Let's Talk About Security

Government Trying to Put Security Backdoors in iPhones

The FBI and other government agencies are making another push to get Apple and other tech manufacturers to create security backdoors in their devices for police to get in. You probably remember the FBI suing Apple a while back over not creating this while investigating a terrorist attack. (Join the conversation on Facebook.)

While it would be great to aid in crime investigations, a backdoor for the good guys is a backdoor for the bad guys. Encryption is there for a reason. It keeps sensitive data out of the hands of people that shouldn’t have it. Sure, terrorists are using this for their own benefit, but so are we. Some people want to have a private conversation about their spiritual life in a country that murders Christians. Encryption protects that. Some people take selfies they don’t want anyone else to see. Some people text their spouse the password to their Netflix account that just so happens to be the same password as their email and online banking. Encryption protects our information.

Even though you may feel you have nothing to hide, you have something extremely important to protect. Your identity. Ask anyone who’s had their identity stolen what their experience has been so far. I say so far because once it happens, the people who did it will try and exploit your over and over again. Our technology has just about everything someone needs to steal your identity. We need to protect it. Encryption and strong passwords are they key to that. We potentially compromise everyone to make investigations easier. And that’s not even getting into conspiracy theories.

These are just my opinions. I'd love to hear yours. Join the conversation on Facebook here.

Reopen Last Closed Windows.png

Reopen Last Closed Windows

We’ve all done it. You’ve got a bunch of tabs open in Safari and for some reason you close the window and lose everything. Maybe you only meant to close that one tab, or you just weren’t thinking. Don’t worry, there’s a way to pull it all back up in two clicks! Just click on the History button in your Menu Bar and click Reopen All Windows from Last Session.

USB-C for iMac.jpg

Extra Ports for the New iMac

If you’re missing some ports on your new iMac, check out this USB-C adapter from Satechi. It’s got normal USB ports and USB-C port and an SD card adapter.

Get Your Mom a Gift She Can Really Use

Mother's Day is this Sunday and if you're like most people, you're probably wracking your brain trying to think of what to get your mom. You could go the traditional route and get your mom yet another scented candle or flowers, but what if you got her something that would not only be meaningful, but also useful? For this week only, I'm offering 1.5 hours for the price of one—just for moms! I'm also throwing in my mini-course—Making Memories: A 3 Part Video Series for Making Photo Albums, Cards, and Calendars for free! Get more info and purchase here.


What if Your Computer Gets Stolen

Did you know Apple has built in encryption available for your Mac? If you go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > FileVault, you can enable FileVault. This may restart your computer depending on the operating system you have installed. This makes sure that if someone steals your computer, they can’t get access to your files. If I stole your computer and it didn’t have FileVault enabled, I could just reset your password and get access to everything. With FileVault enabled the only thing I could do is erase the computer and set it up fresh. If you want to take this a bit further, you can enable a Firmware Password. This means that without this special password someone won’t even be able to replace the hard drive to get it working. It’s only good for parts. Talk about a screw-you to the thief :) Just don’t forget your password with this stuff enabled!

Google Advanced Protection 2.png

Google Advanced Protection

For those of you who want the ultimate protection for your Google accounts, check out Google’s Advanced Protection Program. This goes beyond 2-Step verification for your account and requires you to use a physical USB key to unlock your account on a computer and disables other services so third party apps cannot access your account. This is aimed at journalists, activists, public figures etc. Those at highest risk of targeted attacks. I was just talking about a public figure who had their account hacked and it cost her over $250,000 in losses and support in locking everything down. If you think you’re at risk, be sure to check this out. If you’re not using G Suite for your business email, reach out to me to talk about migrating your email over to the best email system available.

Super Powerful Graphics Upgrade

I just came across this device called the eX Core GPU. For those of you who work in the video/graphics realm or just want more horsepower for gaming (and don't want to buy a new computer), this is for you. It’s an external graphics card. You plug the thing in and any video editing, photoshop work, or games will run faster than you thought possible. Check it out here!