How to Take Better Photos on Your iPhone + News of the Week

The Best iPhone Lenses Ever

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    When it comes to iPhone photography/video, you can’t get much better than Moment. Their glass is incredible and touted by many all over the internet. You can buy one lens, or a whole kit. Once you have the case, putting a lens on is a simple twist. I’ve tried out a number of iPhone lenses over the years and this is certainly the highest quality. So if you’re looking to level up your iPhone shots, look no further than Moment. Be sure to click on the link. They have some funny gag gifts too :)

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    Nest Hello Video Doorbell

    Ever wanted to see who was at the door without having to check? Check out this new product from Nest, the company that makes my favorite home camera and thermostat. 

    This doorbell offers 24/7 streaming with night vision and HD video included, so you can see who's there perfectly clear from an app on your phone.

    Amazon Prime Now on Apple TV

    If you have an Apple TV, you probably love it, but I expect you’re missing something...Amazon Prime Video!

    The wait is over and it’s now available on Apple TV. And in 4K no less! If you haven’t checked out some of the original content from Amazon, you need to. Like Netflix, they are making some killer shows.

    How to Take Better Photos With Your iPhone

    Tomorrow (Tuesday), I'll be hosting a FREE Facebook Live to share more about how to take better photos with your iPhone.

    I'll go into detail about how to use the apps and gear from this post, and I'll teach you the best tips and tricks I know to take photos like a pro. Get ready to take your Instagram, Facebook and family photos to the next level! (And don't worry if you're a total beginner. You'll be able to apply all of this as well).

    Join me by clicking here and then clicking the "Get Reminder" button. I'll see you on Tuesday at 6PM CST!

    Edit iPhone Photos Like a Pro (for Dummies)

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    There’s some kind of magic in the way Apple makes photos look good without editing them. Skies are bluer, colors are vivid and it all just seems natural.

    Sometimes though, I find I want to control that look a little bit more. Especially for tricky scenes like sunsets, where you have a bright point, and beautiful colors all around.


    You need a bit more precision in brightening the right aspects and the ability to make sure the color match. I find Halide makes that really easy by allowing me to change the lighting scene. For sunsets, I change the White Balance to Cloudy and the colors matched up nearly perfectly to what I see. By dragging up and down anywhere on the screen, I can fine tune how bright it is. It feels like I have more control over brightness than the standard app. There are more features, but that's all I used for the shot above. 

    Want to learn more? Check out my Facebook Live on Tuesday!

    Using Portrait Mode and Lighting

    One of the cool new features of the the latest iPhones* is the ability to use Portrait Mode and in particular, Portrait Lighting. Watch the video above to see what it can do. What I like best is the ability to change it after the fact.

    *The Portrait Lighting effect is only available on the iPhone 8 Plus and X.

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    Making Photo Books with the Photos App

    Did you know you can still make photobooks and cards in Photos on your Mac? After Apple moved from iPhoto to Photos, most people thought they killed the ability to create print products. Try it out today. They are easy to make and beautiful. Just find a couple photos you might want to use, highlight them and right click, choose Create, then pick your product!

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