Introducing the New iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr & Apple Watch!

Introducing iPhone Xs and Xs Max!

Apple announced last week the release of their brand new iPhone Xs (pronounced “ten es”) and Xs Max. You can pre-order yours today or purchase them on September 21st. It has two size options--including the largest display on a smartphone ever. It has tons of camera upgrades: Smart HDR, watch in 4K video, better bokeh (background blur), adjustable depth of field, 4 mics for video, and a faster sensor. It also has the ability to handle 2 SIM cards which means you can have two phone numbers hooked up to one phone—perfect for a personal and business phone in one. It has the highest-capacity storage option yet at 512GB which will be perfect for storing all those amazing photos you take and better battery life. And it now comes in gold and is the most water-resistant iPhone yet!


The Cheaper, More Colorful iPhone

The new iPhone Xr is the cheaper, more colorful iPhone option and it sounds pretty amazing. It has 6 vibrant colors, it’s lighter, has liquid retina display which is the most advanced LCD in the industry, and has faster and better Face ID than last year’s iPhone X. It only has one camera instead of two, so you're not going to get the higher quality zoom like the Xs. That said, the quality is still stunning. This looks like a great option if you’re looking to get tons of great features at a lesser cost. Pre-order here.


Newly Re-designed Apple Watch

The newly re-designed Apple Watch looks pretty slick! Its screen is 30% bigger yet only adding 2MM and it’s thinner. A few of the cool new features are: it’s 2x faster, it’s now able to detect if you fall and will prompt you to call for help (is Apple trying to get Apple Watch on grandparents’ wrists or what?!), next-generation heart technology detects if your heart rate is too low and atrial fibrillation, it has a 50% louder speaker, the Mic is now positioned on opposite side of device for clearer calls, and it has better cell signal by allowing radio waves to pass through both sides of device. Pre-order here.

Last Week’s FB Live: Discussing New Products

If you missed my Facebook Live from last week and you’re interested in learning more about the new iPhones and Apple Watch, you can check it out here. I go over all the specs for each new phone and the new features of the Apple Watch. Plus, you’ll hear my thoughts and honest opinions. And, don’t forget to catch me live this Wednesday on Facebook at my NEW time, 8:00 pm Central Standard Time. You can see more about what I’ll be talking about on Wednesday below. Make sure to LIKE my Facebook page here to be notified when I go live!


Meet My New Executive Assistant, Marissa

I’m so excited to introduce to you my newest team member, Marissa Hyatt! Marissa is my brand new Executive Assistant and she’s also my sister-in-law. I’m so thrilled to have her on board helping to keep me in line. She’s primarily helping me stay on top of email, manage my calendar, and help me on the administrative side of things. My hope is that by bringing her on it will really help YOU! She’ll be there to make sure I don’t miss anything, help you with questions, and make sure things are handling as quickly as possible so you can get your issues solved! So, if you’re a client of mine, don’t be surprised if she writes to you on my me, she’s here to help and make everything more smooth and efficient! In her free time, Marissa loves cooking, reading personal development books, and is a little obsessed with all things related to Italy.

iOS 12 Now Available to Download!

You can now download the brand new iOS 12! This update has a ton of great features I can’t wait to tell you about in upcoming newsletters and Facebook Live videos. To download on your phone, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Some of the cool new things they updated are: older phones are said to be 40-70% faster than before, you’ll get better and fewer notifications now, and can limit the time you spend on certain apps. This is going to be so helpful for your productivity so you aren’t mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook when you should be focused on work. The all-new Do Not Disturb option at bedtime so those notifications aren’t waking you up in the middle of the night and you can even put Do Not Disturb on for certain locations or calendar effects so you can be more present and productive and less distracted. I think this is one of the better iOS updates we’ve seen yet! Make sure to join me on Wednesday night on Facebook Live where I’ll be giving you a tutorial on how to maximize iOS 12’s new features to enhance your productivity.


Join Me on Facebook Live for iOS 12 Tutorial

Learn how to be more productive at work and more present at home with the new iOS 12 features like all-new Screen Time feature, new Do Not Disturb features, and more. I’ll be live on Wednesday night at 8:00 pm Central Standard Time instead of the usual 6 pm. My hope is that it’ll be easier for you to join since it won’t be right in the middle of dinner time! I’d love for you to tune in and ask me your biggest questions on using iOS 12.


Did You Miss Apple’s Special Event?

If you missed the big Apple Special Event last week and want to watch it, you can see it all here and learn all about the new iPhones and Apple Watch. While we haven’t heard any updates about new Macs, there’s still time left in the year for them to announce those. The rumor mill has definitely had buzz of a few new computers and gadgets like a wireless charge. I’ll keep you up-to-date on any news I hear about these.

Follow-Up with Clients Like a Genius!

Follow-Up Like a Genius!

