Why iOS 8 Will Change Your Life

How many times have you wanted to send someone a message, but you don’t want to type it, and you don’t really need to call them? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just leave them a voice message? Now, you can!

Photos - I’m a photo guy, but for some reason I just don’t get into it much on my phone. I have VSCO and all, but it’s so rare for me to use it. The new photos app lets you edit right in the Camera Roll so maybe I’ll make an effort on my photo post production. You like that I got all professional on you with post production?

Notifications - I looked this one over when I first heard about it, then when I was messing with the beta of iOS 8, it blew me away how much I loved it. When you double click the home button it shows you who you’ve been communicating recently and gives you options to text or call right there instead of having to switch apps. Sounds trifle, but you’ll see :)

Predictive text - Finally! Start typing and it predicts what you’re going to say next, and will even suggest replies. Creepy, but really convenient.

Family Sharing - Calendar, location, photos, music, apps. My clients are always wanting to know how to share music, photos, and most importantly for kids with extracurricular activities, the calendar. I’m really excited to get this going for my clients.

iCloud Drive? Not too sure about this one. Apple is so late to the game here I’m not sure I’ll be using it, but you never know! I’m currently using Google Drive, part of the Google Apps for Work suite, but I’ll check it out. Either way, it can pull together those files you haven't already put on Google Drive or Dropbox so everything is in sync. 

Health -Now your activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and other health and fitness apps can talk to each other. This one ties hand in hand with the iPhone 6 and soon to come Watch. If you haven’t seen already, the iPhone 6 has some cool new hardware that relates to athletes. One of my favorite things is the barometer, so when I’m riding my bike, it’s measuring the amount of elevation I’m climbing. This is important to me, so I can brag to my friends, or complain, about how hard my ride was. I’m sure this feature is going to be put to better uses, but competition is in our nature and there’s no getting around it :)

Airdrop - Again, finally! Have you ever just wanted to copy a picture or video to a computer without plugging it in, emailing it or using something like Dropbox? Airdrop is going to let you transfer files to another Mac (with Yosemite) really easily. So far, I’ve been using Instashare and I can’t wait to ditch it.

Wow, that last one had me pushing my glasses back onto my face.

If you haven’t already read my post, The Expert’s Guide to Upgrading to iPhone 6, now would be a great time!

Question: What are you excited about? Have you upgraded yet?

Good luck and reach out to me if you need anything! My Services page is currently undergoing massive change so if you need some help I don’t have listed, hit me up in the chat window. I’m usually online.