Facebook “Privacy” + Fitness Gear + Photo Rehab

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How Facebook Exploits Your Info

When you log into an app with your Facebook account, that company gets to see all of the data Facebook has collected from you. A couple years ago they had even worse privacy policies and those companies got to see all your friends’ personal information. If you haven’t heard about the Cambridge Analytica controversy, here’s an article telling you everything you need to know about it. By getting 270,000 people to use an app, the company that created it was able to harvest information from over 50 million Facebook users. Allegedly they sold that information to Cambridge Analytica who used it to serve customers looking to get an edge in politics.

I tell you this so you realize what you’re doing when you choose to use the Login with Facebook feature on websites and apps. You’re not just giving them your email address, you’re giving that company everything you’ve ever put on Facebook. That’s quite a prize to a marketer. All that information is supposed to be anonymized if sold to a third party. Or at least that’s how it used to be. I expect Facebook has changed those policies since my app developer friend explained how his company made millions off a free app. They sold our Facebook demographic data to companies like Nike so they could effectively target people likely to buy a specific model shoe. It’s more than your demographic data though, it’s what you post about. What pages and products you’ve like, what your friends like, what you’re talking about on Facebook.

If it was only to serve up better ads for shoes I’d actually like, that’s no big deal. And it serves me. But personal data can be used for all kinds of reasons. Potentially influencing a presidential campaign by knowing exactly which buttons to press to get a specific response… Do you think this is too far?


Motiv Ring Fitness & Sleep Tracker

If you like knowing your stats when it comes to your hobbies or sports, you should check out the Motiv ring. What makes it different than other trackers is that it is extremely low profile but powerful. It monitors heart rate, tracks activity, and records your sleep. Sure, there are a lot of other fitness trackers out there that do just this, but most of them are bulky, uncomfortable, and not exactly fashionable. This waterproof ring solves that problem.

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Auto Organization of Your Photos

Apple Photos knows a lot about your photos. It keeps track of the people in your photos, the location, date, time and even what kind of things that can be seen in the images. Would it not be great if you also had access to all that information? Well, with Photos Tagger you can. Photos Tagger extracts the hidden metadata from the Photos database and assign it to your photos as keywords.

Photos Tagger will make it much easier to find and organize your photos. It will make it easier to set up smart albums based on exactly the things you want.


Does Your Photos App Make You Feel Like This?

Trust me. I get it. I've asked my clients and social media community numerous times and the overwhelming response to "What is your #1 frustration with your technology?" is always unorganized, un-synced, overwhelming photos. Here's the good news: In just a couple of hours, I'm going to be hitting your inbox with something juicy. And it's going to help you transform your photos nightmare for good. Stay tuned..

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Smart Albums in Photos

Smart Albums are a powerful tool in the Photos app that most people don’t know much about. It’s a way to have the Photos app find photos for you. For example you can tell it to find pictures with the keyword Surfing in them. Anytime a photo gets tagged with the keyword Surfing, it will show up in that album. Or you can make a smart album called Family. Tell it to find any pictures with a specific person it it.

You start by going into the People section and name that faces Photos recognized. Then when making your smart album, you tell it Face - Contains - Madeline, Face - Contains - Josh… etc. Pretty sweet, huh?


My Go-To Cycling and Hiking App

Strava has been my go-to app for recording my bike rides and hikes for years now, and I still love it. It’s fun to see my stats from a bike ride and be able to see other’s rides/runs as well. When hiking, it’s cool to see the elevation gain, mileage and a record on a map of what I did. It's also great if you're into running—though if you are, I'm sure you've already heard of it! If you're just getting started, check it out. It’s free and easy to use!