If you’ve ever struggled to keep up with clients and making sure that you follow-up with them on time and with the right information, then you need to check out my Facebook Live from this past week! I share my new favorite, simple, and free way to track your follow-up emails, customize them so that they are personal to each person, and even schedule when your follow-ups go out. Check out my video here and as always, make sure to tune in each Wednesday at 6pm CST.

Apple's Event.png

How to Watch Apple’s Special Event on Wednesday

I can’t wait for Apple’s special event this Wednesday, Sept. 12. It’s expected that they will announce the three new iPhone models, a redesign of the Apple Watch, and much more. There’s been quite a few rumors already as to what we’ll see with the new iPhones. You can livestream the event by clicking this going to Apple’s website or following this  link on Wednesday at 12-noon Central Time, 10am Pacific Time. I recommend bookmarking the link now, so you have easy access. You can also download the Apple Events app and livestream on your Apple TV. If you aren’t able to livestream, don’t worry. Next week’s newsletter will feature highlights from the event and what information I think you need to know.


Smart Lights from Lutron

I absolutely love these smart light switches and remotes from Lutron. You can easily install them into your home or just get the remotes for lamps. The beauty of this system is you can easily control the mood in your home with the click of a button. I love being able to easily turn off all the lights simultaneously when watching a movie or going to bed, and easily turning them on when it’s time to wake up. You can even dim the lights for dinner parties or a romantic evening at home. You can purchase them here.


Uber's New Safety Features

Good news for Uber riders and drivers was just announced this past week. The app is going to start using driver’s phones to detect if there was a crash and to help make sure they’re safe. If they detect a crash, they will send questions to the driver and prompt them to call 911 if necessary. Rider’s also get reassurance when it comes to their privacy and safety. If the app detects that they’ve been stopped for too long it will send a message to them making sure they are safe and will keep their pick-up and drop-off addresses anonymous so that driver’s don’t have access to the actual address.


Finally, Bose Speakers and Alexa Have Joined Forces!

While I focus a lot on Sonos systems, I know there are a ton of Bose fans out there. They have a certain sound that people love. Until now, they've been a bit behind in the smart speaker department so I thought I'd share this new one with you. Luckily, Bose has come out with the Bose Home Speaker 500 which has Alexa built right in. It also is Bluetooth enabled and connects with Spotify, Pandora, and Airplay 2. The speaker retails for $400 and will available later this month in stores and online.



Have you ever written an important email or document and later realized you made typing or grammatical errors, but now it’s too late? Grammarly is a favorite app of a lot of my clients and something I’ve just gotten into lately. It checks your typing for mistakes and helps you correct them before you press send on that email or submit that important document. The app actually will give you a secondary keyboard on your phone so that you can check your writing anytime you type on your phone, whether in an email, text, or even on social media. Download the app here. There are also extensions for Safari and Google Chrome.

How to Organize Company Files

Organize Company Files.png

Organizing Company Files

I’ve had a number of people reach out to me recently about organizing company files. As teams grow, no matter how organized each individual is, if there is no established protocol for how files should be stored, chaos will soon take over. The longer you wait, the harder it is to regain control. Each company is unique in what they’re offering and how they do business, so I’m not going to create a template for you to follow. This is best done with a one on one appointment with me. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when organizing.

  1. The most important of them is to create consistency. If you create courses, stick to the same folder structure for each product. You can add more things or not create a folder if there’s nothing to go in there. Just don’t switch up the fundamentals on a whim.

  2. Change it all at once. This is going to be a sprint. You’re trying to gather all your files into a new system as fast as possible. This isn’t going to be perfect. You’re painting with big broad strokes. Just get it all in one place, shared with the right people, and you can refine later. Trying to make it perfect from the start will bog you down in the weeds and you’ll never finish. Nobody has time for that.

  3. You’re not likely to get it right the first time. We get a big win by getting the infrastructure in place and the files in it. Then we go through each folder and remove duplicates, rename folders, and generally clean things up. Around this time and a little after you’ve been using it, you may realize that a folder you use often is too buried away. No problem—we move it to a new place. But you have to keep rule 1 in mind. Consistency. If you use one folder a lot, Eg. Testimonials for products, take all the testimonials out of the Courses folders, and put them in the new place.

This project is big, so set aside a couple hours for brainstorming the new system with your key people. From there, delegate tasks of who’s going to organize what and schedule a follow up meeting to take things to the next stage of refining. Pivot where you thought something was a good idea, then you ran into a problem. Before you know it, your company files are streamlined in a way you never thought possible.

See Original.gif

Easily Compare Edited Photos With Originals

If you’re using the Photos app on your Mac to edit photos, sometimes it’s nice to see your edits vs the original. First off, open Photos and find a Photo. Edit it and make some dramatic changes in the light. Then press the M key on your keyboard to see the original. There’s a button on the top left if you don’t like keyboard shortcuts. Enjoy!


