Awesome Apps + Restore Your Photo Sanity

The Mac Daddy Has Arrived

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    Apple finally made an iMac with some serious muscle. The iMac Pro was released on 12/14 and impressions are good. I’ve seen speed tests showing it 93% faster than the latest iMac. And that’s only the base model. They can be upgraded from 10 Cores to 18! (More cores, more speed is the rule of thumb.) If you’ve been waiting for a really big upgrade, here it is. It’s got the price tag to match though so be prepared. They start at $5k.

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    Apple Trade-Up

    In the spirit of upgrades, did you know Apple is taking in trades? Not just iPhones, but Macs too. They’ve been doing it for some time, but just upped the $$ they’re going to give you for your gear. You’ll get more if you sell it yourself, but it’s a hassle. So, if you’re not interested in hustling your old Mac on Ebay or Craigslist, this may be the way to go!


    Track Your Driving

    Tracking your driving habits and miles used to be incredibly cumbersome and expensive, but now, thanks to Automatic Pro, you can do it for a fraction of the cost. Whether you want to monitor your kids’ driving habits, track mileage for business, get diagnostic readings on your vehicle, or get better gas mileage, Automatic has you covered. If you drive a lot, this is an absolute must-have product.

    Pixelmator Pro Now Available

    When it comes to advanced photo editing, graphic design etc., Adobe has always dominated the market. It’s expensive though and a recurring cost. Pixelmator has been around for nearly a decade and has been an amazing alternative. They just released a new version called Pixelmator Pro that’s proving to be a really great app! I just worked with a client last week with it who has never used an editing program that used layers and he got it easily.

    My logo was designed by someone in Adobe Illustrator, but everything else you see on my site was made in Pixelmator. Check it out!

    Ebook Magic

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    If you are a reader and don’t already have the Overdrive app, you need it! All you need is your library card info and you’re ready to start downloading books and audiobooks from the library to your phone for free. The best part is that you don’t have to use their app to read your book if you don’t want to. I always like to download the book using Amazon Kindle so it syncs between by iPhone and MacBook Pro. If you do use Kindle or Audible, you can use Whispersync.

    Now, if you don’t already know about Whispersync, prepare for your mind to be blown. (Hard core nerd alert here.) Some books that are available on Kindle and on Audible have Whispersync. This means you can download the audiobook in the Kindle app. So if you’re reading and have to go run an errand, just put in your Airpods and tap the play button and it starts reading where you left off!

    This can get a bit expensive since you’re buying both the Audible version and Kindle. Enter Overdrive to pick up the cost of the Kindle version.

    I have Audible charge me every month and I get 2 credits so each book costs around $14 vs the normal cost averaging $40-$50.

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    Facebook Live Event

    Be honest. How many photos do you have on your devices right now? Hundreds? Thousands? A hundred thousand? 

    If you’re like most people I work with, you have tens of thousands. And if that’s not overwhelming enough, there is absolutely no organization. Because of this, you probably never look at your photos after you take them or post them online.

    In this Facebook Live session, I'll share be sharing something very exciting with you that I’ve been working on behind the scenes. Get ready to finally get control over your photos and get your sanity back. You can find the Facebook live here. Make sure to click "Get Reminder" so you’ll be notified when I’m live!

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