Taking Care of Business

Siri Mac.png

Let Siri Do The Math

Did you know you can ask Siri to do math for you? I’m so used to bringing up my calculator on my iPhone to do calculations, and forgot Siri will do it for me. If you’ve upgraded to Sierra or High Sierra on your Mac, Siri can do it for you there too. The keyboard shortcut to invoke Siri is Command + Hold the Spacebar for about 2 seconds. Hit the Esc key to make the Siri window disappear.

Desk Product Shot.png

Beautiful Workspaces

If you’re looking to level up your workstation, check out these products by Grovemade. If you like the product shots we’ve been using, this looks like one of the makers of those cool shelves, desks, and mats for placing your keyboard and mouse.

Respond With a Text

You may already know about this one, but haven’t done anything about it. You know when you get a call and your iPhone gives you an option to respond with a text message? You can change what that says. I’ve done it before, but every time I get a new phone, I forget to set it back up again. It’s been 4 months since I got my iPhone X and I just got around to it this week.

USB Connectors.png

USB 3 & Wireless Interference

USB 3 hubs cause wireless interference? If you plug in a USB 3 hub to your computer and it’s within a foot of your computer, it’s causing interference and could slow down your connection? Check out your workspace for anything plugged into the computer. If you want to play it safe, move those objects more than 1 foot away. If your cable isn’t long enough, just go to Amazon and order another! Here’s a picture of the different types of connectors. Just look close at the end of yours and you can match them up to see what you need to buy!


Waiting for the Wireless Airpods Charging Case?

You might not have to wait too much longer! There’s a Kickstarter for a silicone case that goes around your current Airpods case that will allow it to charge wirelessly alongside you iPhone 8 or X. Check it out here. I read a rumor Apple’s going to release their wireless charging case for $69 as early as the end of this month. We’ll have to wait and see. But if you’re looking for an alternative to the one from Apple, or something cheaper, that Kickstarter may be the way to go!


What if You Could Rewire Your Brain with a Simple App?

My new favorite app is BrainHQ. It’s a brain training system that helps improve attention, memory and general cognitive function. This past week I’ve noticed improvements in Madeline’s life and one of my clients through brain training. Madeline and I are doing neurofeedback for her. My client has done that in the past, but recently went to CognitiveFX in Utah for a 5 day protocol to rewire her brain. The difference was astounding. Her memory, ability to handle more information, and lack of anxiety around the mess on her computer made me wonder if I was talking to the same person. She told me they have her continuing to do training through BrainHQ and it’s working. I’m curious to see how just using this app helps me, and hopefully you!