Nimble Chargers

I’m thrilled to see this company launch their products. Some of the top people at Mophie left to start a new company that wanted to create electronics products in a more eco friendly and sustainable way. You may not have thought about the amount of electronics products that get tossed, but it’s significant. A massive contributor to trash are these cheap plastic electronic products. Not so with Nimble. They are not much more expensive than the alternatives, they’re using mainly recyclable materials, and they ship with a bag to send old electronics, cables and chargers for free to Homeboy Recycling in LA to help people who face sevier barriers to employment.

samsung display.jpg

New 34" Curved Thunderbolt 3 Monitor

Expected early this month is the Samsung C34J791 34” Ultrawide curved monitor. This is the first curved monitor to the hit market with Thunderbolt 3. I’ve ordered a few 27” Thunderbolt 3 models, but now the big boy is out. If you like a dual monitor setup, the 34” is the perfect thing, without having two monitors! It will charge the new 15” MacBook Pro’s at full power. This is something most people don’t realize about some of the other Thunderbolt 3 monitors out there. If you’re using a 65 Watt charger for the 15” model, your graphics card is not running at full capacity. Same thing for when you’re on battery power only. If you have a 13”, you’re in the clear. This looks like a very promising model and I’d LOVE to have one. Check it out here.


Gmail's Redesign

If you hate’s lack of appealing visuals, you might want to check it out again. Slowly they’ve been releasing the redesigned interface across all accounts. At first I wasn’t so sure about it. I got used to the buttons looking a certain way, etc. I like it a lot better than the old version, now.

If you choose the default view, you’ll see which emails have attachments, the calendar, notes and reminders icons are conveniently to the right of the screen. There’s even an undo button right after you send a message. I LOVE that. I’m notorious for sending an email without proofreading and making sure the attachments actually made it into the email. Whoops! They also have an option for “nudges” which will move an email to the top of the list if you haven’t responded to in in three days or so. And lastly, you can send an email in confidential mode. This email can only be opened if the recipient is using 2-factor authentication. After they open the email, it will self destruct after a set amount of time.

The only thing missing for me is a send later button! In the meantime I’ll keep using Spark to compose messages at night I want sent first thing in the morning. Or follow ups 2 weeks after an appointment.


My Favorite Speedtest App

There are a lot of speed test apps out there. When trying to test internet speed, each website tends to give different results. Lately I’ve had to deal with internet issues with a number of ISPs and was referred to the Speedtest app by Ookla. It’s been great so far and provides some consistency by not having to load ads or anything else in the browser which can affect your speed. It’s free and you can get it from the app store with this link.

Is Your Bank Giving Your Financial Info to Facebook?


Facebook Asks Banks for Our Detailed Financial Info

According to The Wall Street Journal, “Facebook Inc. wants your financial data.

The social-media giant has asked large U.S. banks to share detailed financial information about their customers, including card transactions and checking-account balances, as part of an effort to offer new services to users.”

Gosh, I don’t even know what to say. They say they won’t sell our data if the banks give it up. They just want it to develop new services. Are you kidding me? Cambridge Analytica, anyone? This looks like it’s still developing, but if you use a big bank, you might want to shoot them a note if you’re not cool with this.

We know they are able to manipulate the masses with their algorithms and other people are using it to manipulate us as well, ie. the last election and Cambridge Analytica. Now they want to know about your finances. Even if you trust Facebook, the data they hold is extremely powerful and is already being used to shape our thoughts and the conversations around topics. 

Honestly I don’t know what to do about this right now besides write about it. Facebook is a decent lead generator for me. It’s scary to think about not getting those leads. I couldn’t care less about the newsfeed and the “connection” Facebook gives.  But they’ve got their hooks into me for business. Some are hooked with the newsfeed, or seeing what their grandkids are up to etc. I just wonder if it’s worth it. I don’t want to support this engine that allows people to manipulate the world. But then the same thing happens in television, music, books. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Cheapest Way to Get the 2018 MacBook Pro

Per usual, has the scoop on the cheapest places to get the new MacBook Pro. Here’s the link to their article if you’re ready for an upgrade!

Logitech wireless charger.png

Powered for iPhone

Been holding out for a better wireless charger for you iPhone X, 8 or 8+? Check out Powered for iPhone by Logitech. So far, this is the most attractive option I’ve seen for wireless charging. I like that it stands up and you can turn it sideways.


How to Load Sites Faster With Safari

I found this article the other day showing some sweet stuff you can do with Safari to make it faster and arguably better! The biggest take away for me was right clicking on the URL and clicking Settings for This Site. You can choose to always open articles in Reader mode. This will cut out all the ads and simplify the article to just text, photos, and any videos included in the article. For you news readers out there, I think you’ll be blown away by the difference. The other cool thing is right clicking twice on a Youtube video that’s playing and choosing Enter Picture in Picture. It breaks out the video in its own separate window so you can move it around and do other things instead of leaving the whole Youtube webpage open. Try it out!


