Face ID Security + Cleaning Up Your Mac + How To's

Weirded Out by the New Face ID on iPhone X?

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    Here are 5 features that make it ridiculously cool, secure, and not a government conspiracy to steal your identity.

    1. All notifications stay private unless your face is looking at the screen.
    2. As a call comes in on the iPhone X, it immediately turns on the Face ID to search for your face. Once it sees it, the ringtone volume automatically lowers because it recognizes you are there.
    3. Your eyes need to be open to unlock, so if you’re sleeping, someone can’t hold your phone up to your face to unlock it.
    4. If you want to make certain Face ID is temporarily disabled, you can hold down the power and one of the volume buttons for 2 seconds. That will bring up the Power Down and SOS options. After cancelling this, your passcode will be required in order to open and Face ID will no longer work.
    5. Your face data does not leave the phone. It’s not backed up to iCloud or anywhere else. The only time your face data might be sent to Apple is if you allow diagnostic data to be sent to Apple when troubleshooting. You always get the option to opt-out of sending Apple your info. It will ask every time.
    Google Calendar Gets a Facelift

    Annoying iOS Bug Fixed

    The frustrating bug that caused the letter "I" to be autocorrected to some weird symbols is now officially fixed. You don’t need a workaround anymore. All you need to do to fix it is to update your devices to iOS 11.1.1. It should take less than 20 minutes and voila!, it's gone.

    My New Favorite Video Camera

    The Best USB-C Adapter

    For those of you with new MacBook Pros you’re probably missing some ports, which can be really frustrating. I carry around one of these just in case and it solves the problem without needing to carry around multiple dongles.


    The ONLY Safe Mac Cleaner


    You’ve all seen ads for MacKeeper and other apps that are supposed to clean up your computer. The only one you want is CleanMyMac3. If you have anything else, download Malwarebytes. It’s a malware removal tool and will clean that junk off your computer for free.

    CleanMyMac 3 can help you save a ton of space if you’ve never tried to track down large files before. It can run some lightweight maintenance tools as well. Check out a trial here. Don’t worry, it’s not a subscription.

    Amazing Kickstarter

    Just for fun, check out this super cool digital telescope for those that love star gazing. The creators of this campaign (who have raised over $1.7 million already!) claim it is 100x more powerful than a classical telescope. And it syncs seamlessly with an app on your phone. Who wants one?!

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    How to Use SOS

    Most of us are aware that there is an emergency SOS ability on our iPhone but rarely do people know why it's better than just dialing 911. The seconds you save in using it can be the difference between a life saved and a life lost. Take a moment to read how to use it (it’s likely not what you think).

    In Nashville for a One and a Half More Weeks

    I will be in Nashville doing local appointments for less than two weeks before heading out west for the winter. I will always do remote appointments, but just in case you’d like to work with me in person, don’t miss your chance. You can shoot me an email here to set up a consultation or book directly here.

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