How to Get the iPhone X ASAP + News of the Week

Didn't pre-order the iPhone X?
Good news! You can still get it. Here's How:

    1. You can still pre-order online and in stores, but you'll have quite a long wait. Keep reading for alternatives.

    2. You can now (as of today) order through the Business Team in Apple Stores. 
      The business team’s pre-orders come from a different supply line from the normal retail sales, so if you have a business account at the Apple Store, you may want to go this route. The idea is you’re more likely to get one right away if you’re ordering through the business team. Whether this is true or not remains to be tested.

    3. Stand in line THIS Friday, November 3rd.
      Show up super early in the morning or the night before and I’d bet you’ll get one. How long they will last is anyone’s guess. Black 256GB are the ones that will sell out fastest. So, if your heart's set on that one, get there bright and early. Early bird gets the worm!

    4. Order from your service provider.
      I’d be least inclined to go this route as Apple normally prioritizes their own stores above resellers. However if you don’t live near an Apple Store this may be your only option. A couple years back I ended up going to AT&T to get mine because the Apple Store ran out of the one I wanted and AT&T still had one. It’s a crap shoot either way. If you have a family, maybe consider having someone get in line at a couple different places.

    Google Calendar Gets a Facelift

    Google Calendar Gets a Facelift

    Most people love the functionality of Google Calendar. I use it and love it. All the great scheduling services out there use it, it tends to work really well on all devices etc. The downside is the interface was hideous. 

    This past week they gave it a face lift and it looks so much nicer. Check it out here. Make sure to click "Use new calendar" at the top of the page.

    My New Favorite Video Camera

    My New Favorite Video Camera

    Canon G7 X Mark II - We just picked up one of these to do more video of our travel and to have a camera for Madeline. She is loving it! The video looks so good, the low lighting performance is great etc.

    Check out her latest video here to see how good it looks. I’d definitely recommend it for a great pocket camera and better video than your iPhone. The kit that’s linked above is a great value with all the accessories you’d need.


    New Features of Apple Notes

    Apple has really taken the Notes app to the next level. You can now put in tables, photos, videos, sketches, and even scan documents. I like the list option for things like a groceries list or to do list. You can easily share the note with someone else and collaborate. But let’s face it, most of us are just sharing the to-do list with our family.

    wireless charging.png

    Wireless Charging is the New Black

    This might be the most expensive accessory for your new phone—a new car that supports wireless charging! Haha! Seriously though, if you’re looking at getting a new car, here’s an article that lets you know what devices Apple says are compatible for charging your shiny new phone. Send me a pic if you get one!


    IMPORTANT: Your Wifi Might be Hacked

    This is actually a really big deal, so please pay attention. First things first, you need to update your devices. There is a vulnerability in the wifi password system just about everybody uses around the world. It means someone can watch what you’re typing in, passwords and all on the network if they know what to do. This is only for wifi networks, not the whole internet. So people who use public wifi at Starbucks etc. beware. Apple is least affected, but make sure to always to security updates when they come out. If you want to read more, here’s a good article from Forbes.

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