Music for Maximum Productivity

Have you ever found yourself putting on some music to work to and getting distracted by it? You change the playlist over and over and still can’t find something that gets you into a groove? focus@will apparently had the same problem and decided to come up with a solution. They’ve got a bunch of different genres and you can find slow paced music up to fast. Check it out here and maybe you’ll have a new productivity best friend! They boast a 4X productivity boost.


New MacBook Air (or similar) in September

The rumor mill says we’ll see a new entry level MacBook this September. Who knows if it’s going to be an upgraded MacBook, or if they’re finally going to do something with the Air. If you’re not ready to throw down the cash for a Pro, keep an eye out next month!

The Circle

This book by Dave Eggers is a dystopian novel about social media and the dangers of letting it get too far. I think it’s an important book for those of us steeped in social media and makes you look at services like Facebook in a whole new light.


Switch Through Open Windows Faster

Did you know you can press Command + ~ to cycle through open windows? If you have a bunch of Word documents open at once, press Command + ~. Press it again and again and you’ll notice it switches Word docs that you already have open. This works for just about every app. If you want to switch apps, use Command + Tab.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed Online

When Pop-Ups Turn You Into an Idiot

Last week I did a Facebook Live talking about how to avoid getting scammed online. Every single client of mine who’s fallen for these things is really bright, they just panicked when a pop-up appeared. Our brains are hard-wired to send resources to our bodies (not our brains) when we panic. This is why these online scams work so well. Sometimes your Google search results will show you the wrong phone number for Apple support and other major brands. I have a number of clients who’ve fallen for this too. Check out my talk here for the key things to look for so you don’t get scammed.


New Book from Steve Jobs' Daughter

One thing many people don’t talk much about is Steve Jobs’ family. In fact, he denied Lisa was his daughter until she took a paternity test. He even denied he named the Lisa computer after her until Bono asked him about it. After a long pause and staring at his plate, he fessed up he did name it after her. Lisa wrote a book that’s coming out September 4th and I’ve got it on pre-order from Audible. I can’t wait to read it! If you want to join the fun, here’s a link to the Audible version and the Kindle Version.


New App for Digital Library Books

If you’re not already getting digital books from the library, I think you’re missing out! Have you used Overdrive before? They just released a new app called Libby and it’s really nice. Searching for books is faster, the interface is cleaner and I think all around it’s much easier to use. What I love most about getting books from the library is that I always buy the Audible version of a book. The thing is, I like reading it too. When I buy a book from Audible, I search for it in Libby and download the Kindle version. Often, you can download the audio version right in the Kindle app to use Whispersync. It’s awesome! If you want to learn more about Whispersync and other e-readers, check out my video library on Facebook here.


Track All Your Packages in One App

My father-in-law, Michael, sent this one over to me. I think it’s his new favorite app :) It’s called Arrive and it will track all of your packages in one app. I don’t know about you, but trying to track down some of my packages is really annoying as the receipts get buried. (Yes, I order almost everything online!) You’ve got Michael’s approval, and likely mine soon :) I’m downloading it now!


Rescheduling Meetings Just Got Easier

If you’re serious about your calendar, you’re likely using Google Calendar. I’m excited to try out this new feature for easy rescheduling. When you get a calendar invitation, at the bottom there’s a new option to Propose New Time. The meeting organizer will get an alert and can approve or deny the proposed time. Pretty sweet huh? The feature should roll out for everyone the 13th of August, so keep an eye out!

Finally! You Can Delete an iCloud Account

I’d bet the dominating philosophy of most people into organization is getting rid of stuff. Whether that’s deleting something you don’t need on the computer, or donating physical stuff you don’t need. Not being able to delete an extra Apple ID/iCloud/iTunes account that we don’t need has driven me nuts! When you don’t need something, especially an account that allows you to purchase things and those items are attached to that ID, WE DON’T NEED EXTRAS! *Limit one per customer please :) Anyway, here’s the link to delete an Apple ID you don’t need. You’re welcome :)

Feeling Stressed? Try This App

The Easiest, Most Effective Meditation App

Madeline and I have just started using this app called 1 Giant Mind for meditation. So far, this has been the most natural style meditation I’ve tried. With this style, you’re not trying to feel a certain way, empty your mind, or stop thinking about something. You’re just letting whatever happen, happen, keeping it easy and light. This is supposed to help bleed over into the rest of our lives so we don’t get hung up on unexpected events and things we can’t control. I don’t know about you, but I could use some of this!

You start out with a 12 Step Meditation Course (Just 15 minutes a day) and then move on to a 30 day challenge from there. They also how lots of video resources for all your burning meditation roadblocks, like "My mind kept constantly wandering off during my meditation" and "My head keeps falling forward like I'm falling asleep".  Check it out now.

