The Best Apps to Download for Your New iPhone

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You may have just received a new iPhone for Christmas and we wanted to share our top apps that we think you should download. Some of these apps are great for performing certain tasks, others are great for keeping you organized, and some are just for fun.


1Password keeps all your passwords safe and easy to access

If you’ve been following me for a while or know me at all, you know my favorite app for password organization and management is 1Password. I’ve written on this many times (here and here) but to me, its the #1 app everyone needs to have. And with the new iOS, 1Password is now integrated. That means you can easily access your 1Password account information, credit cards, and identities straight from the websites you’re looking to fill in. Download 1Password here.


Spark lets you collaborate on email

Sure, your iPhone will come with Apple Mail built in, but it doesn’t stand a chance compared to Spark. It’s my absolute favorite email app. I wrote about how I use it with my assistant here. Trust me on this one. You’ll never look at email the same once you’ve used Spark. Check out my Facebook Live that I did on Spark. Download Spark here.

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FantastiCal 2 lets you toggle between calendar sets

If you’re looking for the best calendar app, this is definitely it. I also recommend getting it on your Mac, but you’ll want to sync up with the iPhone app. My favorite thing is that you can toggle between different calendar sets (think: work, just me, family, etc.). It is hands down my favorite calendar app. Here’s a blog post and my Facebook Live on how I use it. Download FantastiCal 2 here.

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Asana manages takes, to-do lists, and projects

For task management, Asana is my favorite. There are also other apps like Todoist that are pretty good as well, but Asana is awesome for managing projects and assigning tasks to team members. Download Asana here.


Amazon lets you buy almost anything with just one click

If you’re anything like me, you probably order something from Amazon at least weekly if not almost daily. It’s so convenient to have the app right on your phone for quick ordering and tracking. You can even turn on 1-click ordering, although it can be dangerous for some haha! It’s definitely my favorite shopping app. Download Amazon here.

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1 Giant Mind teaches you how to meditate

My favorite meditation app by far. And Madeline and I have tried lots of them. This one is simple, clean, and the best partially guided meditation I’ve had. You will be guided in and out but will have silent meditation for part of it. Plus, they have fun 12-30 day challenges which are great for making a habit. Download 1 Giant Mind here.

Libby lets you rent digital library books for free

If you love reading books on your phone or listening to audiobooks, then Libby is a must. Simply connect to your local library with your library card and immediately begin checking out books and audiobooks straight from your phone. Download Libby here.

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Waze takes your around traffic and notifies you about cops and road hazards

This is by far my favorite traffic app. It is totally beyond any other GPS I’ve seen. Yes, it gives you directions, but more than that it will help direct you around the traffic shaving minutes off your travel time and it will even alert you if there are police, accidents, or even construction on your route. Download Waze here.

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Binaural beats help you concentrate and relax

I love listening to binaural beats while I’m trying to focus on deep work or am just needing to relax. They’re also great to listen to during meditation. Just make sure to use them with headphones so they’re actually effective. Download Binaural here.

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Venmo makes sharing money super easy

This is my favorite app to quickly share money with friends. Whether I’m quickly splitting a meal cost with friends or paying someone back for a movie ticket, Venmo makes it really easy and fast to give and receive money. Download Venmo here.

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Dark Sky tells you minute by minute whats happen with the weather

This is a great weather app if you want something a little bit more in-depth than just what Apple Weather’s app tells you. One thing I love about Dark Sky is that you can see exactly when rain will be starting or stopping in your area (and it’s pretty dang precise!). You can also submit weather in your area to help them improve their forecasts which is great. Download Dark Sky here.

Instacart lets you grocery shop from the comfort of your couch

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your life more simple, getting your groceries delivered is a total game changer. We love using Instacart when we’re in a pinch and don't’ have time to get to the grocery store. You can shop from lots of stores like Whole Foods, Kroger, and Costco. Download Instacart here.

Pocket keeps all those articles you want to read but don’t have time for yet

This is a great app that we recently discovered. It syncs on your devices (you’ll just need to install the extension for your Mac browser of choice) and keeps those articles you want to read later on. It also lets you tag articles and takes away all the annoying ads. Download Pocket here.

Spotify makes listening to music customized and easy

If you’re a music lover, get Spotify. It’s worth it to get the Premium option to get rid of the ads. Spotify’s curated playlists are awesome and you can find almost anything you’re in the mood for. Download Spotify here.

USB-C Hub Available for iPad Pro


If you recently got the new iPad Pro, you’ll most likely want to get a USB-C Hub so that you can connect all your devices. Statechi makes an awesome one that they just released. You can get it here.

Keep Your New Years Resolutions by Challenging Friends with SPAR!


This is a pretty cool concept for an app. I personally haven’t tried it, but recently learned about it and thought it was pretty awesome. Basically, if you’re trying to install a new habit, this helps you keep it by challenging friends and upping the stakes. Each friend puts money in the “pot” and then you check in each day you complete your habit. If you miss a habit, you pay a penalty fee. And the winner takes all. Check it out here.

I’m Hiring! Do you know someone who could be my new assistant?

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Well, this is bittersweet. My sister-in-law and executive assistant, Marissa, has been offered a full-time job and will be leaving me in January. I’m thrilled for her and have been so grateful for our time working together. So now I’m looking for a new assistant. If you or someone you know would be interested in becoming my executive assistant visit the link below and please email with your resume and cover letter.

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