest stuff is released.**

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Apple Photo Books are Going Away

You may have forgotten they were even in the Photos app since they are not really featured in the app anymore (like they were in iPhoto). This bums me out a bit since I really liked Apple’s print quality. I guess this means I’ll have to find you a great alternative in a future newsletter :) Order them while you can!

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Sonos Beam

Sonos is my favorite audio product right now. They make awesome speakers and the best interface for playing music. The most loved feature, by far, is not having the speakers turn off when you get a phone call, or decide to connect to someone else’s phone in the house and have to re-pair the speaker to your phone.

Well, Sonos is launching a new sound bar for the TV called Sonos Beam. So far the pre-release reviews have been great. The presale price of $399 is pretty attractive too.

If you’re looking for a TV speaker upgrade and want a wireless audio solution for the living room, this just might be the product for you. Pre-Order it here.

Set Screen Time & App Limits with iOS 12

As more and more studies come out that show the negative effects of social media and excessive screen time, Apple has come up with a great solution. With the new iOS 12 Beta (coming to the public sometime around September) you can put time limits on your (or your kid's) phone that will shut it off at a certain time.

It also features App Limits—where you can schedule in specific times of the day when certain apps are available. For example—you could set it to only have Facebook be available between 8am and 10am and then from 5pm-8pm. When it's "off" time, the apps will be greyed out and you won't be able to use them. Amazing for people who have a hard time with self-control!

I did a live walkthrough on Facebook the other day, so if you haven't watched it, see it in action there! I also show some of the other awesome features. Click here to watch.



Looking for a new (active) game for you or the kids? Check out the Gameball! It’s a “smart” toy that looks like a total blast! Here’s a quick video showing you all about it. I love the idea of kids wanting to play with an iPhone or iPad and having a fun alternative that gets them active with the device rather than just locked in tapping on the screen. I kind of want one just for me!

 Gemini Photos

I just started using this app to find bad photos and duplicates on my iPhone and I thought you should know about it. This app is for your iPhone or iPad and will scan your photo library for duplicates, similar photos, screenshots, blurry photos and all the stuff that needs to be cleaned up. If you need to clean up your photos on your iOS device, you should check this app out. It’s based on a $2.99 monthly subscription, but you get a free 3 day trial to check it out. I know most of you balk at one more subscription, I know I do, but I think this is seriously worth looking at if you don’t tend to do much organizing on your Mac or you don’t have a Mac and want an easy way to clean up your photos. Check it out here.

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Free Beats HeadPhones Offer

If you’ve got kids heading off to college, there’s a new promo that will get them a new pair of Beats headphones with the purchase of a Mac. You get an education discount on both computer and AppleCare+. Don’t forget AppleCare+! It covers accidental damage too in case it’s dropped or something gets spilled on it for a small deductible. Apple repairs are super expensive and this is a great way to insulate yourself from that potential cost.