New MacBook Pros Slow?.jpg

New MacBook Pros Slow?

Articles have been spreading around the internet of Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pro being slower than the last model. Just to clear this up, it’s the most expensive 15” model with the upgraded i9 processor that’s being throttled from generating too much heat. None of the other models are experiencing this and I’d still give a big thumbs up to buy. There are significant upgrades to speed and features. One thing to note, the model without the Touch Bar hasn’t been upgraded. If you like doing photo and video editing, the newest model is about twice as fast as the non Touch Bar model.

Photoshop on iPad.jpg

Photoshop for iPad

Much to the glee of Photographers who love the iPad, the FULL version of Photoshop will soon be available for their devices (No announced date yet). Photoshop for iOS has been around since the early models of the iPhone, but hasn’t had the full feature set until now. With the iPad getting exponentially faster with every new model, we’re seeing software only available on computers making their way to our favorite tablets.


Dabbling in Smart Home Devices

One of the things people find out relatively quickly when starting to dabble with smart home devices is that not all of them are compatible with each other. You have Amazon that controls some stuff, Google doing others and Apple with their own system, not to mention all the other guys out there. You know I like simplicity, so I’d recommend sticking with Apple’s HomeKit certified stuff. This makes sure that everything you buy can be controlled with one app. If you’re wanting to see some of the cool stuff out there, check out this site at where you can see a list of featured products.  I imagine we’ll see a lot more added to that list shortly as Apple is updating their system to include a lot more devices that previously were not included. If you have any smart devices now, keep an eye out for updates! They may be able to appear in HomeKit shortly!

MacBook Pro Keyboards.jpeg

MacBook Pro Keyboard Issues

If you’re having issues with your laptop keyboard, Apple has a repair program to take care of that for you. I recommend skipping the Apple Store for the repair and going through Apple’s support site to send the computer directly to them. They’re just going to ship it off to the same place anyway, so save yourself some time by not going to the store. They’ve also addressed the keyboard issue that has come up for a number of people with the release of the 2018 model.

Save up to $1,400 on a New Mac

With all the new Macs coming out and soon to be released, we’re seeing some truly incredible deals online! For some fully loaded models you can get up to $1,400 off and not have to pay tax in most states. There’s all kinds of stuff on sale so check out this link to and see if something you’re looking for is on sale!

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 9.37.39 AM.png

Wireless Speakers for Roku TVs

If you have a Roku or Roku TV, you may be interested in a new product on pre-order right now. You can get two of their new wireless speakers (they look like Sonos One) to pair with the Roku and a voice remote for $149. This is actually a pretty sweet deal. One Sonos One costs $199. Instead of having to buy a big system for extra speakers or surround sound, you can just plug these bad boys into the wall, push the pair button and you’re good to go. I love what Roku is doing for the budget TV market. I recently picked up the TCL 4K TV and have been shocked by the price and quality. If I didn’t already have some nice speakers already hooked up, this would definitely be on my radar. It’s not going to be high end like Sonos products, but not everyone is looking for the highest end stuff. Sometimes you’re just looking for great stuff for a great price. Roku seems to be delivering just that.

Finally! New MacBook Pro Updates

MacBook Pro Updates

Finally! The MacBook Pro is a Pro product again. Last week Apple quietly updated their MacBook Pro line to have the most up-to-date processors in them and adding some other good stuff to make it current with the other technology out there. For the past few years Apple has been putting older processors in their newest computers and calling it an upgrade. Sure, they upgraded the processors, but not with the newest tech out there. This is no longer the case and I’m thrilled about it. No redesign or anything, just a quieter keyboard and speed bumps.

The biggest news is for the 13” MacBook Pro. They used to max out at 2 cores for the processors. Now it has 4 by default and has custom upgrades available. What this means to you is a faster computer. Since those processors take more energy, they upgraded the battery so your charge won’t deplete any faster than previous models. Go get you one here!

Sidenote: Looks like we'll also be getting updates for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac mini this year. If you have old gear you’ve been meaning to sell, I recommend getting on that train soon. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell stuff. I much prefer the transparency and ease of transactions over Ebay or Craigslist. **Selling stuff you don't need now means you’ll get a better price than when all the newest stuff is released.**

Print Products.jpg

Apple Photo Books are Going Away

You may have forgotten they were even in the Photos app since they are not really featured in the app anymore (like they were in iPhoto). This bums me out a bit since I really liked Apple’s print quality. I guess this means I’ll have to find you a great alternative in a future newsletter :) Order them while you can!

Sonos Beam.jpg

Sonos Beam

Sonos is my favorite audio product right now. They make awesome speakers and the best interface for playing music. The most loved feature, by far, is not having the speakers turn off when you get a phone call, or decide to connect to someone else’s phone in the house and have to re-pair the speaker to your phone.

