Apple Photos vs Google Photos + My New Fav Email App

Apple Photos vs. Google Photos

Last Thursday I did a quick Facebook Live talking about why I use Apple Photos over Google Photos. I think you’ll find it informative if you’ve been thinking of going down that road. If you like what you see there, I’m doing regular Facebook Lives with all kinds of great info, so be sure to click on the three dots in the top right corner of that video to be notified when I go Live.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 7.28.12 PM.png

New 9.7” iPads

Last week Apple had their Education event and released new iPads. The cool thing is you can now use the Apple Pencil with this model, in addition to the iPad Pros. They also got faster processor processors and they’re the same low price of $329.

New MacBook Air?.jpg

New MacBook Air?

WWDC (WorldWide Developers Conference) is June 4th. That’s typically when some of the big announcements are made. We’re likely to see a new Macbook Air then. Maybe some other refreshes, but a new MacBook Air would be the star of the show.


New Favorite Email App

Spark is my new favorite email app. I’m really starting to fall in love with this thing. Over the years I’ve briefly tried many different email apps, none of them really got me excited. I thought I would try a few out again recently and Spark has really grabbed my attention. It’s clean, fast, and has great sets of keyboard shortcuts. You can easily customize the set of shortcuts, or just choose a premade set. I’m using the Gmail shortcuts: C for Compose a new message, R to reply, Command + Return to send, E to Archive. It’s fast and natural. The downside is they don’t have a good option to add contact information to the Contacts app. I can deal with that though. Especially for a free app. :)


iOS 11.3 Update Has Battery Health Info

Apple just released their latest update for iOS devices. Included in that update is the ability to see your battery’s current condition and the option to turn battery performance manager off that will slow your device down. There are a ton more features, you can see a full list here if you’re that nerdy 🤓

Mac accessories now in Space Gray.jpg

Mac Accessories Now Available in Space Gray

If you’re tired of silver and have wanted another option for your keyboard and mouse, Apple has finally given it to us. And they look slick! BTW, if you haven’t seen this yet, they now have a Bluetooth version of the keyboard with number pad! It’s crazy to me it too them this long to make that happen, but it’s here now!


Share Reminders Lists

What I love about the Reminders app is how fast it opens and I can share a list so easily. One frustrating situation Madeline and I have been in is texting one another something to snag from the grocery store. Then we send another item to add to that list, then have a comment about something else. This is a clear recipe for something to be forgotten. The last time this happened I made the list in Reminders, sent her an invite and I could add items to the list without them getting lost. We do the same thing for checklists we make before we leave a destination we’ve been posted up at a lot. Try it out!