Follow-Up with Clients Like a Genius!

Follow-Up Like a Genius!

If you’ve ever struggled to keep up with clients and making sure that you follow-up with them on time and with the right information, then you need to check out my Facebook Live from this past week! I share my new favorite, simple, and free way to track your follow-up emails, customize them so that they are personal to each person, and even schedule when your follow-ups go out. Check out my video here and as always, make sure to tune in each Wednesday at 6pm CST.

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How to Watch Apple’s Special Event on Wednesday

I can’t wait for Apple’s special event this Wednesday, Sept. 12. It’s expected that they will announce the three new iPhone models, a redesign of the Apple Watch, and much more. There’s been quite a few rumors already as to what we’ll see with the new iPhones. You can livestream the event by clicking this going to Apple’s website or following this  link on Wednesday at 12-noon Central Time, 10am Pacific Time. I recommend bookmarking the link now, so you have easy access. You can also download the Apple Events app and livestream on your Apple TV. If you aren’t able to livestream, don’t worry. Next week’s newsletter will feature highlights from the event and what information I think you need to know.


Smart Lights from Lutron

I absolutely love these smart light switches and remotes from Lutron. You can easily install them into your home or just get the remotes for lamps. The beauty of this system is you can easily control the mood in your home with the click of a button. I love being able to easily turn off all the lights simultaneously when watching a movie or going to bed, and easily turning them on when it’s time to wake up. You can even dim the lights for dinner parties or a romantic evening at home. You can purchase them here.


Uber's New Safety Features

Good news for Uber riders and drivers was just announced this past week. The app is going to start using driver’s phones to detect if there was a crash and to help make sure they’re safe. If they detect a crash, they will send questions to the driver and prompt them to call 911 if necessary. Rider’s also get reassurance when it comes to their privacy and safety. If the app detects that they’ve been stopped for too long it will send a message to them making sure they are safe and will keep their pick-up and drop-off addresses anonymous so that driver’s don’t have access to the actual address.


Finally, Bose Speakers and Alexa Have Joined Forces!

While I focus a lot on Sonos systems, I know there are a ton of Bose fans out there. They have a certain sound that people love. Until now, they've been a bit behind in the smart speaker department so I thought I'd share this new one with you. Luckily, Bose has come out with the Bose Home Speaker 500 which has Alexa built right in. It also is Bluetooth enabled and connects with Spotify, Pandora, and Airplay 2. The speaker retails for $400 and will available later this month in stores and online.



Have you ever written an important email or document and later realized you made typing or grammatical errors, but now it’s too late? Grammarly is a favorite app of a lot of my clients and something I’ve just gotten into lately. It checks your typing for mistakes and helps you correct them before you press send on that email or submit that important document. The app actually will give you a secondary keyboard on your phone so that you can check your writing anytime you type on your phone, whether in an email, text, or even on social media. Download the app here. There are also extensions for Safari and Google Chrome.