Well, Sonos is launching a new sound bar for the TV called Sonos Beam. So far the pre-release reviews have been great. The presale price of $399 is pretty attractive too.

If you’re looking for a TV speaker upgrade and want a wireless audio solution for the living room, this just might be the product for you. Pre-Order it here.

Set Screen Time & App Limits with iOS 12

As more and more studies come out that show the negative effects of social media and excessive screen time, Apple has come up with a great solution. With the new iOS 12 Beta (coming to the public sometime around September) you can put time limits on your (or your kid's) phone that will shut it off at a certain time.

It also features App Limits—where you can schedule in specific times of the day when certain apps are available. For example—you could set it to only have Facebook be available between 8am and 10am and then from 5pm-8pm. When it's "off" time, the apps will be greyed out and you won't be able to use them. Amazing for people who have a hard time with self-control!

I did a live walkthrough on Facebook the other day, so if you haven't watched it, see it in action there! I also show some of the other awesome features. Click here to watch.



Looking for a new (active) game for you or the kids? Check out the Gameball! It’s a “smart” toy that looks like a total blast! Here’s a quick video showing you all about it. I love the idea of kids wanting to play with an iPhone or iPad and having a fun alternative that gets them active with the device rather than just locked in tapping on the screen. I kind of want one just for me!

 Gemini Photos

I just started using this app to find bad photos and duplicates on my iPhone and I thought you should know about it. This app is for your iPhone or iPad and will scan your photo library for duplicates, similar photos, screenshots, blurry photos and all the stuff that needs to be cleaned up. If you need to clean up your photos on your iOS device, you should check this app out. It’s based on a $2.99 monthly subscription, but you get a free 3 day trial to check it out. I know most of you balk at one more subscription, I know I do, but I think this is seriously worth looking at if you don’t tend to do much organizing on your Mac or you don’t have a Mac and want an easy way to clean up your photos. Check it out here.

Back to School Beats.jpg

Free Beats HeadPhones Offer

If you’ve got kids heading off to college, there’s a new promo that will get them a new pair of Beats headphones with the purchase of a Mac. You get an education discount on both computer and AppleCare+. Don’t forget AppleCare+! It covers accidental damage too in case it’s dropped or something gets spilled on it for a small deductible. Apple repairs are super expensive and this is a great way to insulate yourself from that potential cost.

Back in Nashville! Plus My Favorite Monitor Finds and Latest Apple News

We Moved Back to Nashville!

Things have finally calmed down a bit after our crazy move back to Nashville. We made the decision to sell the Airstream and move back home fairly quickly and it was a whirlwind. We're all settled in now and I'm back with the weekly newsletter! There have been so many awesome things I've been wanting to share with you, so I'm thrilled to be back.

I've also jumped straight into helping clients here in Nashville and it's been great! I am loving working with people in person again (Don't worry—I'm still doing remote appointments). If you didn’t see my last email about opening up my calendar for local appointments, here’s notice! You can schedule some time here.

See you soon!

new iphone colors.jpg

Blue and Orange iPhones This Year

Looks like we might see a blue and orange version of the iPhone X the second half of this year. The mockups of the possible color look great. The orange one looks more bronze to me. Would you stick with the traditional colors or pick something different for your next phone?

wwdc 2018.jpg

New OS/iOS Updates Coming

We've got some great practical updates for Mac OS and iOS coming up soon. They’re making our stuff more secure and the next version of iOS should actually speed up your phone instead of slowing it down like we usually see. Hooray for that!

We’ll also see more organization options in Mac OS like grouping like items together on the desktop for you automatically. In addition, more information about the items on your computer will be handy to tell files apart for those of you who don’t diligently name your files. All in all we’re going to see refinement in the next versions of Mac OS and iOS. In the end, I’ll take that over new features that are half baked.

My Favorite Monitors

I’ve been in monitor land this past week setting up a new office for a client. I got a couple different monitors for the office and I’m really impressed. The LG 27” Thunderbolt 3 display is gorgeous. The first go around got TERRIBLE reviews. Since then, they’ve fixed the issues and my contact at the Apple Store says they never get returned anymore. I picked a few up and love them. They have a camera and speakers built in. If you have the newer MacBook models with USB C, you only have one cable to plug in for power, sound, video and everything. If you have an older generation machine, just use the Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter and a Thunderbolt 2 cable.

The other monitor we picked up is the LG 34UC98-W 34” Ultrawide monitor. This thing is slick! It’s got a bunch of ports on the back so it acts as a hub, has speakers built in, and you can run 3 web browsers side by side on the one display. I’d love a webcam built in, but a Logitech C920 will do the trick and looks great on top of the display. It’s even got a mic built in so you’re good to go for virtual meetings. If you have a new laptop with USB C, pick up the same adapter I pointed out above and you're good to go!

Beware, these are not the cheapest monitors you can get, they’re some of the more expensive ones out there, but why they demand more money is all the stuff built into them: speakers, webcams, hubs for multiple connectors, and Thunderbolt—the most expensive connectors out there. If you’re going for an ultra clean setup, either of these will serve you beautifully.

Messages in the Cloud.jpg

Messages Gets an Upgrade

The biggest complaint I hear about the Messages app is that it doesn’t sync properly between devices. It hasn’t been nearly as reliable as email. And if you have to erase your phone or computer and start over fresh, you can’t restore those messages—Until now! You need to have the latest operating system on all your devices. Once done, you can sync your Messages to iCloud. On iOS, go to Settings > Tap on your name at the top > iCloud > Toggle on Messages. On your Mac go to the Messages app > Preferences > Account > Enable Messages on iCloud. You should be all set up!

 Experience Augmented Reality with Flyover

This one you’re going to want to show off to your friends and family :) Open up th Apple Maps app on your iPhone or iPad. Type in Nashville and tap on the suggested city. Tap flyover. Now stand up and turn around pointing your phone all over the room. Pretty sweet, huh? This is an example of augmented reality, similar to virtual reality. It uses your camera to judge where you are and place objects in the room if that’s a feature of the app. In Flyover you can pinch to zoom in or out so you can tour the city quickly or slowly. Have fun playing Godzilla!


Major Garage Band Update

Did you know your Mac comes with Garageband? And with it comes lessons for a bunch of  instruments? They used to have an option to pay extra for artist lessons, but they just did away with payment and are offering it for free. In addition to that, they’ve added over a thousand loops and other sounds for your music making endeavors!

Garageband is a highly overlooked app that can be a ton of fun, even if you’re not musically talented, like me. You can use built in loops and electronic instruments to create anything from a short jingle to a full album. It’s incredible! If you or someone in your family is interested in music, download the latest update for Garageband from the App Store and let them loose!

If you want to dive deeper into how Garageband works, head over to Help menu after you open the app. There are text and video instructions that are actually useable and will walk you through the basics. Want to dive deeper? Snag a lesson at or reach out to me!

Moving Back to Nashville!

Our Airstream Days are Coming to an End

Great news for you local Nashville clients! Next week, we're moving back to Nashville! After long deliberation, Madeline and I have decided to put the Airstream up for sale. We built a page for her at if you’re interested.

Traveling around the US has been one incredible adventure! We’ll treasure these memories for the rest of our lives and hope to do it again at another point in our lives. For now though, it’s time for some stability, spending time with family, and continuing to build The Digital Organizer.

To all my clients who’ve continued to work with me remotely on the road, I can’t thank you enough! We’ll certainly keep traveling and working remotely in different ways, just much more grounded for now. Mention this newsletter for 15% off your next June appointment with me as my thank you.


New Apple Stuff Coming June 4

Apple has a conference every year called the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC). They usually do announcements of upcoming software and features as well as a few token products. You can watch the Keynote on Apple's homepage at 10am PDT on June 4. Put it in your calendar now!

Wondering What GDPR is All About?

If you've been getting TONS of emails this past week about "Updated to Our Privacy Policy" you may be curious what they're about and what the heck GDPR is. I found a great video that helps explain what it is very simply. Watch it here.

Spark 2 Offers Awesome New Features for Teams

If you saw my Battle of the Apps episode featuring email apps for the Mac on Facebook Live a while back, you’ll know my winner was Spark. It’s an incredible email app with a ton of USEFUL features that make email a joy to work in again. Spark just took it to the next level with Spark 2. The big thing they added I want to highlight is their Team functionality. By inviting members of your team to join your Spark Team, you can collaborate on emails, chat about them with colleagues *without creating new emails*, and even send a link to an email or email thread to someone. That last one I didn’t understand at first, but imagine you’re working in Slack and needing to handle a specific issue that comes up. You want to hear from the rest of the team what they think and give input. Instead of trying to copy all the text in the email thread, you can copy a link to that conversation and paste it in Slack, or on a website, or email it to someone. That conversation pops up in a web browser and they can see the whole thing. Pretty neat huh? If you don’t already have Spark you can download it from the App Store on you Mac and on iOS devices.


Perfect Phone Precursor for Kids

Relay is a sweet little device for communicating with kids, the elderly, or if you just don’t want to bring your phone with you when on an adventure. It’s basically a push button walkie talkie that works over WiFi and cellular. You push the button and it leaves a message to whoever you’ve connected the device with. This would be for parents wanting to keep track of their kids and give them a way to communicate with you without giving them a screen. Or the elderly that don’t want to mess with a phone. Or if you’re kayaking or hiking and the thought of bringing your phone ruins the experience, you can bring this for emergencies! For $99 it’s certainly cheaper than having to deal with a soaked or lost iPhone.

1Password 7

My other favorite app, 1Password just released version 7. It’s got a handful of new features and a new look. This isn’t a normal update that would push out automatically from the Mac App Store. To make it easy for you, just click this link and it’ll take you straight there. Luckily your iOS app has probably already updated. Not sure why it’s a separate app in the Mac App Store...

If you haven't set up 1Password on your Mac yet, this is the absolute most important app recommendation I could give. It's imperative to have something like this in order to store your passwords securely (and BONUS, it means you don't have to remember them anymore!). Set up a free 15 minute consultation with me to learn more.

Integrating 1Password into iOS

Most people who are using 1Password have the app on their iOS devices. This is a no brainer. What most of my clients don’t realize is that you can integrate 1Password into Safari. Check out the screenshot. Now, yours probably doesn’t look like that screenshot, yet… Go to Safari on your iPhone or iPad. Click the share button on the bottom (the square with an arrow pointing up.) On the second row, scroll to the right and click the More button. Drag the 1Password item to the top and toggle the switch on. You’re all set!

When Avoiding Paying for Something Costs You

When Avoiding Paying for Something Costs You

In last week’s episode of The Digital Sanity Show I talked about saving time and money with subscriptions. We started out with how you can potentially save hundreds of dollars a month by cancelling or modifying your subscriptions and how to do it.

After that, I dove into a trend I’ve been seeing with my clients— people not wanting to pay for an app. So many people are outright rejecting the idea of paying for a valuable service that would save them time and money, just because it’s one more thing they have to pay for every month. I want to challenge you to take a look at your subscriptions and see what you can pull back from and save you a bit of money, but then think of what you may have been avoiding paying for that would actually benefit you. Maybe it’s a smart thermostat that will save you money each month on your power bill. Or maybe you’re paying $10/month for your HTML signature to be hosted online when you can spend $5-$20 one time to have someone make it for you and you don’t have to pay for hosting at all.

Classic iPhone X Case.jpg

Old School iPhone Case

If you’ve been using Apple products for a long time, you remember the original iMac. It was the first big product Steve Jobs pushed out after being rehired and put Apple back on the map after their near collapse. Celebrating the 20 year iMac anniversary, Spigen Design created this iPhone case harkening back to the original iMac and the first iPhone. Check it out here.

WiFi Passcode.jpeg

Find WiFi Passwords in Keychain

We’ve all been asked what the passcode is for a WiFi network and drawn a complete blank. Well here’s how you can find it quickly! Just click on Spotlight on your Mac (it’s the little magnifying glass at the top right of your display.) Type the word Keychain and hit the Return key (Enter.) Type the name of the network in the search bar at the top right. Double click on the item and click the checkbox to Show Password. It will ask you for your login password. Enter that and it will show you the WiFi passcode!

Get your Groceries Delivered in Just 1 Hour with Instacart

Instacart is a grocery delivery service. They’re hooked up with most of the grocery stores in major areas and will snag all of the food on your list and deliver it to you in about an hour. Until May 23rd, the delivery fee on orders over $35 that are paid with Apple Pay will be waived. We’ve been ordering our groceries from Ralphs and we just have to go pick them up. Unfortunately we can’t get everything from one place so we end up running to at least one other store. I’m going to have to try this out and see how it goes. I’ve heard great things and the reviews on the App Store are promising. Be aware, there may be a markup on some of the items. If you’re short on time though, a little markup is worth it, don’t you think?

iPhone Sanitizer.jpg

Sanitize Your iPhone

Wanna know something gross? Your phone is 18x dirtier and contains more harmful bacteria than a public toilet. Yeah, you read that right. We wash our hands but we never wash our phones and we forget whatever our hands touch we pass on to our phones which are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. We store our phones in warm places and help the bacteria grow and then transfer that bacteria to anything we touch like food, our skin or anyone we come in contact with. Check out this iPhone charging case and sanitizer. It looks like a tanning bed for your phone. I imagine if you put it in your kitchen it would be a great conversation starter ;) If you want something a little more low tech, maybe consider just wiping your phone down regularly with some alcohol wipes. Keep in mind 70% Isopropyl  alcohol will leave streaks. Use 99% IPA or snag these Zeiss lens cleaning wipes. ;) 

Share Password iOS 11.jpg

How to Share WiFi Password in iOS 11

While finding passwords in Keychain is easy, often we can share passwords right in iOS! If your iPhone is connected to the wireless network your friend is trying to join, and you’re both on at least iOS 11, you may get a popup on your phone to share the passcode with someone else. Pretty slick huh? Nobody has to enter in the password, once you hit share you’re good to go.

Broken Games in Google Chrome

A recent update to Chrome broke a bunch of online game’s audio. It’s not just you. They’re trying to fix it, but the fix has been delayed. You may want to try a different browser in the meantime.